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  1. Here's the problem with modern football, throughout my life, Barca have been a great club, always worth watching. Cruyff, Romario, Stoichkov, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho etc. At no point did anyone have a clue what Cruyff was earning, or give a fuck.
  2. Sad to see the decline of Barca.
  3. It's a quid in a venue you've just paid 20 odd quid to get into, ergo by definition you can afford to lose. That is the key here.
  4. No one ever got addicted to buying golden goal tickets. It has never happened.
  5. Until that lad got hospitalised. Hilarious though.
  6. Interesting one, get rid of the steroid heed stewards and you've got a chance. Only been saying this for 20 years +.
  7. I dislike it, despite the context and although I've used it myself. One of those words that belongs in the past. Call me woke if you will.
  8. Youri, go and sleep off whatever Poitín or LSD you are tripping on today.
  9. Only people who play Polo should be wearing it. Even then, in the 90s, not this millennium.
  10. The fact people are still wearing Ralph Lauren has blown my mind. At least make an effort for court, scruffy cunt.
  11. Nope, we have enough info to track people down if we had to unless you went through a VPN. Such stuff is probably beyond the average knuckledragger.
  12. Is the right answer. The price may just be a small fine but comes with a side order of being unemployable for a very long time.
  13. Honestly, I don't want to ever meet you. Life is too short.
  14. It’s a good point, 16 from 18, walking it.
  15. The Poles are sat back like a Big Sam side, at home playing for a point. Some of our interplay has been superb, not sure what people are wanting.
  16. Carlos

    Safe standing

    Harwood Youth went to Leeds Festival, during Gerry Cinnamon there was a massive crowd collapse as the laddishness went over the top. This is still totally fine, yet you can’t watch football without a load of nanny state metal barriers. Fucked up.
  17. Carlos


    If you were selling you'd brand it that way for sure.
  18. Carlos


    Land in Kersall must be the least valuable land in the country?
  19. Carlos


    Surely Salford aren’t profitable either! Without the Class of 92 there would still be 40 on. Even Bury get more than 40.
  20. Carlos


    Can anyone ever explain how GNev chose to takeover at Salfod rather than the club his father worked tirelessly to save? Pissed on his corpse. What a cockwomble.
  21. Carlos


    I grew up near Bury Road, I never knew a Bury fan. Even going to the baths every week, I wasn't even aware of them until we started playing them.
  22. Carlos


    They hate us and we laugh at them.
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