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    Ha ha course he is
  2. where abouts in the knee is the pain? In my experience physio is a better place than doctors. Doctors just fob you off IMO. Dave Roberts on Chorley New is really good. A guy called Keith is your man. he always fixes me up when i have been an idiot cycling too hard and they dont take the piss with pointless appointments.
  3. I work at ao.com and John is wanderer but has no interest in investing at the minute The sponsor deal was also a non starter, He has said though that if we get back to the prem he would consider it...so he wont be sponsoring them. Great place to work, with a great set up, and a great 5 year plan. worth a punt if you ask me but i am biased...
  4. no they aint. people at work get them all the time but just throw them away and hear nothing back
  5. I work at DRL/ao. Garty was in yesterday talking with MD. it is on the cards but isnt anywhere near done yet as wanderers facebook says. one of the directors was telling me though that it is on 500k for a season as the main sopnsor, or at least thats what we have been offered. i though it was a lot more than that to be a main sponsor.
  6. I'm from that way but live in Bolton now. Ill travel though if he is good. do you have his details? thanks
  7. becuase Because apparently spaces are not big enough for people to get there crappy C1’s in without hitting everything around it
  8. Ha no, got a few little scratches and marks on my car that i want rid of.
  9. The one at the other end before half time was a pen though so he had a mare all round
  10. Can anyone recommend anyine that does it? ta
  11. i thought he was giving the ref a load of abuse for not pulling Spearing up on the tackle he had just made(which was a good one) Also- there fans know how to moan, every time they lost the ball it was a foul or hand ball or just plain not fair and they all threw there handbags around.
  12. I thought Brighton where the best team i have seen at our place this season. passed it really well and absolutley tore us a new one down the left but i never thought we would let one in. The back 4 is as solid as i have seen for a long time and it is great to see them playing with confidence. If we have the option we should be doing everything we can to sign Spearing. he is just brilliant infront of the back 4. He broke play up so much today and he is like a dog with a bone when chasing the ball down. who would have thought 5 weeks ago things would be so positive.
  13. I though Medo looked a yard off the pace to be honest. He seemed to get caught in possesion quite a bit but managed to get himself out of it. As said his passing and distribution was great. Hopefully once he gets used to the pace of the game over here he will be ok but he looked more than decent enough to me. I thought Chungy was poor for most of the game. cant remember him beating the first man with his crosses once all night.
  14. Aussies been spanked by India as well...happy days
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