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  1. 23 hours ago, Cheese said:

    Who are these "woke" people who are also "Militant atheists" then? Can you give any examples?

    You really quite like trying to be the ringmaster don't you. 

    There are a number of people of my acquaintance/knowledge including local councillors where I live in Oxfordshire, academics in the same area and one or two folk at work. The thing they have in common is that they are all as bumptious as hell. It's a trait I associate with you too. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Cheese said:

    I take it you're religious then? I have no problem with religious people whatseover as long as they keep their relationship with their chosen God to themselves and don't try to use it as a tool to control how other people behave.

    Nope. Not in the least. But I have noted the trend towards militant atheism among the woke. And like everything else to to do with wokery it has a totalitarian feel about it.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Cheese said:

    No it doesn't. Unless you're suggesting nice religious people would go on murderous rampages if it wasn't for their faith? And they only do "nice stuff" because they've been indoctrinated?

    Well in my view it does. So we'll have to agree to disagree. And since we live in an "inclusive" and "diverse" society there's room for all views, encompassing folks of all faiths and none. Perhaps you should display some of this much vaunted "tolerance" that liberals like you are are so fond of claiming is as at the root of your creed.

  4. Just now, Cheese said:

    In the words of Stephen Fry; Religion - Shit it.

    Religion does as much good as bad and there are plenty of people who live their lives by their faith and are good/kind/charitable/thoughtful/humble people as a result. I'm every bit as suspicious of people who are militant atheists as I am of religious zealots. It's not all that long ago that militant atheism didn't really exist. In this dismal world of wokery it now does and it sneers at old ladies going to a rural Anglican or Catholic church every Sunday morning and sitting at the back for a quiet pray as much as it does as crazy people who use religion as a front for their own murderous agendas. 

    Both you and Stephen Fry need to stop over-simplifying. 

  5. Very hard to stomach days like today ... even after decades of stomaching days like today! 

    The thing is to finish in the top 2 of any league you can't really afford to do this. There's a little more latitude for top six but top two is our aim. That's three home defeats now and two straight defeats. We needed a response after Monday and we got the opposite. None of those things are good signs.

    Maybe we'll go on another six match winning streak and put it behind us. Hard not to be a sceptic when they show up like this in a game when they needed to show the ability to bounce back. Please prove me wrong BWFC. 

  6. 59 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    Well Hudds are hovering just above the drop zone. 

    Seems daft to have a proven goalscorer bagging for fun only a few places below you in the pyramid.

    Panic stations with these pricks.

    Bring it on. 

    If they don't get back up at the first time of asking there's a good chance of another nice prolonged spell in the lower divisions. 


  7. Are they mad? Three days after Blackpool away. Meanwhile the pie men play on the Friday night v Cheltenham and have a four day break. Does Neil Hart deal with fixture re-arranging? If so. .. you've made an absolute pig's ear of this pal.

  8. As busy as we've been watching Peterborough v Oxford/Burton v Stevenage today I can't help but think that the significant results are the onward march of Barnsley, Derby and to a degree Blackpool. 

    Oxford's fans say their squad is paper thin and any injuries put them in trouble. Peterborough can be very inconsistent. 

    In other news I wonder if that cunt Roger Dubuis will be on here tonight? We had the wrong decade in the Prem - if it had been the last 10 years we could have had some right field days against them.

  9. 4 hours ago, MickyD said:

    I doubt we’d ever want them unless the rearranged game is tagged onto the exciting end of the league programme and there’s a chance of promotion being gained there…

    Oh, and they somehow find an available Saturday or Sunday to play it.

    A Tuesday night in Wigan isn’t everyone’s idea of a good night out.

    I see your point re a Tuesday night but even then I think we'd sell 6,000 plus. If it was towards season's end with a lot riding on it then I think we'd sell the 8,000. It's all academic. It would go against every fibre of their beings to do such a thing. Never underestimate how much they hate us.

  10. We've won at Old Trafford three times since we last won here, seven times at Ewood, five times at Deepdale, four times at Turf Moor and four times at City. 

    December 27, 1977: Blackpool 0 Bolton 2 with half of a 25,000 gate at Bloomfield Road being from Bolton. We've had fourteen league and cup games with no win there since that day.

    About time we put that to rights. A win there is almost an older BWFC fan's bucket list item. 

  11. 15 hours ago, Rizlar said:

    The tics are complaining about the Utd fans getting the East Stand 8000 tickets. A director as responded stating that they need the revenue because season tickets sales are less this season and average crowds are down from last season! He also goes onto say they are losing money every week and that is why they are giving Utd the East Stand to generate income. 

