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  1. Aye, I thought the FA and broadcasters all got behind it and backed it, but not sure there was anything officially set up like the Kick It Out Campaign. I might well be wrong though. One thing's for sure, by players taking the knee it's got a lot more people talking about it than Kick It Out ever achieved. I think whilst most back it some don't, but the fact it's still being discussed is good.
  2. I'm not sure players taking the knee was supposed to result in meaningful or credible work being done. Isn't it just something the players do to highlight that they shouldn't face abuse due to the colour of their skin?
  3. Really? Do you know anybody who supported it at the start and it now pisses them off?
  4. The only people pissed off with it now are the ones who were pissed off with it the first time it was done.
  5. Actual supposed grown-ups saying they aren't now buying a new shirt because of a sponsor.
  6. Match of the Day will be presented by a woman ... probably a black one. This will be the final straw for many.
  7. DazBob


    Nobody can own two football clubs in England. Conflict of interests and all that. That's why Sullivan needs a stooge. Effectively, Sullivan is Brian Potter and Bassini is Jerry St Claire.
  8. 😘 ... and I know you'd be pig sick if I didn't point out that it should be "Christmases".
  9. I do hope folk don't start spamming this thread with pork-based puns.
  10. Aye, a replacement for Fossey and an upgrade on Williams and I think we're done.
  11. Haha Wonderful. And whilst it continues to make you go a darker shade of pink I'll continue. May I also point out that I am only one of a many on here who uses the term, yet it's only my use of it that irks you. It's strange, but long may that continue.
  12. Sounds like you're desperately finding reasons to put him down. If you think Sadlier is a better option at RWB then you're officially off your trolley. If we don't sign him and he ends up at a Championship club then fine, we move on. But let's not pretend he wasn't very, very good for us last season. Prior to his injury, if there was anyone playing for us who looked like they'd be able to step up to Championship level then it was him.
  13. or just get somebody in who doesn't care if the players are racially abused to keep the gammons happy.
  14. If we'd won 10-0 nobody would be excited. "It's just a friendly'. Yes, it was shit. But ultimately its the last game of a season that's gone on forever. Judge Southgate on his record in meaningful matches. If we were to face Hungary in a competitive match we would win comfortably.
  15. DazBob


    It's bollocks. If the aim is to speed the game up then, as said above, just put a time limit on how long a player has got to take a throw-in ... just like how goalkeepers are supposed to have a time limit (although, as we all know, only one goalkeeper has ever been penalised for that).
  16. DazBob


    ... are being discussed as a replacement for throw-ins. What the actual fuck?!
  17. The Bobby Robson and Jack Charlton ones are very good.
  18. Mane wants to go to Bayern because he'll score 40 goals per season (because he'll not have a greedy cunt like Salah not passing to him) and have a chance of winning the Ballon D'or.
  19. Some absolutely first class whataboutery going on here. Textbook. It's almost admirable. Almost.
  20. DazBob


    Kirchner been out playing golf this morning. Priorities eh? Sounds like another Bassini.
  21. Ha, I'm done. Just hoping for a good game tonight. I'll take a repeat of our last game against them. (Word of warning to the easily offended though, Ze Germans will also be kneeling prior to kick off)
  22. On here, no, of course I don't.
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