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  1. I wonder if our young loanees to non-league clubs are on those dual registration arrangements that allow them to come back and play in a game like this?
  2. Counts for nowt but funny how little trends tend to perpetuate. From the 80s onwards the most common result this fixture by far has been a draw.
  3. Is that the Yank woman who played tennis in the 70s and 80s?
  4. They arranged their outstanding match on the previous midweek away to Fleetwood. The EFL doesn't direct when rearranged games should be scheduled, it's up to the two clubs.
  5. Think it's the other end of the pitch where Blackpool are vulnerable. Conceded 7 in their last two league games. Is the centre back who got sent off v Peterborough still suspended for our match with em?
  6. The fear leading up to this fixture was always injuries and suspensions. Blackpool have carefully avoided having midweeker before their big derby day. Not so Bolton. Already you can see something of a difference of approach to the fixture within the clubs. We could cope with Jones being out, less so with either of JDC or Williams. Morley being unfit would leave us with Sheehan/Thomason/Maghoma. CMG would be the option from the bench but only in an attacking sense. CMG - ex Fleetwood. Charles and Thomason both with very early days at Blackpool, and obviously Evatt. Hopefully they each want to make a point. For those saying we need a statement performance, absolutely. As much as we've looked good lately (and looked increasingly like we'll challenge) these types of games are a one off. Will we match Blackpool for derby fervour? I really hope so. Once bitten twice shy though. I'll believe it when I see it.
  7. For those saying "it's just another three points" .. of course. But derby matches have a different significance aside from the season as a whole and become a part of a history of what are higher profile fixtures for any club. Always has been this way, always will be. Would we take promotion but losses in the derbies? Yes. Would we much rather have both. Definitely! And if you check out our automatic promotion seasons the two have largely gone hand in hand.
  8. After their heroics yesterday I bet we get Aldershot away.
  9. Aye well let's just hope I'm not annoyed come 5pm next Saturday. I won't be on my own, so will hundreds of Wanderers fans in my age group. We need to be up for it.
  10. They'll be massively up for this just like Wigan were. If we swan in to the game thinking anything other we'll come up short. They need to get their mentality right after the Shrewsbury game and focus on a proper derby. Its ages since we beat one of Blackpool, PNE, Blackburn, Burnley, Wigan. Time to put that right.
  11. Speaking to a Chesterfield fan today. Has Solihull down as a physical/big side who are often cynical and full of the dark arts. Not traditionally the types we thrive against but hopefully we just have too much quality.
  12. You can bet your life Blackpool won't be anything like as poor as this when they rock up at ours in 10 days.
  13. Anybody else notice that the ref who gave three pens on Saturday at Oxford was the same who gave Carlisle two pens in 10 mins at ours a month ago? Seb Stockbridge, gave the away side Wycombe two pens and then gave Oxford an injury time equalising pen. If nothing else it causes the raising of an eyebrow!
  14. Fleetwood and Vale have done very poorly against us too - although the one game Vale did win was 3-6 !!
  15. We'd need a seven figure fee up front and to reinvest most if not all of it. Difficulties arise if the bid comes in on 31 Jan. Anyway (my fault) this is dampening the mood and for another day!
  16. That's a tremendous week. Today's clean sheet provides some reassurance after recent games. A shame about Oxford's late equaliser as it would have been nice to break in to the top two but all bar Pompey will be very, very aware of our presence now. Oxford seem to be having a wobble. That away record of ours is unquestionably top two form. Those two frustrating home defeats are the difference between us and Pompey. Shrewsbury (a) is the next league game and they had their big centre half sent off today, so presumably now suspended. Then Blackpool (h) which (as ever) the tw*ts will be massively up for. Six points from them and our odds will shorten considerably. Keeping hold of Charles in January is increasingly looking like an issue we'll have to deal with.
  17. He scored a few goals with blockbuster shots for us but I don't remember one with such a long weaving run beforehand. Definitely one of the best.
  18. Was at that game. We had a bit of an injury crisis in central defence and ended up playing David Burke there, got hammered 3-0. It was our second away game that season having drawn 0-0 at that Grimsby fixture on the opening day. Our previous away game at that level was 10 years before in the infamous 4-1 defeat at the Valley when we got relegated (full match on You Tube nowadays) Memory a bit hazy but I'd guess at not far away from 1,000 on at the Valley in August 93. In 1982 probably only 500 but that You Tube footage reveals Bolton fans in the home ends too!
  19. With the London/home counties matches we've always been helped along with a sizable contingent from those areas. Bolton ex-pats. It's the same for the large majority of football league clubs*, the bigger the town/club the higher the London based fans to swell the population of the away end. *Does not apply to Wigan who once turned up to White Hart Lane with, what was it, 19 fans? Wiganers rarely stray from the town. You can find ex-pats from all the Lancs towns across the south-east but meeting a pie-eater is exceedingly rare.
  20. Nah, that was a different one, a 2-2 draw a couple of years later very early in the season. This one was deeper in to Autumn and Per Frandsen/Nathan Blake frightened them to death.
  21. Anyone else recollecting a rollercoaster 2-4 win at Bradford in Todd's big 96/7 promotion season? Same scoring sequence as last night I think. Great day. We are probably conceding a goal or two too many just now. 2,1,3,2 in the last four. Hope we can tighten that up a little bit.
  22. By eck we made a meal of that in the end but results at that venue are a bit of a litmus test in this league. I wasn't sure we had it in us. Can we do it again on Saturday? Always the temptation to say a point would do after a win like tonight but in reality if we want top two we need the win. Anyway, that's for Saturday, enjoy tonight's win for 24 hours first.
  23. Hard to generate any confidence for this fixture either from the evidence of this season thus far and our track record at Adams Park. Our next three games are away from home ( to even up the massive disparity in our current record, 8 played at home and only 4 away). Once that lot is done we'll have a really good idea of where this season is headed. I'd say we are needing eight points from those four.
  24. paulhanley


    These things wouldn't matter so much if we hadn't gone beyond the transfer window with an inadequately sized squad.
  25. paulhanley


    I actually quite like that they don't shift a load of games to the Sunday. It detracted from what is a unique day. A vast amount of fixtures with many weird and wonderful pairings that will probably never happen again other than a pre-season friendly. Its democratic footballing chaos and the results page in the Sunday papers has/had a fascination it doesn't reach on any other footballing weekend. Our draw is certainly a banana skin. No idea if Solihull are a physical side but if they are then we may have a problem with them.
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