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  1. Did Italy not get offered any tickets for this game looks 95 percent Albanian
  2. Farnywhite


    It’s a little known club tradition all the players names go into a tombola before the start of the season and at least one is allowed a full 12 months off with pay with a made up injury
  3. Farnywhite


    We normally wait till a pre season game to get a major injury under our belts we’re getting it in early
  4. If we’re going of last season Dempsey as been poor if he doesn’t get over is back problem we need to get shut of him . Luca had a far better season
  5. I’m not convinced with Johnston our defensive problems will be sorted we still conceded to many soft goals with him the season before . He is another one weak as piss plus he as been out for 12 months so we don’t know what player is coming back
  6. You could also say some voting to keep him in the poll are Wigan fans worried about loosing 6 points if we sack him 😁
  7. If it’s as simple as that how come we finished 3rd we should have been relegated ? Tactics yes come in to play but the players are mentally week when the pressure is on they crumble
  8. Only because Cogley was getting down the line and whipping balls into the box even vic couldn’t miss from 3 yards out at the start of the season
  9. Keep the B team and scrap the academy pick the ones that get released From other club’s academy and save money . I nioticed we got that lad from Liverpool who was released last season from there’s and know he as been offered a new professional contract after a year of B team football
  10. I would be open to selling any of them apart from Baxter Collins and Charles . I wouldn’t be renewing any contracts
  11. Reading evatts comments about the players being accused of not turning up when it matters in previous games and him saying he as always stood up for them but not this time . He sounds like he feels he as prepared them best he could and they haven’t listened to the instructions or the pressure as got them again
  12. What we need are centre half’s that can handle physicality santos toal and Johnstone have all struggled when it’s been put on them if we had at least one that could cope with it would help
  13. You could also say those players played far more minutes than bod so we’re more likely to get injured . Out of is eleven starts did he play 90 minutes ? . i like him but with 5 strikers and only two out of contract we need to make space and at 31 he isn’t going to be getting any fitter or better
  14. Think bod started 11 games this season might not of been injured all the time but not being fully fit enough probably restricted him to being on the bench a lot . More appearances toal Dempsey Morley Thomason Sheehan Paris . More minutes on the pitch the list is longer
  15. I agree about is quality but age and injury’s I can’t see us getting any more out of him than we already have . To give him a new contract then not being to move Dan and victor on were basically in the same position we are now going into next season
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