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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. DazBob


    Maybe it's missing a couple of commas, but I'll let that slide.
  2. DazBob


    To be fair, it's dying, not dieing.
  3. Don't encourage him. This could just be the tip of the iceberg.
  4. DazBob


    Oh, give it time... 😀
  5. DazBob


    Surprised the gammons haven't been out in force moaning about women and blacks...
  6. There is no Nando's at Middlebrook.
  7. DazBob

    Jake Daniels

    Peter Shirtlifter.
  8. DazBob

    Jake Daniels

    Whether there are 10 or 1,000 it's a shame they (apart from this lad) all feel they have to keep it a secret.
  9. DazBob

    Jake Daniels

    No doubt some sad fuckers will still think it's funny to sing songs to him/about him.
  10. More boring than the politics thread this.
  11. DazBob

    Jake Daniels

    Play your cards right...
  12. DazBob

    Dapo Afolayan

    Anyone who thinks Dapo wouldn't jump at the chance of playing for either of the Old Firm in a heartbeat is deluded.
  13. DazBob


    That interview in Queens Park was one of the highlights / low points of the whole shambles we'd become. Thank fuck for Shazza & Co.
  14. I'm hoping Williams doesn't. Only because I have hopes that the likes of Dempsey prove to be an upgrade.
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