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  1. I say call it a day now and then start afresh with Euronips to run alongside the Euros. Highest four scorers go head to head in semis and then the two closest play off in the grand finale.
  2. Aye. Swimsuits and stuff as well rather than big coats.
  3. That's superb. Great effort by all involved. (And good to hear some good PR for your club after snitchgate ) Be interesting to see the numbers involved at Essa today.
  4. I'm sure he's on the list.
  5. I expect we'll get I a few loans in from bigger clubs. The football we play should make us an attractive option.
  6. ... and I hope you enjoy it. Different strokes and all that.
  7. DazBob

    Keith Hill

    Hill seemed a decent appointment at the time. I think the vast majority were happy. It was the wrong appointment though but it was rectified. The worst thing would've been to give him another season to go at it. Thank goodness they didn't.
  8. I don't care if that place is dedicated to BWFC or not, it looks fucking dreadful.
  9. DazBob

    Keith Hill

    Gutted he's gone before the play-offs.
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