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  1. Farnywhite


    Keeper gone now so left with no keeper and 4 players on the books . Sounds a great move for evatt 😂
  2. They spent big last season we’re probably biggest spenders in the division took a manager change to get them going and finished quiet strong so expect them to carry that on this year
  3. Ipswich for the title Derby no idea , Barnsley mid table us top 6 with Oxford and Mk
  4. It’s like they have give up would of never have happened under fergie . But thinking about united they have only ever had 2 good managers in there history unfortunately those 2 we’re pretty good
  5. Farnywhite


    Evatts comments about seeing the project through ect this week would look bad if he left a week or two later so I don’t think there is anything to worry about. I know he started at derby very young and lives close by but isn’t he a Coventry lad and fan ? So I would be more bothered if they came calling at one stage and turned is head anyway if derby start the season fielding kids and get some heavy defeats can we complain like Doncaster if they have got there shit together by Xmas and insist they field there under 15s on Boxing Day
  6. And the chances of Charlton also being out as well . The only way we we will be playing Charlton is if we draw them in the cup that weekend . So that’s another London midweek 2 years on the bounce
  7. yep something we have kept in the back pocket . Surely mark davies must be nearly back to full fitness as well 👍
  8. Brum bringing the ball on 👍
  9. Sharron better not cross them 😂. Someone must have some dirt on them if they are local
  10. Farnywhite


    Would of thought there would be some sort of embargo for the new owners unless they pay all the creditors so 10k a week seems a lot till that get sorted even with new owners
  11. the Blackpool milk roll stadium that would get a few away fans lost on route
  12. To be honest the buildings on st Helen’s road do look very similar to Dubai I have been told
  13. So makes more sense to sponsor them at Least they would get something back . The Giant crumpet stadium bring it on
  14. Supposedly this is there headquarters. If I were Neil I would be getting the money up front before printing out 5k of shirts 😂
  15. Yes I know he as so fair play to the guy and I know they helped out in the 80s . but if looking from a pure marketing point of view any sponsorship they do get something back on through exposure so it’s not charity or money down the drain . plus how many times do Warburtons mention the town in there advertising campaigns might as well link to the club . Just a thought
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