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  1. Marc505

    Charlton (H)

    Some flannel about us having to be better than them if we want to win and some further flannel about hoping Evatt picks the right team but trusting him to do so as he's the manager not us after all, followed by a conclusion that any win will do even if it comes via the most disgusting own goal ever seen in a 1-0 victory where we're outplayed throughout. Take the tick, move on.
  2. Mega relieved to come away with a win of any sort especially with the other results not great. Onto Saturday, those huge away fixtures move one game closer 💩
  3. Like that team, don't really like 6 changes to get to that team it's very choppy changey, but I like that team.
  4. Marc505


    Fair play to the man taking up a trade after he finished up with football 👍
  5. Really like Sheffield, Kelham Island is superb - jealous of anyone who lives there (ahem!) and actually put an offer in on a house in Sharrow Vale during lockdown we loved it up there as well. Probably a good job we got outbid in the end with some shit that went on soon after, but what a great little area that is. Just never get caught in a round in the pub on the station 😃
  6. Nelson Square the place to be 😃
  7. Where is Element 51?! Shame to miss that, its the day of Stevenage game.
  8. Now that's a schlep! I'm fancying combining Genoa and Verona next time, want to do both grounds.
  9. Aye same, it's a long list though!
  10. I'll get it lined up 😃
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