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  1. No, cut off date was 20th for new registration
  2. I know a few, obviously in the hope of picking up a ticket on the day but out on the piss if not
  3. Southern Whites didn't perform after game, shocking result... but what can you expect from shandy drinking southerners!
  4. Up & at 'em. Nice early start 🍻🍻🍻
  5. Hope they haven't bought tickets in the home end again.
  6. I'd rather have the band The Eagles
  7. Don't forget the glow sticks!
  8. Trafford was Accy's Crellin. Nuff said. The problem with these ball playing kid keepers is they don't appear to know how to save.
  9. That's now the norm & it's a piss take! Consider you're a person that goes to nearly every away game. It's about 2 or 3 games in the 23 games in 'admin fees'. A 10% surcharge for loyalty?!? Everytime the club sells an away ticket they get paid 5% of that ticket charge from the home club. Then it's announced its pay on the day & we don't have to pay those charges & the club receives nothing! The stats will be out there to the powers that be, to realise they're killing the support for no extra money!
  10. You don't build owt by going through the management roundabout every 18 months! I hate current society/impatient social media kids! They think they're experts whilst barely having a pube & never even had a sticky finger! What is wrong with the here & now immediate success culture? & don't get me started on the pathetic online troll ironic mentality that the kids think they can put on the terraces. It's about time the older generation pointed out to these pricks that 'Wanky Wanderers ' isn't a song ,it's a retort. As amusing as 'passing sidewards & backwards everywhere we go' is, it certainly isn't backing the team. As for 'Dion Charles tweets what he wants' isn't actually that amusing when he could be banned for us for many games, for something he did many teams ago. I'm sick of it & I won't be putting up for it anymore. I'm going to stand in the middle of those k&f's cocks from now on & clipping ears 👂 til they understand. It's not support, it's fookin pathetic. Feel free to join me until we eradicate it.
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