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  1. And the statement says β€œ living within our means next season β€œ. Take that means fire sale in the summer and one of the lowest budgets in league one
  2. Full service on now train tickets available for the Sunday on sale now can see them selling out quick Β£103 pound but if you go on split my fare can get tickets for about Β£75
  3. Walgate got 10 minutes which is no problem as long as the train from Euston runs on time 23:53 from Walgate
  4. If I find any Saturday night will let you know πŸ˜„
  5. Would have thought be ok . There is a later train that goes from Euston to Wigan at 20:53 . So would be a case of getting home from Wigan as a later option . Last train from Wigan to Bolton is 5 minutes after it gets to Wigan so might be tight if it’s running late
  6. Train tickets are on sale for Sunday return now . Got train tickets for the Saturday only one train now that’s not fully booked on the Saturday from Bolton to London via man pic
  7. Looking at the play off positions hope Carlisle do it out of the rest of them Bradford , Stockport , Salford or if Mansfield can sneak in
  8. Goes for a lot of clubs Chelsea used to get some really poor crowds in the 80s and Everton averaged 19,000 92/93 season and have the record for being involved in lowest attendance in premier league history 3,039 at Wimbledon that season . Doesn’t seem that long ago really
  9. Average was 34,000 division 2 77/78 that was best in the 70s
  10. Probably have to go back to 58 semi final at main road crowd of 75k on against Blackburn. No way of knowing how many Bolton were there but Blackburn were a 2nd division team back then and a few thousand neutrals but would of thought half the crowd probably from Bolton at least
  11. Think it was something around that . And the Liverpool Wembley was also a sold out allocation . Those would be biggest away following from Bolton for away game . 70s Did we take take similar numbers to elland Road Newcastle game ? And Blackburn ?
  12. Cup final against boro would be biggest following since the 70s would of thought
  13. Before that we had possession from the keeper and end up giving a corner away .
  14. Playing out slowly from the back as caused that goal .
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