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  1. Nah, house moves and all sorts here. Big job at some stage.
  2. Don't waste your energy. He'd have started a row with Mother Theresa.
  3. To be fair Evatt himself has just laid in to them on the radio.
  4. Bad day. We're going to get them but they need to be isolated. Us getting embroiled in cups and picking up injuries has stalled our momentum since New Year's Day. We really need the three points on Tuesday now. Plus we need a central defensive re-enforcement.
  5. Khumbeni? Dunno. I thought he was a holding midfielder but others may know better than me.
  6. Can't think of anyone else who can play there in the current squad, no prospect of either Jones or Forrester back for some considerable time. He needs to make a move.
  7. Absolutely this. We are skating on thin ice big time in central defence now.
  8. Must admit I'm slightly caught by surprise by such a swift rearrangement and had ruled next midweek out because of Burton. In my mind this was coming back around on some Spring midweek evening with Gethin and CMG back. Hopefully we can pick up the three points.
  9. RIP to the chap and thoughts very firmly with his family and particularly his lad Stuart who it seems was with him at the match. It's the way many of us get introduced to football and the way support of a particular club gets passed from generation to generation. Whether your Dad's still with us or not it gives us all a little moment of reflection. I hope Stuart and his family will get looked after and I am absolutely certain they will.
  10. Article is fine. Sub-editor who hatched the headline while laying the page clearly a tool.
  11. Why he needs a chip on both shoulders I don't know. I suppose it's just the kind of club they are.
  12. This is a new one on me at our games. It's a fairly recent thing when a game gets stopped for an emergency in the crowd. Fingers crossed for the person involved in the emergency and well done to the club, medics, ref and everyone else involved for the quick response.
  13. Two chances in the next few weeks to end the 46 year wait for a win at Gloomfield Road. I hope we make it count. Preferably on both occasions.
  14. paulhanley


    If it's right that only two supporters that were responsible then it does seem a bit much that everyone should be punished. I can see that previous offences have occurred as well though. Those teams they are playing these days. How the not very mighty in the first place have fallen.
  15. What was the one we came out to in 96/7 - the big season of 98 points and 100 goals under Todd. That'd get my vote.
  16. As each month passes by the signing of Baxter looks ever more shrewd. I think the old but enduring virtues of shot-stopping ability and command of the penalty area are the most important of the boxes to be ticked when it comes to looking for keepers. Ability with the ball at the feet is important but secondary. I have a suspicion that sometimes these days keeper signings get made with that equation slightly the wrong way around. Cart before the horse. Baxter has something else that the present day keepers seem to have less than their forebears - positional sense. The amount of times you see goals these days with keepers beaten at their near post. I'm not saying it didn't used to happen, but it seems to happen more now.
  17. Most active club in League 1 so far is Carlisle, presumably following on from that takeover they had in November. Saw Peterborough had made a signing but turns out he's a temporary replacement for their injured main keeper. One thing that'll mess a few teams up is loanees being recalled. Happened with Plymouth and Finn Azaz who is being sold to Boro. We're not quite as vulnerable in that department as in some previous times.
  18. Most folks have a higher view of Thomason now than they did back in August. Most folk had a higher opinion of him then than they did 12 months before. He seems to have a good attitude and willingness to learn and it is paying dividends for him and us.
  19. On this day last year we won 0-3 at Barnsley in the game when they had a player sent off early on. Very interesting to contrast the league table next to this BBC match report exactly 12 months ago Barnsley 0-3 Bolton Wanderers - BBC Sport We're 11 points worse off than we are now with the same amount of games played. Plymouth, Sheff W and Ipswich streets ahead. It's very a different league this year with more than three in contention for those top two slots!
  20. It's unusual for us to go in to a transfer window with so many saying they'd be happy with no activity. I think a lot will be dictated by injuries and what state Gethin and CMG return in. I'd personally be trying for loan central defender as a contingency. Having someone else in there would free up Jones and Iredale to act as more substantive wing back cover rather than covering for both there and CB at the same time. Just now I think we're a bit vulnerable to a crop of injuries of the kind we had when MJ ended up at CB last season. One more central defender would insure against that and shore things up that bit more.
  21. They are all fleeting memories rather than remembering whole games. I remember a lot more about 77/8 than 76/7. The group my Dad went with moved to the Manny Road stand having previously gone in the Lever End. My main memories of the Lever End days were being bought a carton of orange before games and being lifted over the turnstile without my Dad paying. I do remember being knocked to the ground by marauding Bolton/Chelsea fans on the Lever End in spring 77 and my Dad nearly getting arrested for getting hold of the bloke who did it. We watched that game from the Wing Stand and that's why we ended up in the Manny Road from there onwards. I'm glad I saw those days. My Dad remembers them really well and its a good topic of conversation with him. I can do that with 80s/90s stuff with him but his memory/detail of those years aren't as good.
  22. Aye. Used to be a group of us. Dad, uncles (some actual, some my dad's mates who I called 'uncle'). I was pretty safe. I presume it was to get me indoctrinated and give my mum some time to herself. I remember a lot of those away trips: In 77/8 we did Hull away and Stoke away as well as Burnley on the first day. Remember very little about the games, just being there. The stands and the colours the teams played in. Breaking down on the motorway in my uncle's Cortina on the way back from Stoke is a distinct memory!
  23. I was in my late 40s two years ago. Time marches on.
  24. A scrappy win in a banana skin of a game against a previous bogey side. It'll do just nicely regardless of how the game played out. I can think of such games in previous promotion campaigns. Derby blowing a 2-1 lead was a right turn up. Marginally preferable for Posh to win that because we have a game in hand on them, but a draw would have been better. Cheltenham, Orient, Carlisle coming up. Nine points there would be a massive step but all three sides are showing at least some form.
  25. That's an impressive stat Big Sam would be happy to manage a team so good a "nullifying" and "snuffing out" the opposition, as he used to say.
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