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  1. Carlos


    Ground grading innit. You need floodlights.
  2. Carlos


    Ashton are a funny one, I like the place but realistically, they are only getting under 100 still. They were on tele a couple of years ago in the FA Cup. You don't get many competitive games between Northern Prem and Counties sides apart from the FA Cup, although Colls have West Dids in the Lancs Cup (how they are in that I don't know!). I saw Connor Comber who had been playing at LR after his release from Bolton, then suffered a bad injury, is on trial at QPR. Best of luck to him!
  3. Carlos


    No offence to anyone but the Counties is poor at the moment, the expansion meant the better clubs climbed in to the Northern Prem Div 1 and clubs came up from the Cheshire League etc. The Northern Prem West looks like the Counties 5 years back.
  4. Carlos


    He was at Colls last season and didn't look interested in my opinion. So he's already had a move to the highest level he's going to hit.
  5. Carlos


    It's typically a week not game, as you can be playing 4 or 5 in the last week but yep, £100 is believable. But you have to pad your squad out with £5 and a bottle of blue WKD players also.
  6. Carlos


    No one at Daisy Hill is on big money, nice to see them in there.
  7. Sad we can't play Bodi and Doyle. Sorry if that's been pointed out before.
  8. An account with 3 tweets, clearly reliable. Ffs.
  9. Carlos

    Dion Charles

    I dunno, historical crimes are dealt with. You get a sentence, your current employer, partner, children etc. all suffer despite potentially not being part of your life then the offence occurred. Can't do the time, don't commit the crime. Bolton can't complain, as we've covered, had they spent 30 mins checking his socials.
  10. Carlos

    Dion Charles

    Alternatively, don’t be racist.
  11. Carlos

    Dion Charles

    Oh for sure. Embarrassment to a club were Bolton used to be a genuinely scary place for anyone to come.
  12. Carlos

    Dion Charles

    Has no fucker in Accrington got internet? That shit has been sitting there for years, people have been banned and the player himself is too gormless to clean up after himself. I’m not a fan of Shortland, Trotters Blog and assorted other attention seekers, but you can’t stick this on them.
  13. Carlos

    Dion Charles

    That's the main point here, numb as a piss stone. Can't even spell the insults correctly.
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