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  1. Carrot crunching shithole
  2. Any spare tickets if you can let me know please, ta muchly
  3. That's what Casino uses his for!
  4. Here we go again! .....
  5. 1-0 own goal Att: 17,896 5pm fissed as a part!
  6. I still can't get logged on! Boooo to everyone!
  7. Big day out, baby Munichs followed by Lancs smashing the Yorks in T20
  8. We're going to party like it's 1988!
  9. A victim of Godwin's Law
  10. Good man 👍 We'll win now 🙃
  11. @tomski You've not said it yet!
  12. It's in our own hands now, I don't fear any of the teams we've got left to play. We are performing better away when the game is a bit more open & 5 of the 8 are away. Keep the players fit, keep the clean sheets going & we've got it sorted. COYFWM!
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