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  1. Yorkshire tax payers money funding Bolton 😁
  2. Heard they make a good screw out of moving the magistrate courts to the ground. Would of thought they are making money out of hiring the area out for Covid vacs otherwise it would be costing the club money
  3. I hope this doesn’t upset the EFL now we are partly owned by the British government bit like Newcastle with the Saudis . Boris s billions on the way 😂
  4. Don’t subscribe to telegraph so couldn’t read it . So is it anything we should be bothered about ?
  5. Sasa curcic Chelsea goal . Alan Hansen probably best goal ever scored at Stanford bridge 😄
  6. Farnywhite


    Rotherham are bankrolled by very wealthy owner they have been constantly big spenders in the lower leagues for several years
  7. You are making a lot of excuses for some reason . It was utter shit especially second half if you had to sit through it . Might look different on ifollow
  8. Freezing cold just walked out try watching this shit
  9. One in the building terms agreed says Evatt
  10. Yep you got it Workington . Rugby ground directly opposite. went in a pub in the town and there was a picture of the ground pact they played Man U in the fa cup in 58
  11. anyone know this one ? I visited the ground in the summer while working in the area ? This picture might not be recent so ground might of changed slightly
  12. Bit of FA cup action on a snowy pitch . But no cup upset against the trotters
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