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  1. That will be one fucked up playing surface rugby league , rugby union and Man Utd reserves , Salford city and I think they play American football on it as well
  2. Tranmere might be playing morecambe both needing new managers . Strong rumours adams leaving for Bradford though it might not be announced till after the play offs if true might fuck morecambe up going into the games knowing he is leaving
  3. Can see Gary bowyer getting the job short term after leaving Salford Big Sam and Lennon linked with the Salford job according to the Manchester news there going off the bookies
  4. One of the easiest victories ever to get promoted but only because of the Player’s performance under pressure
  5. To Secure victory i drove past all 3 grounds today pikes lane ( Alice street ) burnden park then middlebrook
  6. Another way of looking at it would be Crawley would have a better chance of going up next season themselves with the big dog of the division out of the way . grasping at straws 😀
  7. evatt went left 2 up front when they threw the keeper up last minute . Must not of known a draw was helpful
  8. Fighting between the fans according to the radio
  9. We don’t create enough poor today
  10. I went to the one Portsmouth thinking about it . But there was a game at Southampton were we got a point may be the time after we were in Europe. Or to help to stay up it was a evening kick off on the telly
  11. Wasn’t the Southampton away the game at st Mary’s we needed to get a result to get into Europe you are thinking of ?
  12. Those lads deserve to be brought over for a game
  13. Just hope we do it next week . then Crawley can just be a piss up party
  14. That’s very true . We’re nearly there any win will do and any performance as long as we get over the line . I will be at Crawley the week after if we win next week to celebrate
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