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  1. And, regardless of them needing the numbers in, they (whether it's actually Cooper or not...) have signed some shit. Lingard shown nothing, that Dennis is pap, Lodi woeful and keeping Toffolo who I've rated for years out. They've fucked it. Dyche and Woan in.
  2. Said it numerous times but they had no other option but to sign 15+ players, they barely had a 5 a side team by the end of last season. Problem is they had no time to bed them in apart from during the actual season and he's still miles away from knowing his best side. They look totally disorganised. Strange how the end of the summer went really, there was extreme excitement round here after the promotion, shirts everywhere etc then even more hyper with the first batch of signings but then it just went weird - things like this continuing lack of a sponsor, it just all seems a bit off.
  3. I like Cooper and what he's done but it's a sack performance this so far. They've had over 2 weeks to work on stuff and still look disjointed. Gibbs-White and Lingard in same midfield not for me
  4. Dyche in at Forest if they lose tonight is the talk round these parts, duckeh.
  5. They might be waiting on er, yeah...
  6. Such and ugly corporate giant now that club. I know it's always been that way with them really but there was at least something exciting about Ravanelli, Baggio, Del Piero, Vialli, Zidane etc etc Ace new stadium but that grim new corporate logo, playing in in all sorts of weird non traditional kits, ticket prices are sky high, the football is functional at best. The way Serie A has become open and attacking recently, they're the ones being left behind and looking like dinosaurs
  7. They'll be hanging around the relegation plug hole again before long in the coming years, it comes to us all.
  8. See you in Rochester when we draw Gillingham in cup 😃
  9. Fully down with that. Not down with the guy behind me whinging constantly about people not singing and chanting etc. Sorry, Lincoln at home on an October Saturday at Burnden was a cauldron of noise wasn't it
  10. Looking forward to it, weirdly!
  11. Even despite the postponement it feels like we were only there a month ago. Such a shame this game went from a trains running Saturday to this, proper decent drinking town. In.
  12. I looked out of window in pub up Horwich today and thought fucking hell this is going to be a test of it. Glad it's still pulling numbers
  13. Couple of 2-1 wins we're laughing. Tuesday got mixed grill and last minute winner written all over it.
  14. Great win. First 3 of 9 points this week. The kind of game you wish you heard about whilst abroad a few pints deep instead of actually attending though 😅
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