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  1. Quarter finals of a cup competition ( not the papa John trophy ) and playoffs this season
  2. Remember Greenidge not being able to take a throw in at Cheltenham away two foul throws
  3. It wouldn’t be a pre season for us without a couple of injuries hopefully they aren’t to serious jones foot injury and the lad on loan from Hamburg as left on crutches with a protective boot on
  4. Watched the second half and it was poor no way will evatt will be anywhere happy with that performance disjointed and giving the ball away . But we have to remember we’re are fielding one eleven in one half and a different eleven in the second nether side today will be the starting 11 for MK dons
  5. Nice little derby game for bury in a couple of seasons 😂
  6. Hope it’s nothing Bad . I was walking through Queen’s Park in town about a month ago when it was sweltering hot and he was running up and down the steps in the park he looked in great shape had a quick word with him seems a good bloke
  7. Thanks for everyone’s advice and experiences of being in the same position I have read every post more than once . And will take all the advice on board . It’s still to raw to talk about verbally without crying and not being able to get my words out so to be able to post on here has been a great help I don’t do Facebook or other social media platforms . So thanks 🙏
  8. Thanks for the kind words. It’s odd how empty the house feels without her already . I keep wandering about the house been for a walk been to bed tried to watch the telly can’t settle . Brought her to the house as a pup 8 and half years ago and became the centre of the family . Growing up with the kids whilst they were at primary school . Holidays and outings ending up planned round her think the only form of transport she never went on was a plane . she never liked being on her own so if we were all out had to arrange for her to be taken to relatives . just feel incredibly guilty
  9. My Dog died today unexpectedly absolutely gutted . To make it worse I wasn’t there and my kids had to deal with it . This is the worst I have ever felt and if I try to talk about it just well up . I know it’s not suppose to be the manly thing to do but anyone else been in the same position ?
  10. On the wanderer podcast recently jack dearden was saying he knows him and how well Jeff speaks of Bolton and has a soft spot for us . Apparently this is due to Ernie Pythian is favourite all time Hartlepool player being born in farnworth and playing for Bolton before eventually signing for them . May be poor old Jeff is just following the sky guide lines of shafting us 😂
  11. That’s were I am with it . Besides Lincoln are a better side from what I have seen of them so would be more of a threat next season
  12. Tranmere have some old players in that squad hopeful next season they will be even further down league 2
  13. He was a steady player Unfortunately Always remember him for fucking up in the quarter finals of the FA cup against Oldham
  14. 7,000 sold so to top last seasons 8,000 with just under 3 months to the start of next season shouldn’t be difficult
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