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  1. Thundering down the M6 whilst watching Porntube and eating a bin lid ain't easy.
  2. There's no lorry drivers because no cunt wants to graft anymore.
  3. I'm not defending him, it sounds like a Trumpism. It looks massively overpriced and not world beating. But possibly it's played some part in getting on top of the thing, time will judge.
  4. It's the mythical man month. If it takes 1000 man months, a thousand people for a month, a hundred for 10 months, ok. You can't do it with a million people doing a hour each. It doesn't work that way, even if it's the same actual time spent. Also, all the competent resources are being paid $$$ by online retail which has also boomed. The government hasn't got the staff, outsourcing costs a fortune, and these companies aren't necessarily the best.
  5. See above. We can't nail people's doors shut and send them to a work camp if they don't comply.
  6. Taiwan can track people, no fucker is going to argue. We can't, the tin foilers would have been out in force. We have to compare ourselves to "equal" countries, France, Germany etc. Have they done anything better than us? I have no idea.
  7. Here's an IT snip I spotted today... "NHS England has missed the latest deadline in the procurement of a £200m replacement ERP system responsible for managing the UK's annual health spending of £110bn and is now more than two years late.…" A system over 2 years overdue, that'll be shit as well when it does arrive.
  8. It may be shit, so is anything thrown together at short notice. Who has a better one? That's the question. Which country has a better system than ours? I can't put it simpler.
  9. The technology to do all the track and trace gubbins is an IT project that would take, I dunno, 5 years to implement. It's been thrown together quickly, out of necessity. People slagging it off, what other countries have better systems? Tell me that one.
  10. No access to the NHS and it’ll be reet, pretty sure you can get oxygen off ebay.
  11. Went one day, as soon as we were able to leave the house. Absolutely no fucker about, parked up and had a mooch round there and Grassmere. Once in a lifetime chance to avoid the crowds.
  12. Sounds great, Sugar were so good, the Copper Blue tour was awful on the recording I listened to. Brudenell is one of the best venues around.
  13. It reads like the last 18 months has pushed some people over the edge, where there's literally nothing left to do but lash out. Shut the fuck up and have a Solero.
  14. Nicked off Twatter: Davestation, a show we put on for a laugh at 3am where a man ate a kebab to lift music, had more viewers than GB News.
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