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  1. They're not a bogey team overall. Their wins over us since the 97/8 season when we played them in the Prem have been few and far between. They've fared a little better v us in very recent years but even then there's been lots of draws
  2. Went to Lancaster University and Morecambe was often the place for a midweek piss up. .... the place doesn't look any better when you're hammered. Only went to watch them play at their old ground once. The very recently departed Leighton James was their manager at the time - up to all kinds of touchline chicanery.
  3. Aye. Derby were chanting "wanky Wanderers" when Peterborough equalised. Somewhat odd. Wouldn't be surprised to see them struggle next season. Not our concern though ... Oakwell here we come.
  4. Clearly when picking and choosing options for play off semi final opponents there's no perfect outcome. I think this is a reasonable one. Barnsley's current form is appalling. Lincoln would have been awkward due to recent form, Oxford similar but to a lesser degree. Blackpool would have been awkward because they hate us. Home leg second for us this time. We've a great chance of Wembley.
  5. Morecwood sounds like a place Tolkien would have written about!
  6. Feel sorry for their fans but probably a bit less than I might normally when a club finds itself in these situations. Their dealings with us were often petty and sour. In the end they just didn't have enough about them to take themselves into the realm of being a persistent nuisance a la Tranmere, Wigan, Blackpool. Unlike many other embarrassing derby encounters in recent years this lot played us six times and never got the win they craved. Indeed they only scored three goals. Mention of these is a sharp reminder of how important it is to get out of the lower divisions and far more at arm's length from outfits like these.
  7. Bit of a stretch to remember but I don't recall any that season. We did come back to draw 2-2 at PNE after being 2-0 down until late in the game. Same at Chester and at WBA the season after in what's now the Championship. We were down to 10 men in that last one too.
  8. Yes I think they did. Then David Lee tore them a new one in one of his first games for us.
  9. We won 1-4 away at Fulham at the start of that lot too if I remember right.
  10. It is unreal. It's also very out of keeping with BWFC support trends. We'd always been capable of pulling in very big gates but there was a fickleness over a season. That tendency seems to have evaporated. Also, the overall support base seems to be gently growing all the time, regardless of the frustrations that crop up during a season. No precedent for any of this in my time supporting the club really, certainly not outside the top flight. You have to go back to the mid 70s for anything remotely close. It all bodes well for when we finally get out of League 1, whether that's this year or another.
  11. Seems like the final average attendance for this season was 21080. Second best in the league behind Derby. From memory it was just shy of 19,000 last season. It's bloody impressive stuff. For most of my BWFC supporting life I'd never have dreamt we'd average that in a third tier season.
  12. I would say that's the wrong way of going about it. We've had nations joining NATO recently and NATO is the way to go. But nations need to be paying their way more as part of that structure.
  13. Generations of world leaders have had a go at resolving the multiple layers of issues and enmities in this part of the world. The word "intractable" was invented for the gordian knot that it is. At the moment I don't think the world has the statesmen to skillfully de-escalate this. For instance I can think of many US President/Secretary of State combinations I'd rather have had to tackle it all. When you look at Russia/Ukraine, the shrewd/subtle/incremental growing of China's threat to the west and this, I think we're living in a world that is less stable than for many years. We can reflect on how the west has handled all of these issues since the end of the Cold War and pick fault - there'll have been undergraduate essays written about that by the bucket load. Whatever the problem, there ain't no obvious solution other than raising our awareness and preparedness. I hate to say Donald Trump is right that the nations of NATO need to up their defence spending. I hate to say Keir Starmer is right that we need to spend 2.5% on defence. God alone knows where the money comes from given the levels of debt in the western world. But the only way ultimately that you can even big to put a lid on all these conflagrations and flashpoints is by making it known that you are prepared. It's a dreadful situation to be in.
  14. paulhanley

    Pompey (H)

    I don't get the way he does subs. It often seems done to a script regardless of what's actually happening on the pitch. Imagine Bruce taking Andy Walker off in a big game after 75 mins....
  15. paulhanley

    Pompey (H)

    In all likelihood we will finish this season in the late 80s points wise and in many other years that would have been good enough for top two. I can't see Derby drawing or losing at Cambridge but I couldn't have seen the drawing at Wycombe and losing at Northampton either. Those two results give us a little bit of optimism. If we end up in the play offs then Aaron Collins is the type of player who'll thrive in that environment. Increasingly impressed with him.
  16. paulhanley

    Pompey (H)

    Today has the potential to be one of those memorable "stepping stone" days to a successful season. Like beating Bournemouth and Hull away late in 92/3, Ipswich at home in 01/2 (Bobic) and West Ham at home 1-0 with Jay Jay's screamer. I also remember a 1-2 win at Stoke that was a massive step to surviving a Prem season. More recently that late 0-1 win at Southend when Beevers scored in the last minute. I just hope we've got it in us. They're obviously going to need the work-rate and passion but also high levels of concentration - and we don't always do that! Any prospect of Orient nicking something at Derby? Unlikely but there are easier fixtures Derby could have today. We've seen for ourselves that Orient don't entirely meet the description of a flat-track for teams at the top.
  17. In our hands again now. Still tough stuff with Pompey next. It's got to be three points on Sat regardless now. COYWM.
  18. You said what I was thinking. Hopefully this goes the way of their Northampton game and not that way!!
  19. It somehow doesn't have the same feel as 92/3. Yet. If Derby slip up on Wednesday night and we beat Pompey I will massively change my tune!!
  20. Obviously fingers crossed for Pompey tonight but I learned a little bit of info re another part of Derby's run in today. I work with a Wycombe fan who earnestly told me of the bitter history they have with Derby. All to do with when Wycombe got relegated because Derby's points deductions didn't kick in until the following season. Derby pursued legal action (this is going back to early 2022). No love lost between the fans. Wycombe will be a bit more pumped up for this than you might have thought.
  21. I think Pompey will just want mathematical certainty. They're at home and their fans will be demanding.
  22. The only thing we can do now is find ways to win, one game at a time. Next up, Bristol Rovers - and it's our away form that's been the problem. If Derby don't win tomorrow and we win at Bristol, I know exactly how they'll start to feel. We've got to keep that feeling in Derby bellies for as long as possible. They slipped up at Northampton and Wycombe/Cambridge away are a similar type of fixture. If we do our bit then Derby may well drop points in those away games. Parallels from history? Hoping for 92/3 when we caught Vale late, not 90/1.
  23. Yeah no doubt. I'm sure a few of theirs got mega confident last Saturday.... and have had to have a nervy little glance over the shoulder for the first time in a week today.
  24. Derby still hold all the aces, esp given their goal difference. Door just a little more ajar now than it was this morning - but our margin for error is still minimal.
  25. I actually think they need a bigger away end on a permanent basis. They're never going to fill three sides of that stadium with home fans and in most divisions they'll play in there are local derbies in which the opposition will bring more than 4000. This was always the problem at Springfield Park - and why in less ticket controlled days BWFC were regularly in the home ends mingled with theirs.
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