    Hopefully that means they'll have to shed another two or three players in January. Not playing them on 6 Jan is therefore a blessing. Let's wait until after the window has closed. 

    ..... and I bet they don't give us 8,000 tickets regardless of how desperate for cash they are.

  12. Unless they think Carty is good enough we are going to need a loan now with Dan and CMG absent in Jan. How typical that it happens just at the moment when he was beginning to impress. 

  13. I can only just remember the Embankment segregation when it was just the one fence right down the middle. I've not really got proper memories of 76/7 but very clear ones of 77/8. Then from 78/9 I've got very strong memories. By then there were two fences and three sections with the middle one being used as no-man's land more often than not. Every now and again there was a following big enough to open the middle section.

    I clearly recall the mass of excitable Leeds fans pouring in there about 30 mins before kick off when we played them that year. Then I recall the "limbs" (to use modern day parlance) when they took the lead in the first half. 

    Against expectations Bolton then ran the show in the second half and won 3-1. Bolton fans of that vintage will recall the Beirut style scenes as the away fans on the Embankment and home mob on the Burnden Paddock went to war as the game drew to a close.

  14. 10 hours ago, jayjayoghani said:

    Australia vs England, 5th Test
    Australia tour of England

    AUS 335 & 142
    ENG 595/5d
    England won by an innings and 118 runs

    Click here to view more @espncricinfo : https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/australia-tour-of-england-1985-61363/england-vs-australia-5th-test-63407/live-cricket-score

    Aye that's the one. David Gower and Tim Robinson! The final two or three years of having the upper hand over the Aussies before it all went wrong for the best part of two decades!!

  15. 2 hours ago, Mannyroader said:

    Big Sam and David Cross amongst the new signings.

    Yeah there were five that summer, only three played in this game: Dave Sutton, David Cross and Asa Hartford. Sam Allardyce and Derek Scott were either injured or suspended from the season before. 

    I remember being very excited that we'd made five new signings that summer. Unheard of in those days. Shame about that late equaliser. Shame it was another shit season including a horrific home thrashing off Bury about nine days after this. 

    The other thing I remember about that day was that England were playing in an Ashes test at Edgbaston. Set off for the match about 1pm with England one wicket down. Got back in the car with my Dad at 5pm for Sports Report (presented by Renton Laidlaw, christ knows how I remember that). England hadn't lost another wicket and had tonked the Aussies everywhere. 

  16. 11 hours ago, Not in Crawley said:

    If you can get to it try the old bookbinders in Jericho. Lovely pub.

    Shame the Eagle and Child is still shut I think.

    It is still shut. But the Lamb and Flag over the road is back open and has its own Tolkein connections. 

  17. 1 hour ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    Yes, thanks for the correction.  I was at all 4 of those games, very strange to go to games on consecutive days twice in one season, not sure I could be arsed now!  I was getting it mixed up with the season after when we won 1-0 v Wigan at home, and again Chandler scored (a pen).   We played them away Boxing Day 84 as well as 83, another 1-0 game (lost this time).

    Both those Wigan away games were early kick offs, reasonably uncommon in those days. I think Wigan missed a pen in our 0-1 win. The 1-0 home win v Oxford was a great performance. Oxford were top of the league and would be champions by May. A great Burnden atmosphere that day.

    I think the last time we played games on consecutive days was in 93/4, a decade later. Two 0-0 draws at home to Sunderland and then away at Pompey. I was at both - the trip to Pompey the day got off to a tricky start with snow in Cheshire making the M6 very treacherous. Miraculously cleared and on we want. It was one of Gary Parkinson's few appearances for us that day at Fratton Park. Anyway - a proper tangent is that! 

  18. 48 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    Isn't there a clean air charge thing in the city too?

    There's a very small Zero Emission Zone in the very middle. It's going to be expanded but hasn't been just yet.

  19. 7 minutes ago, Jol_BWFC said:

    Any advice on best place to park near the ground?

    It's on a big retail park like Middlebrook. Beyond that it's a bit hopeless. Surrounded by the big and not altogether friendly Blackbird Leys estate. You could park in the city centre and get the bus out but they charge an utter fortune for parking in Oxford. 

  20. 10 minutes ago, CambridgeBWFC said:

    I was thinking the same re Nolan, hopefully he can become as Important and Influential as he was. Will need to up his pointing game though.

    I enjoyed his shot 2nd half which floored their defender. Hit with real venom


    He's got some distance to go before he's up to Nolan standard but the speed of development is the same. Leaps and bounds this season! 

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