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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Elvis


    Just got home. Great weekend
  2. Looking forward to this one. Heading down to Gloucester tomorrow for the weekend.
  3. Poor Frank. Not seen him for a few years
  4. Elvis


    Advanced party going Friday
  5. In for both and my 1st over 60’s ticket. It’s the future!
  6. Thank you for your response Mr Hart but Priscilla says to tell you to Fuck Off. She was looking forward to meeting some of the more mature members of the Anthill Mob and especially Mr Undies and Mr Meldrew
  7. @NeilhartCEO Priscilla would like to join me on Sat for the Wimbledon game but can’t be arsed making herself a member and I don’t blame her and will not force her to do so. Her wish is to sit with the Anthill Mob and enjoy the match day experience. Just imagine the exposure BWFC will have by having Elvis and Priscilla in attendance! Surely this an opportunity not to be missed. What can you do Neil?
  8. Elvis

    Windies 2022

    Tickets purchased for 26th Jan. Anyone else out here?
  9. Elvis

    Windies 2022

    Plenty tickets available and hopefully see a couple of T20's. Just hope we get there!
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