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  1. I'd have given that pen at the end, even if that all he was going for.
  2. Jude Bellingham would walk in to any team in this compo. I think you need a Henderson there to sit and dictate, let the young lads play.
  3. That bird with the subs board is all I’m looking at.
  4. Great to see the garlic munchers slapping Bolty’s lot, surely the most odious fuckers on the planet?
  5. This Saudi no.9 is a proper no.9.
  6. Telford are rock bottom, be playing the Colls next season... Senior looked good at that level, if he can have a few months there and bulk up over summer then maybe.
  7. Every penny is a prisoner.
  8. This make no business sense, we must be fucking rolling in cash.
  9. I haven't got one, I'll sleep sound knowing I'm not a hanger on from some random group who has denied one of our most loyal supporters a ticket.
  10. Carlos


    Like they say: We are Bury AFC, and we have games to run, to watch, and to play. Starting this weekend.
  11. Carlos


    It’s brilliant, Bury FC doesn’t exist as a football entity, the people with the name and Gigg Lane lost their council funding. A car crash.
  12. It’s not a trifling matter.
  13. I don’t blame them for trying to kill the game, weak from the ref to allow it, we score the first time we go long after almost 90 mins of twatting about. Unbelievable Jeff.
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