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  1. I remember losing to Brentford in 91/92, Dean Holdsworth played for them. I was gutted. Bad day for the reds and pinks.
  2. I did some YouTube stuff for the Colls, it cost me £10 a month for Adobe Premier Rush. Editing is easy. If you want production, get a kid in to do it for free.
  3. Cheese in arguing for the sake of it and catching some whoppers shocker.
  4. We had a team. They were in a better financial state than the club (who wasn't), so they had to stay distant to keep Ken away from their sponsorship money. Eventually, they dropped the Wanderers name, then the bloke behind it left and it all disolved. They had a decent(ish) league position, but they were playing actual Newcastle United one week then like Burnley Social Club or some shite the next. If I'm generous, there would be 40 people on, gate wide open and free to watch. We have strong girls youth teams. Maybe down the line that expand.
  5. Oh you don’t apologise, but you have to make a call, distance yourself from the person or stand by them. If they’ve done it, and you know they have, then not the toughest of calls to make.
  6. BCL can’t silence people, that’s way beyond their remit.
  7. You need to acknowledge the accusations and state the player will not represent your club again asap. It’s a clusterfuck if you do anything differently. Otherwise, from the outside, it looks like you are closing ranks, or complicit in racism.
  8. It all really depends, I’d cost you 7k a week. I know one of the blokes who helped write Joomla. You don’t need someone at our level to put a site together using it. The Atherton Colls site costs like £100 a year to host, then is updated by volunteers. They had someone who was doing them a new site for free. Someone has had them over, you have to question the governance here. It‘s a scandal.
  9. “a smart management team under Neil Hart” What does this work even mean? Apart from the bumlicking, it’s basically a begging letter. Fuck off.
  10. 20 quid is fuck all, you can spend that just walking past B&M Bargains. Bands you've never heard of are charging £30. Time to get real.
  11. Carlos


    No idea on that one. Other than FC had got millions in grants and all the people involved were balls deep in massaging their own egos.
  12. They should have had some men covering it, half and half, like the men's game gets. You can't have mixed for mens and all women for this.
  13. Carlos


    Like I said elsewhere, South Shields with their 2k+ can't get out of the Northern Prem. FC United with their crowds, custom built ground after leaving Gigg and the BBC licking their bumholes got slapped back down from the Conf North. Highly unlikely they'd ever get within touching distance of the league. Time for a reality check.
  14. I don't think Mason was much of a songwriter, don't be thinking he's in line for 25% of anything.
  15. Never heard of them but it looks really good, young lad from St Helens Road makes a fuckton of cash and sponsors Wanderers.
  16. Warrington are claiming we are playing them, after the season has started for us, whoppers.
  17. Angels won’t be all he’s loving in GERMANY.
  18. The Sunlun fan who looks like a shit Robbie Williams was blooning like fuck behind the police line. Didn't see him do anything, but was defo a ten men.
  19. Maguire is awful. Just awful. The shortcomings being lack of pace, reading of the game and positioning.
  20. Our safety officer appear to be a copper, or a former copper, with a questionable record when it comes to crowd control. Once a copper...
  21. Carlos

    Neil Hart

    The idea of John McGinlay being brought in to calm people down, infamous for twatting David Kelly and being out on the piss, fuck off Neil. I knew the recent spate of pitch invasions would have him wringing his hands.
  22. I think Sam was really smart to get out when he did, I think he knew what was coming so bailed to a club he knew would keep spunking money left, right and centre.
  23. If people keep reporting stuff for stupid reasons, the easiest solution for me is to just delete the thread.
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