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  1. I do prefer York in winter, not that it's much less hammered but it certainly suits the atmosphere more. One of my favourite places in Britain.
  2. I smell a Saturday away at York
  3. Speaking of Rangers in Europe... "Please don't trash the place, Manchester has only just finished clearing up after last time, and don't go doing anything absolutely riot inciting mental like sticking your club's flag in the centre circle of your most hated rivals"
  4. Plymouth definitely counted as aquatic!
  5. I'm sure they'd be happy and swift to deal with your complaint...
  6. 9 home - lowest for me since 90s, lost a few through postponements, and shafted by a lot of Tuesday homes. 13 away, 1 abroad. Most since 16/17 Felt like a lot more than that, certainly in terms of spending. Been a blast, the aways especially. It feels like we've got the numbers, the atmosphere and the characters in a great place right now and hope it continues. I love this part of the year, absolutely no withdrawal symptoms or anything the break is welcome, but fixture release day sets it up again and will be absolutely jumping for it by July.
  7. Of all the places in Europe to spend a night in the cells I can imagine Albania being near the bottom of the list 😳 They've really messed up with the venue allocation on this, fair enough it's the "third" competition but some of the clubs in it have been Champions League size
  8. Yeah they got into scraping wins out, they were struggling for a while around the time they got battered in Norway and Mourinho started blaming everyone but himself! I listen to Trans Euro Express every week 😃 Its like a comfort blanket. Although Danny Kelly loudly jumping in over whoevers talking can get old!
  9. Think each team only got allocated about 5k tickets each for the conference final in Albania with a 20k capacity so Roma have put their tickets into a draw for all their ST holders and the winners get their tickets for free. It's been good to see Abraham doing so well this season, they definitely look distracted since they beat Leicester though. I went to Fiorentina v Roma last week and they were miles off it, could be beat Feyenoord or bust.
  10. Milan's second goal is absolutely incredible
  11. I only switched it over a few mins ago for a look. Bloody hell how many have been thrown on there's stains all over that penalty area!
  12. I definitely would trust Evatt and his team to find a decent replacement but if it does happen let's hope its not late July leaving us no time to react. I'd 100% prefer Dapo to stay though, I'm seeing some real disservice being done to him on twitter as if his type are ten a penny. He's unplayable at times, integral to us.
  13. Got a feeling we're destined to play them again soon in either of those competitions. Regionalised first round of Carabao at their place, chance to right a few wrongs.
  14. That Swindon ground looks like it hasn't changed a bit since they were in the PL!
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