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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. I do it all the time. Its not a new thing.
  2. He'll go and play abroad where folk will care less.
  3. Always makes sure he has cash available to pay the window cleaner.
  4. Nobody is being stopped from singing it.
  5. I think it's banned from the official playlist, but fans won't be banned from singing it. It's a non story really but it'll not stop the gammons being upset.
  6. Shouts " Waaayyyy. Sack the juggler" when a barman drops a glass.
  7. wearing a tee shirt, cargo shorts and a hat.
  8. Pretty sure I've heard recordings of him to her that didn't paint him in a good light. So all this "for nowt" isn't quite true IMO. Just because a case collapses doesn't mean he's not guilty. See Thomas Partey for example.
  9. Then start wanking over Bassini?
  10. He the most scouse looking scouser I've ever seen.
  11. I'm not sure he was serious.
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