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  1. Good article from Iles, more about the wider issues than the actual game.
  2. Was thinking exactly the same. Might not be much scope for chopping and changing in the cup match but would be amazed if Crellin starts that game.
  3. Marc505

    Has he

    And the cycle begins again. Say he was sacked after Tuesdays game and we brought someone else in, with the players we currently have available how do you imagine they'd have them set up? I suspect we'd go to a more straightforward system and aim to hit Doyle as quickly as possible, when fit. But we'd still be waiting a while for a new keeper.
  4. Yet elite sport can continue? Teams and staff still training and travelling, TV crews and media still following them about all over the country. Far from a lockdown, this.
  5. I agree. But we're not, it's riddled with concessions and far too late. We'll see how many people feel like "we're all in it together" this time. It is what it is.
  6. Can for me, in my experience so far all three of those types of establishment have proven they can operate safely and cleanly. But I wouldn't rank getting pissed, shopping or gambling alongside trying to keep physically fit.
  7. Saying gyms arent important, just exercise outside (in November?!) just go for a run etc etc is utter ignorant, inconsiderate bullshit. Not everyone can, wants to, or feels comfortable taking to the streets to exercise. If they did, they wouldn't be complaining the gyms are shut.
  8. Absolutely spotless at mine, spend easily 20 minutes per session just cleaning stuff.
  9. I forgot about the double jeopardy rule for a few moments as he conceded the penalty and really thought this was going to be a seminal moment. Massive defeat apart, I'd be seeing this as a real warning sign to start putting a recognised keeper on the bench from now on even if he does persevere with Crellin.
  10. Mansfield one of only 2 EFL teams yet to win this season are next up.
  11. I've said it before but if away fans were allowed in it would have meant there was no coronavirus, so who knows what situation football and the world would have been in, alternate reality stuff. The reality is weve just been dicked 4-0 by a team that has only kept 1 clean sheet at home in months.
  12. That's what I meant 😆 The Evatt in v Evatt out and Crellin okay v Crellin shit battles would be in full swing. The Santos okay v Santos worst ever battle at Colchester away earlier in the season long since forgotten.
  13. Oh god, in. There would be scrapping in our end by now as well.
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