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  1. I'm happy for them to bend and break as many rules as possible if it keeps those red cunts from winning stuff.
  2. Surely this is a banning offence?
  3. Jeez, that's so sad. Remember him well on here, could have an argument in a room on his own but I always got on with him and he seemed a really nice lad at heart. RIP
  4. Best ever. Love it how he says, "We are, how you say, underdogsh?"
  5. They look like they're for people with special needs.
  6. Pretty sure we tried it a week or two later and the linesman put his flag up straight away, so we didn't bother again. You're right though, as long as the player isn't in the eye line of the 'keeper then I'd imagine it'd be allowed now.
  7. Barnsley have a few players who would strengthen us, there's no shame in admitting that. They finished 5 points above us in the league after all is said and done. Thing is, unless any of those are out of contract or Barnsley suddenly fall into financial difficulties, they're not going to be selling any of them to us unless we make a daft offer. Now that Sheff Weds, Plymouth and Ipswich are out the way they'll be confident of automatic promotion next year, so to sell to a rival would be madness on their part. Anyway, Miguel Veloso has just been spotted ordering a Whopper up at Migglebrook.
  8. DazBob


    Because he'll have probably gained a shit load of Sevilla fans from it which, in turn, means he'll earn even more money.
  9. Got a couple of mates who work for Civil Service, based in Manchester City centre, they do something to do with schools. I've asked them what exactly they do and they just say "Project work".
  10. Feeding chickens in the morning and being chauffeured to the stadium in an E36 BMW M3?
  11. Yeah, but most blokes round there are into flower arranging and making Alaskan pipelines.
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