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  1. We are 2nd in the Covid league, people don't give a fuck about others still. Perfectly acceptable behaviour in your world maybe. I've seen my mother once in 15 months, 18 months since I've seen other family, I don't need some scruffy old bag prolonging that.
  2. Seen awful behaviour from a scruffy old bag in Morrisons last night, the moment her shopping is paid for, mask off. Like I only wore it because I had to then off we go. Dirty bitch. Not sure if they were religious or not. Cunts everywhere.
  3. BOLTON has the second highest covid-19 rate in the country.
  4. Go via Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.
  5. Did you take them up on the optional chauffeur driven limo there and back?
  6. It sounds like we have a fucking massive pile of cash from season ticket sales that Shaz is sat on top of, rather than hemorrhaging money. Maybe I've completely misread the situation!
  7. We need to start having a simpleton test before people can register.
  8. I'm not going unless Hawaiian hula girls exalt my presence, throwing petals in my path as I approach and serve me free Bovril at half-time for under a tenner.
  9. Not fussed as long as they aren't a cut and shut.
  10. Still not to see any Massives protest. A team that was recently losing to Macclesfield in the European Super League. OK then.
  11. Honestly, honestly, I think you are safe from being mined anyroad.
  12. I like to search for random stuff just to throw the algorithms, see who is tracking me.
  13. For me, we are developing ways to intelligently query the data, more than selling it now per se. Capture everything then mine it or build models using AI. The data has a value but ultimately the tools that analyse it hold the key. Some fucknugget abusing someone has zero value. Siri overhearing that you need a new car or a holiday and boom, value. Take that down the line, 5, 10, 15, 20 years, where it pulls in everything and can target you intelligently. Potentially knows what you are thinking before you do.
  14. That's what my job is, basically... But Twitter data isn't worth much as it's all bollocks behind anon accounts. Google is the one that's hoovering up real info. Twitter could easily go the same way as Bebo or MySpace.
  15. I don't think even they know their business model tbf. They've grown out of nowhere, produce absolutely fuck all, yet are "worth" more than half the countries in the world.
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