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  1. So, in summary, Doyle didn't score 30 goals and he didn't drop down into non-league. Also, don't ever compare us with Wrexham again.
  2. GMB isn't news is it? Isn't it supposed to be entertainment with a smattering of news?
  3. Do the Spaniards still black up in the name of good, harmless fun?
  4. DazBob

    New Site

    If you click on the star or the dot to the left of the topic it will take you to the last post you read rather than the most recent post made. Obvs when you get to the end of the page you can't use the Next button, so just go back and then click on the star/button again and it'll take you to the first post of the next page. Simples.
  5. I see GB Women's football team will be taking the knee at the Olympics. With there being no crowds present, and if they listen very carefully, they might be able to hear the gammons booing in front of their televisions.
  6. Can't be true. Only 4 racist tweets were sent in Britain.
  7. Just Paul being Paul, which is why we love him. Mounts having a strop because I called Paul a gammon. Haha. ... and of all the reasons why this site could be accused of going to the dogs, etc, Mounts cites this as the reason why. Amazing.
  8. Gammon Paul is fucking ace.
  9. I'm imagining David Brent saying this.
  10. DazBob


    I'm pretty sure Sterling has missed more penalties than he's scored. I'd not have been fancying him to score if he'd stepped up. I'd rather Pickford had taken the last one.
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