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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. I've got you covered pal 👍
  2. Yep, shite for me too! They really need to get it sorted, it's getting worse!
  3. 1 adult seated, home end in main stand, £24
  4. You'll be in good company
  5. & the Pope's a Catholic
  6. I've got a bad feeling about this
  7. Nah, he'll probably think Dapo can play there!! 🙄 Anyhoo, 1 adult & 1 U18's going spare. SOLD
  8. Is it time for subs & the comeback?
  9. Should have used that queueing system again so it didn't crash!
  10. Home end is going to get rammed then!
  11. Unbelievable! Got none. Was on straight away at 10am & kept kicking me out!
  12. Pathetic, every time I finally get in ... Please adjust your criteria
  13. Def crashed, shit as always
  14. The Wycombe away when we didn't know if we had a team to support, did QR codes. Worked fine (other than me stood there scanning 30 odd lads through the turnstiles) It's very easily done with a bit of effort
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