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  1. Bold ones are my retainees... and I think if we were to start day 1 of the championship with Sunday's starting XI I wouldnt be overly disappointed. More than enough quality to compete... Ameobi would be on my shopping list, and a cheeky loan move for Holding (& Clough if forest drop)
  2. Sorted 2 - need 2 ST refs for another two if anyone is kind enough. thanks in advance.
  3. Sorry mate it's gone. And yeah... I have a habit of buying things and selling them for less Alf... with that Business mind, you should get in touch with Lord Sugar pal, he'd snap you up! Thanks gents, COYWM
  4. Hi Folks, I have one spare Adult ticket for Bradford on Sat if anyone is interested, a friend has dropped out. I can arrange to meet before the game on the day or tonight/tomorrow. £20 Cheers.
  5. Woodbank Yeah umpires is a bizarre one - you'd think with all the leagues emalgamating they would have a hatful. Been given out twice this season caught behind and no where near it both times.... bloody notrights!
  6. Think Tonge could do with a move into the GMCL and work from the bottom up, find their level and attract players that way. Getting tonked every week isnt good for anyone, and certainly doesnt attract players - more detrimental than anything else. As a GMCL player myself, must say that now it's all settling down its a cracking set up.
  7. Currently: Cotterill 10/1 Powell 16/1 Evans 14/1 Adkins 3/1 So if it is this 4, then at worst you get your money back if you bet on all 4?
  8. Valid point though - what is Salford City draw Yoonited in next round, definite conflict there?!
  9. It is opinion yes, but its clear as day that he was sold a line regarding finances - how would a club of our stature at the time appeal to NL? There must have been something, and NL's comments recently suggest he thought there was more than there actually is. He is a good manager, fans appreciate his struggles - DF and OC were both under fire from fans by this point, people see NL's from a different cloth. A fact though - if NL had the funds that NL and DF spunked we wouldnt be where we are now.
  10. I see your point, and the RB situ has frustrated me - sign two, play neither and arguably the best player last year in that position isnt being played there either - must be a valid reason? We are keeping clean sheets though, that isnt the issue is it?! Look at the striker option - Heskey, Gudjohnsen, Madine, Ameobi, Dobbie - this is all we can get based on funds, hardly 20 goals between them. We got Le Fondre, and £750k would have got him again, stick him in this side with or without the RB issue and we wouldnt be where we are would we?! How can we expect to score goals and compete with the strikers we have.
  11. Whether ED has pulled his investment or not is only a side issue here really IMO. How can a club who spent 11 years in the Premier League, Europe etc and not spent a lot in transfer fees really, based on nett spend yet their debt increases substantially?! Where has the prize money gone? Also, PG has made bad choice after bad choice with his appointments since Big Sam, we are now on the 5th one (who I believe to be the best choice) but its too little too late - in any other job, if you had made bad decisions time and time again that cost the company money and stature, you'd be out on your ear - yet PG still sits in his ivory tower. The blame needs to sit on his shoulders and he needs to go. Lennon has clearly been sold a line by PG about finance in order for him to take the job - and he's been hung out to dry. I feel sorry for him, he's a good manager, and can only work with what he is dealt. If he walked tomorrow, i wouldnt blame him in the slightest. I think that is backed by the majority of fans, as with DF & OC, they were calling for their head by now, yet people understand NL's situation and it really isnt his fault. We're in a mess, and its sad to see... unless something is done at the top, its not going to be rectified anytime soon.
  12. As it stands at present, Bolton need Clough and Clough needs Bolton - unless a silly bid comes in £8m+ then we need to keep hold of him - he is the key to any small chance of success this season, and a big season could make him a premier league player, as well as give us something to cheer about - if he goes this summer he'll fall into the black hole of 'potential premier league stars never to be seen again'
  13. HoldensHairdo


    No. Player Position Contract Expires 1 Ben Amos Goalkeeper June 2019 3 Dean Moxey Defender June 2017 4 Dorian Dervite Defender June 2017 5 Tim Ream Defender June 2017 6 Josh Vela Midfielder June 2017 7 Liam Feeney Midfielder June 2016 8 Jay Spearing Midfielder June 2017 10 Zach Clough Forward June 2017 11 Robert Hall Midfielder June 2016 12 Max Clayton Forward June 2017 14 Gary Madine Forward June 2017 15 Derik Osede Defender June 2018 16 Mark Davies Midfielder June 2017 17 Liam Trotter Midfielder June 2017 18 Neil Danns Midfielder June 2016 21 Darren Pratley Midfielder June 2018 27 Filip Twardzik Midfielder June 2017 30 Kaiyne Woolery Midfielder 31 David Wheater Defender June 2016 32 Tom Eaves Forward June 2016 33 Hayden White Defender June 2016 34 Ross Fitzsimons Goalkeeper June 2016 35 Conor Wilkinson Forward June 2018 37 Quade Taylor Defender 41 Oscar Threlkeld Defender 42 Tom Walker Midfielder June 2016 43 Andy Kellett Midfielder June 2016 44 Medo Kamara Midfielder June 2016 45 Rob Holding Defender June 2016 48 Niall Maher Defender June 2016 49 Harry Campbell Goalkeeper Aaron Knight Forward Jon Ceberio Midfielder June 2016 Jordan Lussey Midfielder June 2016 Channing Campbell-Young Midfielder June 2016 Yvan Wassi Defender June 2016
  14. Just sent the KUMB link to my hammer friend - he says that site is one of the most trusted WHU ones and is usually correct.... Loan with us paying 25% is best I can see us putting up.
  15. This might have been covered already - but why are we friday night and not on TV ?
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