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  1. There are lots of tough games after January. In some way it's a good way for it to pan out because we can beef up our squad in January first. But none of that's any good unless we take care of business against lesser teams.
  2. We need to keep churning out the wins against the Burtons/Fleetwoods etc. We've got to be absolutely relentless in that regard. No more Carlisle, Wigan, Bristol Rovers (h) type results. If we do that we afford ourselves the luxury of draws being OK when it comes to Derby/Barnsley/Peterborough/Stevenage away. Pompey will probably bounce back but Oxford are melting a bit and I still think Peterborough have a bit of the self-destruct about them. Barnsley are the dark horses who'll probably gather pace as winter moves to spring. We've still to play them twice. Another key week is Blackpool (a) and Wigan (a) within days of each other. Potential trip wire games the pair of them.
  3. Barnsley and Derby are emerging, Derby especially. But we've won 15 out of 23 games. Nobody in League 1 has won more. We've been clinical in these two last away games and responded to those two bad defeats earlier in December. My worry is that Derby go out and strengthen with loads of short term Championship quality/pedigree signings. Too much analysis: We're second with a game in hand on Pompey and an away record of 7-2-2. COYWM.
  4. Pretty sure it was Blackburn away on the first day of 76/7. Hot day as I recall, we were in the main stand in a family group. However a large number of other Bolton fans were also present in the home ends and did not have the same benign intentions as us. Absolute carnage. As I went to more and more aways I began to understand that our away support hadn't really adjusted to the relatively recent introduction of the away end. Instead they liked to populate the home end and brazenly make their presence known! It was to be a regular occurrence at Ewood Park. I remember being on a bus travelling to a game there in the late 90s and hearing an older local bloke say to his wife "these lot are mental, watch out today". He'd clearly seen it all unfold in previous years. We lost 3-1 in August 76.
  5. Yeah the New Year's Day game was a daytime game. Had it finished it would have been played in night conditions but it didn't. The pitch in that game was totally covered with snow but from the small corner of the grass you can see here it isn't. I know that it snowed in the Goodison leg of our LC semi but not so sure about Burnden.
  6. That's a cracker. Too young to know but I believe Everton's fans suffered after that game. Massive attendance, our last 50000 plus gate.
  7. Sad news. Our family had a little connection to him in the 70s around the time he was playing for us. I was actually at his one and only appearance in 1977. Taken to Turf Moor by family as a very young lad. We were in the Cricket Field Stand. Good to read some of the other comments in this thread with information about him that I didn't know. RIP
  8. Their form has badly dropped off. Makes me wonder if more than a few of their squad know they are out of the exit door in January as the reality of tinpottery bites. .... here's hoping.
  9. Heartening result. Well done to players and fans alike. No idea why Lincoln were so negative, on paper that was our toughest of the trio of games between today and New Year's Day. I hope we back this up in the next two. Peterborough wobbled today but Derby look increasingly strong. What a six months ahead....
  10. There was a 4-1 win at home against Hull about ten years ago, we were 3-0 up in about 8 minutes. Mark Davies scored a screamer. But in 45 years of watching us that's pretty much the only other example I can bring immediately to mind.
  11. If there's such a thing as a bad way to win a game we found it today. We just have to take the three points and move on to these two away games and then Burton on New Year's Day. Seven points required out of them three. We seemed to lack leadership in that second half. Maybe Santos would have made a big difference in that regard. Maybe not.
  12. Bless verb to ask for God's help and protection for someone or something, or to call or make someone or something holy You naughty little atheist you.
  13. You really quite like trying to be the ringmaster don't you. There are a number of people of my acquaintance/knowledge including local councillors where I live in Oxfordshire, academics in the same area and one or two folk at work. The thing they have in common is that they are all as bumptious as hell. It's a trait I associate with you too.
  14. Irrelevant. You could have addressed what I said instead of asking that. The fact that you didn't speaks volumes.
  15. Nope. Not in the least. But I have noted the trend towards militant atheism among the woke. And like everything else to to do with wokery it has a totalitarian feel about it.
  16. Well in my view it does. So we'll have to agree to disagree. And since we live in an "inclusive" and "diverse" society there's room for all views, encompassing folks of all faiths and none. Perhaps you should display some of this much vaunted "tolerance" that liberals like you are are so fond of claiming is as at the root of your creed.
  17. Religion does as much good as bad and there are plenty of people who live their lives by their faith and are good/kind/charitable/thoughtful/humble people as a result. I'm every bit as suspicious of people who are militant atheists as I am of religious zealots. It's not all that long ago that militant atheism didn't really exist. In this dismal world of wokery it now does and it sneers at old ladies going to a rural Anglican or Catholic church every Sunday morning and sitting at the back for a quiet pray as much as it does as crazy people who use religion as a front for their own murderous agendas. Both you and Stephen Fry need to stop over-simplifying.
  18. Very hard to stomach days like today ... even after decades of stomaching days like today! The thing is to finish in the top 2 of any league you can't really afford to do this. There's a little more latitude for top six but top two is our aim. That's three home defeats now and two straight defeats. We needed a response after Monday and we got the opposite. None of those things are good signs. Maybe we'll go on another six match winning streak and put it behind us. Hard not to be a sceptic when they show up like this in a game when they needed to show the ability to bounce back. Please prove me wrong BWFC.
  19. what a mess if they come back from this it'll equal the mike riley/leicester game many years ago.
  20. Bring it on. If they don't get back up at the first time of asking there's a good chance of another nice prolonged spell in the lower divisions.
  21. Is there a chance of it? It would leave our friends at Gloomfield in a pickle.
  22. Are they mad? Three days after Blackpool away. Meanwhile the pie men play on the Friday night v Cheltenham and have a four day break. Does Neil Hart deal with fixture re-arranging? If so. .. you've made an absolute pig's ear of this pal.
  23. As busy as we've been watching Peterborough v Oxford/Burton v Stevenage today I can't help but think that the significant results are the onward march of Barnsley, Derby and to a degree Blackpool. Oxford's fans say their squad is paper thin and any injuries put them in trouble. Peterborough can be very inconsistent. In other news I wonder if that cunt Roger Dubuis will be on here tonight? We had the wrong decade in the Prem - if it had been the last 10 years we could have had some right field days against them.
  24. I see your point re a Tuesday night but even then I think we'd sell 6,000 plus. If it was towards season's end with a lot riding on it then I think we'd sell the 8,000. It's all academic. It would go against every fibre of their beings to do such a thing. Never underestimate how much they hate us.
  25. Whether Lincoln or Accrington, if we get through this, we're likely to encounter the pie men or Blackpool in the following round. They've both got very winnable games.. It's going to be an interesting New Year!
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