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  1. Hope your inbox is clear. You're going to be inundated with offers. ... but not from Garrp.
  2. Bridcutt was a bit of a myth. He came with a reputation probably too good for us at the time. When playing in midfield he did okay, but only okay. Then being played as a CB was one of the most dickish decisions ever made by that dick Hill.
  3. Come on chaps, you know who to vote for at #11 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCOW1w1siHefFrWZmP3XtS7Q52rUo7uVXSc9C-YgB2vAdHFQ/viewform
  4. Not that I knew of. As far as I knew his missus had a baby and his form just dropped off a cliff and never came back. If he has, as you suggest, had a really bad time of it then perhaps it's understandable. But given his poor form has gone on for so long I'm amazed anybody would be willing to now take him on.
  5. Can't blame him for the pens. Can blame him for the 1st goal though. Shit defending all round but he practically gave him an open goal to shoot at.
  6. Awful move for Accy. The lad threw the towel in ages ago.
  7. Be careful he doesn't give you a good pasting like he did Garrp.
  8. From the BBC ... BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty reported that the vast majority of Liverpool supporters at a capacity Anfield observed a shorter period of silence impeccably, with one or two rogue shouts at the start of the tribute quickly shouted down before their fixture against Ajax.
  9. Of course it isn't, and I think you're missing my point. My point being in a totally silent stadium, any sort of noise carries and sounds really loud. Probably only 10 or, at the most 20, dickheads were intentionally breaking the silence last night ... out of over 50,000 people. So it's unfair, on this occasion*, to tar all Liverpool fans with the same brush. The vast, vast majority observed it impeccably. *Just on this occasion, mind.
  10. Tbf, listening to that, it could have been as few as 10 or 20 people out of 50,000+ During a minute's silence someone coughing from across the other side of the ground always sounds loud as fuck. I hope those 10 or 20 people were made to feel like proper cunts bu those around them.
  11. DazBob

    MK Dons Away

    Easiest away win since the 4-0 at Gillingham. Never had to get out of 2nd gear all over the park. Only negative is we didn't put them to the sword, but that would be nit-picking.
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