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  1. That's one or them access all areas games on Sky isn't it?
  2. 13 hours Rose and Monkey today watching the games, absolute session this, but I still don't quite feel this World Cup. Incredible games, mad groups, but it's not June is it
  3. "But really, Wales won" hahahaha
  4. They would have you believe Wales had an incredible tournament. Proper Comical Ali material.
  5. Kin hell some er "creative" analysis of Wales' campaign here by the BBC.
  6. Almost embarrassing to watch Poland celebrating like that 🤣
  7. Dead heat for which game I'd prefer to be watching right now.
  8. Here's me thinking that train strike weekend would be left free. Grim for Plymouth fans looking to travel up. So what have we got left to rearrange, Portsmouth away definitely and Charlton away maybe? At least that original Plymouth weekend is free now before a properly stacked up April. We really don't wanna make that Pizza Cup final...
  9. Not YouTube, but sharing a photo I saw on FB, perhaps some familiar faces?
  10. Must be the holy grail of footage those two games. Love asking my mates dad about the 3-0 and just letting him go on with himself for ages, still brings him joy! So, it was December 22nd, a Friday night just before Christmas? Incredible timing.
  11. Only Qatar keeping them from being worst of the worst. They have got absolutely nothing, need a total reset.
  12. We are a sharper pass or two away from absolutely twatting these.
  13. That has to be the shittest montage the BBC has ever done.
  14. Come on the Sen. Got them and Portugal in the sweep.
  15. It would serve both the EFL and the club right if either of those games clashed with an England match. They've had months and months to consider the permutations of this shit show.
  16. Feels a long time ago since we had a straightforward season of not many rearrangements and a fixture list you could trust!
  17. Certainly is. Last Of the 3 cups we wanted a run in this
  18. Balls I thought that was falling into place quite well in a best of a bad job type way. I noticed Iles mentioned in an article this morning that we're in discussions with FGR and Portsmouth and hope to announce new dates soon. That backlog is building though and I do think we'll beat United's kids so that's another game in January to contend with. Squad will be getting pushed to the limit.
  19. I bet they've taken him out there too he ain't sat in a cabin in the uk somewhere
  20. I can't believe it!... Peter Walton has been sat there all this time?!
  21. He never got a touch on that header!
  22. That FA Cup draw is not great for the chances of Charlton away being on. If not, it possibly opens the door for Portsmouth away same weekend if they get beat by Spurs.
  23. He does! Him and Murphy trying to be the new Lawrenson
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