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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Kelly's was the best goal of the lot!
  2. Hope not Our pisscans & not rights will give him some 😂
  3. Be reet, he's got his large colostomy bag on
  4. Got a spare adult available dm if interested
  5. 😂 I forgot It'll be people that don't know me or my humour though So I'll stick to the old adage Those that mind, don't matter Those that matter, don't mind
  6. Very true Though to put the record straight, I'm happy for them to crack on as they want, each to their own ... just don't push it in my face
  7. Get with the times, it's now LGBTQIA+ Or as I like to call them, The Alphabet People. Or, the attention seeking twats!
  8. Guinness on the cornflakes! Breakfast of champions 🏆
  9. Anyone parking on Wembley want their heads testing!
  10. You can walk between the seats & terrace
  11. Started or completed? I'd completed mine by 10:03 & tried to buy my next lot but sold out
  12. They will do, other supporter groups do to. Always been the case
  13. Sold out by 10:02 That's why it probably kicked you!
  14. My mate who works on trains say Aslef could be looking at working to rule so no trains on a Sunday at all if they go ahead!
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