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  1. Piccadilly rocking to the sound of "cheer up Dale Vince..." and "if you are an FGR fan surrender or you'll die..." what a rivalry.
  2. The Pusher got them too, he's merciless.
  3. Used to live by the canal just further on past Castlefield, the general feeling around that community was absolutely don't go walking down there alone late at night. Felt dodgy enough in broad daylight sometimes.
  4. Thread showing it all on here. Quite like a fair bit of it, as usual with SPZL though it'll be daft prices and if I've got £400 spare to spend on a jacket it wouldn't be going on an adidas one.
  5. Marc505

    Accy tickets

    There is an unhealthy obsession with cock size and nonces, mind.
  6. Taken what could have ended up being a standard show to another level.
  7. Episode 3 takes you on a whole different journey!
  8. The Last Of Us went in a direction I wasn't expecting, this weeks episode was incredible.
  9. It's one of those that before we played them the first day of the season a few years ago I used to see them on EFL highlights and think "oh I bet that's that's a decent and interesting away trip, whats with the steep hill full of cars behind that stand, it all seems surrounded by countryside, wonder if there's some quaint pubs nearby" etc. Turns out it's shit and a ballache and that pub where pint swilling, fag smoking hags in ripped stockings doing a half arsed strip tease doesn't save it in any way!
  10. What a crap away this is.
  11. See you next Sunday same time, same place 👍🇮🇹
  12. 100 at least, the guy is on another level so is the Georgian fellow. So good to watch, I hope they do it this time. AC feel a bit stagnant to me, a couple of the top sides do, Juve shagged out as well. Euro football haters must love this thread at weekends, it's like my twitter feed getting stuffed with NFL shite every Sunday night 🤣
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