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  1. Our 2nd string should be good enough to beat their 2nd string, on to the next round.
  2. Yeah, got free match tickets
  3. & ex-Manny Road Northers, the World's finest supporters
  4. It's the try before you buy scenario. He knows he's not wanted where he is .. but his club is giving him a chance to continue a career at a club, rather than being released into the wilderness. We look at his potential, he looks at whether he likes us, his club looks at maybe making a bit of money. If it all fits, everyone's a winner.
  5. I've said this for the last 2 years. Any new player we bring in breaks within no time because the training level is higher than they're used to & get injuries very quickly. Then we've got to wait til they're fit again & start to get up to pace. 3-6 months later we start seeing the best of them. Can't carry on like that.
  6. Very arsey, unless there's been a cancellation
  7. 17:03 from Charlton will have you in Euston by 17:55 latest. 17:10 in at 18:00 17:17 in at 18:09
  8. You just know that's going to go tits up! Report back.
  9. You can return Shrewsbury as its a re-arranged fixture
  10. Nah, that plan has fallen down
  11. You had to say didn't you!!!
  12. But but but ... the ST says it costs thousands & thousands 🤣
  13. Yeah, but how big is their population Everyone knows that's the true metric
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