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  1. If we'd have just got past Sporting... 😬 Not that we're still bitter!
  2. Bullet header from the AEK Athens chap at Brighton.
  3. Annual first matchday of Europa League/Conference games and massively jealous of where some of these fans are getting to visit: Check ✅
  4. They'll probably finalise timetables around next Thursday time
  5. Bargain that. Never scrimp on teeth.
  6. Glad to see Bayern beating these but what the fuck is that goal music about. No wonder everyone hates them.
  7. