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  1. Probably helps explain why there's very little away fan culture there
  2. How's it gone from an 8 figure sum being promised last week, to a sponsor walking out and the board quitting today, to a sale announced at half 9 on a Sunday night?!
  3. Absolute ridiculous scenes again in France, their fan scene is verging on being out of control.
  4. Superb. Bahrain flags replaced by Swiss flags next.
  5. But they had to play York didn't you know?! In the league!!
  6. The most vocal of my City supporting mates is of the unbearable "I did my time in L1, I went to Macclesfield, I deserve this" variety. Aye, that never ending purgatory of a single season in the third tier. Although he also says he can't stand the champions league and boycots it, calls it the cash league... not sure how he squares that away with the abomination of a division they play their league games in like.
  7. Does make me laugh that the statement effectively says they've been lied to by the owners... but wouldn't hesitate to come back and work with then again in future if the cash landed.
  8. There does appear an air of arrogance and delusion about their standing and stature.
  9. Aye similar, couldn't believe we'd got to the stage where I was seriously considering how I'd spend weekends during the season. Got kind of blasΓ© about it, oh I'll just sink all the cash into watching football around Europe and ticking bucket list stadiums and cities off. But I only really like doing that knowing I always have the tether of my own club in the background. It would have been miserable, might still have had two or three factions of phoenix clubs fighting amongst themselves right now as well.
  10. No. They'd definitely bring back a crest with streamers on as well.
  11. I wouldn't know what to expect out of this mob anymore! Those overseas money transfers don't half run slowly these days though πŸ˜ƒ
  12. Can't believe there's been no official statement about what's going on, just left them to it. I dipped onto that forum and saw that some are still expecting this all to blow over, everyone forgiven and carry on as normal. It rings a few bells.
  13. Just started watching the NI one, BBC at its best as previously said. Found Belfast to be such a fascinating and stark place, all the streets and the houses and shops and the stuff being sold in the shops just looked like home, and then you'd turn a corner and run into a mural about armed struggle. The Iraq one was great too. Rudy Reyes is a character...
  14. An hour or two in that Dreupelkot bar that only serves shots, and it's lights out πŸ˜ƒ
  15. Quick tip of the hat to that πŸ˜ƒ
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