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  1. Big spending Ipswich put to the sword . Fucking brilliant
  2. Your welcome. I had just recently read nats book and he mentions the game in it so I thought I would have a look for any footage . Was also Tom Finley’s last game for England so a good program to have
  3. £25 million plus wages on only a two year contract so will walk on a free in 24 months Though he is a real athlete He is still playing international football for is country and that’s not going to stop he is now getting old . Injuries will pile up and he is past is best anyway it could end up a bad signing
  4. Great result against a team that made the playoffs last season . Saw the game out well with Lee on no nerves last 10 minutes
  5. Doyle 70 minutes league against cruel sports
  6. Nat s last game and goal for England .
  7. If the Sheehan shot goes in don’t know how keeper saved it or it just hit him then we were home and dry at 4-1 with out any changes so it’s all mulling it over after the event . was just thinking back to the big Sam days and he used to bring a defensive midfielder in when we went a goal up to see it out but it usually worked for him . I am pretty sure we will get the balance right
  8. I thought we got a little over run in midfield at times and the same happened last week . We have a attacking midfielder that can create but a bit light weight with hindsight may be at 3 - 1 we stick a tutte or a Lee on . Anyway it’s more entertaining than watching a Parkinson side but might course a few heart attacks on the way
  9. Cheers got it had to connect to WiFi it wouldn’t work via mobile data for some reason £11 for the game
  10. I am abroad at the minute been on bwfc ifollow to see if I can pay for it just for audio option. Available. Any one know how you can subscribe abroad ?
  11. No option to order beer at half time with the tokens . didn’t help to keep the queue down that needs bringing back as well
  12. As Santos featured this pre season ?
  13. Quarter finals of a cup competition ( not the papa John trophy ) and playoffs this season
  14. Remember Greenidge not being able to take a throw in at Cheltenham away two foul throws
  15. It wouldn’t be a pre season for us without a couple of injuries hopefully they aren’t to serious jones foot injury and the lad on loan from Hamburg as left on crutches with a protective boot on
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