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  1. They need a Supporters' Trust.
  2. Not recently but aye. Sporting aren't great, Arsenal should beat them if they turn up and want it. Benfica still in the Champs, not sure it's that underrated.
  3. Just don't pay MADMAX, laughing.
  4. Does the law of the game mention studs? Silly old cunt.
  5. I had a Torquay scarf that I swapped. That's all I can remember.
  6. I saw an Accy team last pre-season at a lower non-league team and they were complaining about the tackles going in. Soft cunts.
  7. Sky think they are upping my broadband to over £50 a month, good luck with that.
  8. O2 going in the bin asap. No signal in central Manc, shite signal all over Bolton.
  9. How you miss it, fuck knows. I’ve been to the place, seen the river, it’s hardly the Thames or even the Ribble. Embarrassing policing. RIP.
  10. Carlos

    The TCS

    If anyone knows these guys then round of applause from me. Club sustained by our own supporters.
  11. Typically, the value is almost entirely in the gfx card. Is it worth selling bits individually?
  12. I think the implication was there were people out there trying to sell this info. So it was getting out, either way.
  13. Shields have won it this year now, surely. Not sure about Colls, anyone in the bottom half could go, realistically. They are extremely lucky that Belper and Liversedge are going straight back down. Liversedge should have done better, they brought in some decent name players.
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