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  1. Big day out, baby Munichs followed by Lancs smashing the Yorks in T20
  2. We're going to party like it's 1988!
  3. A victim of Godwin's Law
  4. Good man 👍 We'll win now 🙃
  5. @tomski You've not said it yet!
  6. It's in our own hands now, I don't fear any of the teams we've got left to play. We are performing better away when the game is a bit more open & 5 of the 8 are away. Keep the players fit, keep the clean sheets going & we've got it sorted. COYFWM!
  7. A win is a win, be it 1-0 or any other combination. We're controlling games and professionally seeing them out with good game management, keep it up IE! I'll take a steady 2-0 today, hard to break down a double parked bus!
  8. Trampmere's next 2 games could see them drop like a stone! Pretty please, with a big fookin' cherry 🍒 on top!
  9. You need to ask? Crack on, it's match day!
  10. So is the beer 🍺 🙃
  11. I've got PMT for the first time in a long while! Come on you Whites! 3 points please
  12. If you've got the 7 day free trial, just cancel before the 7 days are up. Watch some TV series or Movies, might as well make use of the days. Tomorrow morning, or just before kick off buy a Sky day pass for £9.99, it lasts 24 hours so see what sports you might want to watch that night to or the next morning. Once you have the Sky day pass you'll see the options for the game
  13. Get NowTV on a 7 day trial (don't forget to cancel it) Purchase a Sky day pass for £9.99 Easy as that
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