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  1. Juices are flowing for this one
  2. Marc505

    Euro 24

    He's done ever so well
  3. Marc505

    Euro 24

    Was worried for a while that it wasn't going to be on the rain has been intense all day, soaked to the kecks! Atmosphere was something else, got headache now. Need the sun to come back tomorrow though, feels like November.
  4. Marc505

    Euro 24

    Was down opposite side to us that. What a game, incredible atmosphere never been in owt like it
  5. Marc505

    Euro 24

    Wild weather here today, fan zones etc cancelled across the region due to storms. At Turkey v Georgia in Dortmund later, brolly packed.
  6. So erm... @Leyther_Matt does that bloke you're sparring with on Twitter really not know that's actually Escape To Victory he's referencing? 😂
  7. Marc505

    Euro 24

    Seen some of their club efforts next season, with the Nike tick turned vertical? Daft.
  8. Marc505

    Euro 24

    A fucking snickometer! Turn the lights off.
  9. Marc505

    Euro 24

    An absolute pig of a ground to get away from
  10. Marc505

    Euro 24

    In a bar in Duisburg that does pints of pilsner with a coca cola mixer. Any takers?
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