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  1. You've given your game away with this. Even you aren't that daft.
  2. DazBob

    The Final

    I got.myself one of those shirts for the game against Stoke. I've never worn it since. Hope yours brings better luck.
  3. DazBob

    The Final

    Apart from that though?
  4. Did you type this in your van, eating an egg barm when you should have been working?
  5. It is a slow starter ... But gets better and better the closer it gets to the inevitable crossover with Breaking Bad.
  6. They might be having a shit time, but Brexit plays no part in that. The same can't be said of us.
  7. I'm jealous. Wish there was a switch in your brain so you could 'unwatch' stuff ... Just so you can watch them again for the first time. Also jealous that you've probably got all of Better Call Saul to watch after you've finished Breaking Bad.
  8. Imagine leaving your gym because you thought there were too many darkies joining. Imagine you decided to leave because you'd been promised a super, new gym that was miles betterer. Imagine going to that new gym and finding out there were more darkies in there and the equipment was shitter.
  9. Give an overall opinion maybe, rather than stating the fucking obvious 😂
  10. Stop being so patronising 😁 Spurs fans' treatment of Sol Campbell was just bantz. There's not any proper hatred or anything.
  11. Not sure you needed to call him a spaz. Anyway, so you're answer is it's gone well for some and not gone well for some. Brilliant 😊
  12. DazBob

    The Final

    It really is a phenomenal effort by our fans. Let's hope the team put in the same. If they do, we'll have over 30,000 fans coming home delighted.
  13. He's certainly still swinging, but he's like a punch-drunk boxer whose trainer should've thrown in the towel a long time ago.
  14. Whilst, on the face of it, it looks very embarrassing, it's also impossible for us to understand the mindset of fans in such a situation. We've never been in a position where our natural rival is going for the league title for the first time in a generation.
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