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  1. 5 hours ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

    Wages & player fees, both selling & buying, rise exponentially in the Championship.

    General player standards are notably higher too. Look how excitable we get about signing a 20yr old from West Brom's bench.

    Getting there is well within our grasp. Staying there too if only because every season brings fresh clubs in crisis ... largely due to overspending for the Premietship dream.

    I want to get there. I want a fixture list of clubs I recognise. I want not to have to apologise to myself that we're playing clubs notably out of our 'proper' level.

    Once there I want to be comfortably mid-table, then top 8 & yes, then, naturally I'll look higher. Strangely I'm not too keen on the Premiership but I guess that might change once close to it.

    Yep. Getting there is one thing (let's hope it's this year). Getting a foothold in the league and consolidating is quite another. I think we are equipped as a club and fanbase and there's generally enough dross around to have a decent chance of staying out of the bottom three. It's not a totally impossible task but there's not much leeway for bad mistakes in recruitment etc.

    If/when we go up we'll need as a group of fans to get in the mindset of being a medium sized fish in a big pond rather than the big fish in a small pond that we are in League 1. There'll be a few tough Saturday afternoons and Tuesday nights while we earn the right to stay in the Championship. Once we've done that we'll have to earn the right to get our heads up and wonder what might be beyond the horizon.


  2. 20 minutes ago, captainmed said:

    IE needs to keep his mouth shut.

    He shouldn’t be talking about us in such a negative way.

    We spend shit loads of money & we were nervous as hell watching us make the same mistakes time after time.

    it wasn’t particularly negative it was nerves. 
    Surely he can understand the difference?

    It's just what happens at the football. 

    I suppose the trouble is it can transmit to the players and then it becomes a snowball effect. 

    Been going on since a ball's been kicked around in front of a crowd, mind. IE must know that. I've no doubt we've benefited from it when the opposition fans have got the jitters when we are winning away.

  3. These next four are very important. At the end of it we're in to two away derbies against teams who hate us with Derby/Peterborough/Stevenage/Barnsley away during Spring, not to mention Pompey and Oxford at home. 

    I'd say we need to be racking up 10 points from Cambridge/Northampton away and Wycombe/Charlton at home. If we do that we'd be on 68 points from 32 games. We'd be bang on target. I think we'd need a further 26 points from the last 14 games, slightly less if we're lucky. It's slightly less than the two points a game we've been averaging overall.

    Cambridge away hasn't been the happiest of hunting grounds but that'll need to change. This feels like a similar fixture to Wycombe away back in the Autumn. Let's hope for a similar result. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Whitesince63 said:

    Yes Paul it seems a long time since all our stars aligned and we were in the same league so let’s hope it happens next year.

    I think it was 2000/01 in big Sam's promotion season. Four points off Burnley, six off PNE but only one off Blackburn. 

    You have to go back a long, long time before that for a further example of all four being in the same division.

  5. 1 hour ago, Traf said:

    Yeah, that’s pretty much where I’m at. As much as it sticks in the throat, you have to say that the pair of East Lancs Dingles and Nob End are the yardstick to aim at and eventually surpass.

    The thing is it's very do-able. Being so obviously biased I'd say we are a slightly bigger club than all three of them. The years ahead hopefully involve us proving that, which is a decent prospect to have on the horizon.

  6. 50 minutes ago, Biggish Dave said:

    Proper derbies for me them 3 

    They're the top three Lancs derbies for me. The big city clubs who are nearby are bonuses and generally out of our orbit. Blackpool comes close to that bracket but not quite and I hate playing them. Wigan - others have articulated. 

    When we start recording wins against Burnley, PNE and Blackburn then we really can say Bolton are back. And hopefully we can push on further from there.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

    ... except himself.

    He believed he was the replacement for Nat Lofthouse. Not sure he got that one right.

    Very true! He was setting the bar rather high for himself there! 

  8. 1 hour ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    Incredible how many they have unearthed in last 10 or 15 years.  They seem to sell one every year then just replace them with another goalscorer nobody's heard of.   Mackail-Smith was the first I was aware of, what a player he was; Assombalonga, Dwight Gayle, Aaron McLean, Marriot, Ivan Toney, Clarke-Harris, Mason-Clark to name a few.   

    Barry Fry might come across as a bit of a clown but he's clearly got a great eye for spotting a centre forward. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    Credit was given for actually achieving what he should have done with that squad.

    Any analogies to our current situation end with that.

    Chalk and cheese achievements. 

    Both successful, but by the fuck you would want Evatt every day of the week at the helm.

    Age profiles of the two squads are entirely different. This is a long term "project" to use the modern parlance. There was none of that under PP and given the ownership at the time such an approach was not in the mindset at all. PP gets credit for short term success, Evatt and FV for (hopefully) longer term and sustainable success.

