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  1. I am now. Care to answer the question?
  2. I did. They were proper cunts to their staff.
  3. When our players were doing it last season, why do you think they were doing it? Do you think it was for George Floyd, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement ... or as a show against racism?
  4. Funny how you're accusing many players of lying about why they were doing it.
  5. DazBob


    It's not a sport.
  6. I imagine when they came up with the idea they thought us lower league fans would be grateful for getting a chance to see us play against the 'elite's' up and coming stars. It really is a condescending piss-take.
  7. This, we agree on. This cup needs leaving to the lower leagues.
  8. I've never said it's our players' fault. They can only be professional, do their jobs and beat the team that's in front of them ... and they've done exactly that, so fair play to them. It is, however, completely different to playing a lower level or non-league team, because we'd be playing their first team, not a bunch of kids who aren't anywhere near good enough for their first team.
  9. He made a couple of very good passes .. but that was it. If he'd not played for us last season I'd not have noticed him at all. L2 career at best for him. It irritated me a little bit to see/hear how it's the first time we've scored 8 since playing Walsall. Not it isn't. last night wasn't a real game. We've probably scored 8+ goals against non league teams in friendlies over the years. Results against U-21s shouldn't be in the record books. The above rant aside, the positives to take are Nlundulu and Bod finding the net and the young lad who came on as sub scoring too. Hopefully the team can take a bit of confidence into the weekend.
  10. Given your club's despicable behaviour around #covidgate, can you really blame anyone affiliated to Lostock from taking pleasure in you missing out on promotion?
  11. I think you're doing them a massive disservice here. A smaller fanbase doesn't mean a less passionate fanbase. If anything I'd say it's the opposite.
  12. it highlighted just how fucking useless our stewards are.
  13. Her smiling and looking 'normal' makes it far more skin-crawling.
  14. Nick Hancock - They Think It's All Over. Used to be good back in the day.
  15. I think the consensus was that pretty much all of us pay our TV licence. Many more of us (including me) don't pay for Sky.
  16. Tipping Point is where the brains are at. (Oi, @Zico, why am I 'forbidden' from embedding Twitter links?)
  17. Nailed on. ... and he'll win it.
  18. Dug in well today and it was a hard earned point. That said, we rode our luck today and Posh fans must've gone home furious that they didn't ram home their one man advantage. Struggling to see how anyone can think Jones' red card wasn't the correct decision. It was a potential leg breaker ... and there was no need for it. Positives are JDB made us look a lot better and Nlundulu wasn't dreadful.
  19. Presumably because the cost of fully subsidised dentistry would be too high.
  20. You just need to pay for treatment. You don't have to pay to be a member of their practice like you do with private dentists. Also, any treatment done by NHS dentists is a fixed price. Private can charge what they want.
  21. That's also my take on it.
  22. Would we? Why would he want to help Posh with their planning?
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