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  1. Agree with all that apart from Lee I thought he was poor if you are playing that position he should be creating more going forward which was zero . I suppose everyone sees the game different
  2. Better not draw one of them at home in the FA cup poor old Neil would have a fit probably insist on it being played behind closed doors
  3. What a non story headlines in Bolton news website as well when you read it no contact by anyone The lion of Vienna stadium as a ring to it for me if no sponsor
  4. Be surprised if it is on . Announced the country is in a state of morning so can’t see football being played at the weekend
  5. Looks like the little scruffy erchin as a claret and blue jumper on . West Ham ?
  6. It’s very apt saying Dutch total football is regarded to be invented by a ex Bolton wanderers player jimmy hogan here is a quote by him During a pre-season tour Bolton beat Dutch club FC Dordrecht 10–0; Hogan vowed to return to Dordrecht in order to "teach those fellows how to play properly".[2]
  7. Looked at the team sheet before the game thought why are we playing two holding midfielders Thomason and Williams , at half time got to say that’s the best midfield performance with Lee as well I have seen for years those 3 were outstanding today
  8. Lee performance against villa was brilliant didn’t look out of place if he was playing for them but we see about two of those performances a season to be honest . The rest he does ok but as injury problems . Might be the best on is day but no way do we see a enough of them
  9. They looked out on there feet on Tuesday then a long trip to earths end I expected the changes so would let evatt of with that one today . But yes in general to many changes doesn’t help
  10. Don’t see Dapo as a striker the change of position as not suited him looks better coming of the flank cutting in shooting or winning a free kick
  11. Managers always want more money really . I think ours is competitive for league 1 so I wouldn’t use it as a excuse for not challenging. What we can do is be better at the simple stuff corners for example that doesn’t cost anything . but it cost me a fire remote when a chucked one against the wall today . Morley didn’t beat the first man
  12. Agree with that but also I think the problem is he can probably go out and get a no nonsense CH but he probably can’t get one who can play out from the back and as the pace to be left one on one but is less error prone than santos . Or do you we have a change of tact and play a back 4 and just ask defenders to defend ?
  13. That’s were we need to be smarter Sunderland always had the highest wage bill took them years to get out it’s not purely down to the highest budget you can soon spend it on shit
  14. Need to create something for it do 2 shots in 90 minutes of play
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