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  1. Farrelli


    Best to get prepared for the play offs. Get through Saturday with no injuries and avoid defeat.
  2. Agreed. There is variation in the determination of when the ball is played so in no way can they conclude that someone is off side by a millimetre. Farce!
  3. Blackpool still have an outside chance of getting in the play offs if they beat Barnsley today. That would be a challenge for us.
  4. What that dickhead Davies does not tell you is that Wales will be about £1 billion worse off 2021-2025 due to his beloved Brexit. A Brexit that has contributed to the steelworks being less competitive and many job losses anticipated. He is a knob.
  5. The FA Cup is just not the same anymore. Keeping replays isn’t really going to change things although they should give financial compensation to every team below championship. It was inevitable they would scrap replays as the top sides have enough games and are primarily focused on the prem and Europe. The game has changed. We could no longer be competitive in the premier league without a billionaire backer. Championship is our limit sadly and there is nothing wrong with that.
  6. Nice to see Netanyahu has listened to advice from his allies. Why are we backing this lunatic? He is another Putin.
  7. Sunak is not much better. His main defence at PMQs today is “well Jeremy Corbyn”.
  8. Maybe just stop escalating things.
  9. I think we can beat anyone in the play offs bar Peterborough. Their forwards will give us a problem. Unfortunately if it goes to form we will have to play them and I’m not confident.
  10. Yes they have redefined the meaning of defence.
  11. We are irrelevant. Our parliament couldn’t even stop bickering long enough to agree on an amendment the useless twats. we are sleep walking into a massive Middle East conflict that should have been foreseen once Israel started bombing Gaza. Putin will be loving it.
  12. Our unelected PM. Dear me what a price we have paid for 14 years of this lot. She is a fucking lunatic with zero self awareness of how ridiculous she is.
  13. Don’t forget that Israel has to defend itself
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