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  1. How does it work for registering kids?
  2. Haha, FFS. Not sure what happened there. Obvs Chelsea, not Everton. I've been spending too much time with Pablo.
  3. They should've just said they're doing it as a way to easily identify and ban fans that give a bad name to the club. Surely nobody would have an issue with that?
  4. Politic simply has to be an improvment on Kachunga. If the lad from Hamburg doesn't cut it on his return from injury then recalling Politic is a must.
  5. I'd have no problem with a Nation ID scheme either. I don't wear a tinfoil hat and think the Government's out to get me,.
  6. Currently you can just call in at the ticket office and buy a ticket without giving any details though. This will no longer be an option.
  7. Man U are light years behind the likes of Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea. None of the world's elite managers would touch the job with a bargepole. They'd go in there with the expectancy to win the league within 2 seasons, and that'd be nigh on impossible. It's marvellous.
  8. If this is a way of stopping morons continually embarrassing our club then I'm all for it.
  9. If you really want to know the draw percentage you just need to divide P by D. HTH.
  10. Unfortunately, yes. One shit performance shouldn't mean changing back to a system that we were poor with over a sustained period of time.
  11. No, no and thrice no. Did you not watch us at the start of last season??
  12. 12,856 Bolton Hospice.
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