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  1. Agree, there was no lack of effort yesterday.
  2. I thought Isgrove put some decent crosses in yesterday and a combination of their good defending and our forwards not gambling or lack of movement was more an issue. Either way he was in our top three players and ran himself into the ground.
  3. They are on a different level to us regarding wages and investment.
  4. We are a work in progress. It’s going to take time to crack this division, look at how Sunderland and Ipswich are only now starting to get to grips with it after three seasons.
  5. 👍exactly. We’re all impatient but sometimes you just have to take the pain. I’m confident we will come back fighting with this manager and core of good players. The top sides in this league have built squads over 2/3 years and we need another few windows to get there.
  6. Makes me feel sick the way the Newcastle fans treated Bruce. Classless twats. A severely underfunded club for so many years, could they not just be happy about the ownership change? A new management was inevitable so why hound him out like that.
  7. Chastening defeat but we’ll come back, we always do. COYWM
  8. I think good championship club looks our limit now.
  9. That new chairwoman Amanda Staveley looks slightly nuts.
  10. How the hell does Milner not get a second yellow?
  11. Evatt’s non-negotiables👍
  12. Great result, really pleased for Lee and Sarce.
  13. Just another way for clubs higher up the pyramid to destabilise lower league clubs and fleece their best talent. The system is imbalanced enough so thanks but no thanks.
  14. VAR had another good day🤦Total bollocks. Leicester defender being fouled but pen still given to Brighton. Wan Bissaka clearly fouls a West Ham player in the box and Ronaldo should have had one as well. Who is reviewing it Mr Magoo?
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