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  1. A legend that lad, an absolutely uncontrollable legend 😀
  2. You know, when I first watched that I thought wow they've done those crowd scenes at Wembley and the World Cup really well. Turns out on second viewing that Actua Soccer looked better.
  3. It's been a very long time since I watched this, wonder if it has aged badly when you watch it with a contemporary eye.
  4. Bet its buzzing in Cream tonight, laa.
  5. Prowling around the forecourt I expect.
  6. Marc505

    Mr Grey?

    Kin hell if that bloke top row second from right was wearing a skanky near fossilised Celtic shirt and unable to go more than 10 minutes without a drink I'd be sure it was my dad.
  7. They've missed a trick big time by not having Keane there in amongst that lot, studio would have been rocking.
  8. Jermain Defoe would like to leave that studio right now 🤣
  9. Depends who's written it 😀 Your description of the goal above is great, sounds brilliant.
  10. I'd love to see footage of the home and away games that season but it's just never going to happen is it.
  11. As if any plan lasts 5 minutes before everyone is split across every pub in whichever town we're in arguing on the phone about where we should be 😀
  12. Answer yes, explanation no. Can't imagine we'll hear much more about it from the club anytime soon.
  13. Looking forward to hearing what Evatt has to say about recent events after the game.
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