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  1. Never heard of them but it looks really good, young lad from St Helens Road makes a fuckton of cash and sponsors Wanderers.
  2. Warrington are claiming we are playing them, after the season has started for us, whoppers.
  3. Angels won’t be all he’s loving in GERMANY.
  4. The Sunlun fan who looks like a shit Robbie Williams was blooning like fuck behind the police line. Didn't see him do anything, but was defo a ten men.
  5. Maguire is awful. Just awful. The shortcomings being lack of pace, reading of the game and positioning.
  6. Our safety officer appear to be a copper, or a former copper, with a questionable record when it comes to crowd control. Once a copper...
  7. Carlos

    Neil Hart

    The idea of John McGinlay being brought in to calm people down, infamous for twatting David Kelly and being out on the piss, fuck off Neil. I knew the recent spate of pitch invasions would have him wringing his hands.
  8. I think Sam was really smart to get out when he did, I think he knew what was coming so bailed to a club he knew would keep spunking money left, right and centre.
  9. If people keep reporting stuff for stupid reasons, the easiest solution for me is to just delete the thread.
  10. Being 2 weeks ahead of Northern Prem teams means that's a no-go I think, raring to go against lads who've been on the piss since their season finished in April. Pointless. National League doesn't finish until June 5th!
  11. Ah, misread the dates!
  12. Be fucked up this year as we are starting 7th Aug, non-leagues are starting later so will be behind on fitness.
  13. I’ve seen him waiting on Stitch Mi Lane trying to dive under a 507 so he can play the victim card.
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