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  1. He may be. You must've seen that game though? He was amazing
  2. Stan Collymore was one of the best players I'd seen in my life that day.
  3. Wasn't he bumming/being bummed by someone famous like Fred the Weatherman or Alec Gilroy or someone like that?
  4. I'm still struggling to see how he'll fit into our team. He's not a striker and he's not a midfielder.
  5. I can only assume you've only seen one angle of it. There are others that show he in no way pushes him. He literally puts his hand on him. It wasn't a foul.
  6. It's not a foul. He doesn't bump him and the contact is minimal at best. If the the keeper hadn't thrown himself to the ground then he wouldn't have spilled the ball. Serves him right.
  7. But Shirley us getting promoted is far more important to the owners than Evatt playing someone they paid money for??
  8. You can just buy the most basic version of the game. Player packs and all that shit are to play Ultimate Team and stuff like that. You can play online against other players, but if your lad has his heart set on specifically playing Ultimate Team online then he'll probably get his arse kicked because he'll be playing against folk who've spent a fortune on their teams. You can do it for free but it takes ages to earn enough points to get decent players or you get lucky with the packs you open. All the above is from a 13 yr old who spends his life on it.
  9. Great to hear Woodsy's voice on there this morning. Miss her.
  10. Apart from those with mobility issues, or those with someone with mobility issues, I've no sympathy for anyone who goes in their car who gets stuck in traffic around the stadium. What do you expect? There are plenty of places within 10 mins walk where you can park and not have to sit in the traffic after the game.
  11. The rags might only be 6 pints off top but they're in a false position. Had some extremely lucky wins this season.
  12. Told them last night their best ever player was Stuart Storer.
  13. There's a difference between saying they haven't done some cuntish things and not actually saying they have done some cuntish things.
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