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  1. Saw some Take That tickets pop up for £22.
  2. Am kind of wanting standing. For £20 😂
  3. Am tempted by Weezer if I can get cheap tickets. No interest in Smashing Pumpkins.
  4. I've still got the T from Bizarro 20!
  5. I had tickets, although it only seems like yesterday for Watusi 20 or whatever. HOWEVER, The Cribs are doing their first 2 albums in a one off show in Liverpool.
  6. Carlos

    The Final

    Watching Crystal Palace demolish Aston Villa yesterday, they did everything we didn't. CB hitting long incisive balls. Movement up front. Balls being delivered into key areas. Mixing it up, keeper throwing it long rather than that playing it out from the back bollocks. Didn't need anyone bollocking, geeing up or pointing.
  7. Carlos

    The Final

    Santos must have more % possession than Oxford.
  8. Carlos

    The Final

    We are going to Wealdstone first. Last time our coach parked at Wembley, got back exactly same time. But no paying £10 to get into a pub.
  9. They are doing a beamback to Gigg 🤣
  10. Bury needed to win their last 2 games for promotion (into same league Colls will be in). Lost 2-1 to Padiham in a game played at FC United because Bury pitch is so shit (FC United pitch is also shit so it must be fucking bad). Shame.
  11. Carlos

    VM booster

    Yeah, my old extender was one of the _EXT type ones with same password. What model is the extender? Is the important question. Then RTFM 🤭
  12. If not more. Madness. People want to see winning football. Quick to fuck off when that's not the case.
  13. It is high with Macc skewing it. actual average around 600, maybe 700.
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