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  1. Sharon watch is fab. Enjoy
  2. Always feel safe with you behind enemy lines
  3. I'm with you and is the reason I stopped looking. Drives you mad.
  4. Stop looking at it and just get on with your life. If it's a long term investment it will be fine. Go and buy an apartment in Lytham and chill out
  5. Mexico in May for lads wedding. Was planning being away in Feb, March on a Far East adventure but that's not happening now! might even consider buying something in Spain later this year subject to how Brexit pans out. Oh and yes, I did a Caribbean Cruise by myself many yers ago...... Lovely
  6. 2nd attempt at Mexico for me in May for son’s wedding. Was cancelled this year.
  7. You know you want to. Meldrew will look after you
  8. I think you are referring to the barmaids tits
  9. Been to Houston also and it was double wank, fooking hot and humid. Baseball is shite with bells on it
  10. Baseball. Been to a few games in Seattle but doesn’t do anything for me. Must be something in it for our American friends as they turn out 4-5 times a week in there thousands. God bless America
  11. I used to love the 747 but The A380 is much better and business class is something different
  12. You will melt in August
  13. My Mrs works for a homeless charity in Manchester and assures me there is more than enough food available for the homeless. Right now they are preparing over 200 meals a day. Giving them money just funds their drug (Spice) addiction. She normally offers them a pair of hand warmers and a few words of comfort.
  14. Just watched it. What a place Burnden was. Memories after memories kept coming back and back from my first game against Chelsea in 1971 were I stood under the score board on the tall steps so I could see, right up to the final game against Charlton sitting in the sponsors box (for what it was).
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