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  1. Could still be the new manager bounce yet though . But there 3 goals against us does show what a load of bollocks this xg is evatt loves is stats but it doesn’t win you games same as tonight
  2. Good way of putting it
  3. Yes but unfortunately those 6 points they have took of us will be the difference for automatic
  4. They bottled it at home to them bottled it Saturday and again tonight . They could have 99percent possession and still find a way to loose
  5. Wank defending can’t be arsed following the runner lazy cunt
  6. How about we played over 90 minutes and we were the worst side that’s how I see it
  7. Load of shit . and ended up getting in a bit of a set to with other Bolton fans in Blackpool end apologies on my part
  8. Think there will be a lot there without tickets and I have tickets for there end don’t think I will be the only one
  9. Farnywhite


    Dirty little niggling fuckers Cambridge clipped the back of is ankle . Ref didn’t even give a foul and we ending up with a drop ball instead
  10. He got booked for a foul on Sheehan then ran up to to him screaming and pointing in is face . Looked a foul but obviously he thought he dived
  11. Yep looked like it sneaky dirty fuckers these lot
  12. The other week the 4 th official got totally ignored when Thomason got sent off this game the ref runs over to him for advice
  13. Cheating cunts these throwing themselves about every fucking challenge
  14. What the fuck is Morley playing at
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