  10. Appreciate that being without Santos on Saturday isn't ideal but the cupboard looks much less bare after today. Caleb Taylor is a big central defender of the kind we really needed for depth and seeing someone with his profile in that squad is a real bonus, young though he is. 

    A backline of  JDC or Ramsay at RB; Taylor, Toal, Iredale and Ogbeta at LB should be OK. The big bonus is Forrester being close to contention. 

    Hopefully we can crack on now.

  11. Decent day. Really like the sound of Caleb Taylor as a bona fide big central defender and intrigued by what Aaron Collins has to offer. Well done to the board for giving IE the backing.

    On a side note: It'll be interesting to see how the young lads going out on loan get on. I would echo what others have said re hoping Matheson finds a good loan deal. 

  12. There can be no question we have been desperately unlucky with central defence. If Toal and Santos are out by my reckoning we've four injured (Johnston and Forrester being the other two) and one on international duty. No team could cope with that and it happened last Spring too.

    Is there any criticism to be made despite in the face of all that rotten luck? If there is one it's that IE is on record as saying he wants defenders who can play in more than one position. That's largely fine but for that central role in a three you need a big powerful lad/a specialist in the traditional style, albeit these days with the ability to play a bit. By relying purely on Toal and Santos we were always going to be in the crap if they were both out at the same time. Johnston can do it, MJ stood in there last year. But we've nowt like that available other than Toal/Santos.

    It could be said we've not got the right balance of central defenders in terms of variety/type and we've left ourselves a bit exposed. However, I'm relucant to say that loudly because nobody can deny our luck 2024 so far has been dogshit. 

    Let's hope they're both OK. If not we need quick moves in the market.

  13. Another chance to win at Blackpool down the plug hole. 

    Slight upside: They will now have a semi final with Wembley at stake in the week before they play us in the league. We've got a rare blank midweek. I hope the league game is finally the occasion to end the win drought there.

  14. The piece on the BWFC website introducing the new lad from Liverpool quotes IE as saying that it could free JDC to fill in at centre back. Can't quite see that myself but then I'd never have seen Gethin doing it until he did. Wouldn't have seen Simon Charlton and Mick Whitlow doing it all those years ago either. 

    Anyway it looks like a decent deal for us. I hope they can find Matheson some game time elsewhere.

  15. 9 minutes ago, desperado said:

    Gees, that's a big statement from us making a £600,000 bid in January to get an extra forward 

    Yep, if that's right (and it has the hallmarks of being) then we're in for a seriously interesting few days here.

  16. I'd not be bothered about this were it not for these. 

    Said it before on here but it bears repetition. We've won three times at Old Trafford since we last won at Blackpool, 46 years worth. It's a proper bucket list item for older Bolton fans and we've two chances in the next month. COYWM.

  17. It's a great win. We needed it regardless of how it was achieved. 

    I've no idea about how to train a football team but from my simple onlooker's perspective I'd do a Cloughie - don't do any training at all this week now. Wrap them in cotton wool, rest them up entirely.

    Absentee levels for Saturday and next Tuesday are now at very concerning indeed. If Dempsey and Thomason are both out we need CMG back in that squad and we're going to have to have Khumbeni in and around it. Defensively we look threadbare.

  18. 5 minutes ago, DirtySanchez said:

    Didn't Nixon say the deal was as good as done for Ennis

    He's full of shit as usual 

    I've not been keeping up with his every word in this window, just saw his tweet today. Maybe it is as good as done. Hopefully we find out soon.

  19. 59 minutes ago, Steejay said:

    No other club in our league has spent as much as us this season.

    CMG - 300k

    Forrester - 200k

    Dan - 150k

    Williams - 100k


    The board has backed IE substantially imo.

    You can add 500k for Vic alhough Dapo's sale financed it.

    This is reading between the lines and guesswork but I suspect what's happened is that by signing up a lot of our assets to longer contracts this last 6-12 months we've raised the wage bill and thus used up a lot of salary budget that may otherwise have gone on new players. That's not a criticism of anyone, far from it. We need to protect ourselves against asset strippers. 

    A way of making the money go further seems to have been targeting defenders who can cover more than one position, Evatt has said this. The trouble with doing that is that a smaller number of defensive bodies leaves you vulnerable to a rash of injuries. Again, that's no criticism. What happened to George Johnston was a real blow. Gethin being called up by Aussie couldn't have been foreseen. On top of that Forrester is out. 

    I'd be happy with Ennis and a new loan centre back. Only I'd prefer we targeted a rock solid late 20s/early 30s player on the fringe of a Championship squad rather than an Mbete. It would a steadying influence at a crucial time and he won't be hampered by being EFL Trophy cup-tied.

  20. 1 hour ago, Cheese said:

    I've seen us lose away from home plenty of times. It's disappointing and miserable. I've never pissed my pants and had a tantrum like a spoilt brat.

    We've all seen you doing the online equivalent every time you encounter someone you disagree with. Which happens quite a lot given you go out of your way to disagree with everyone.

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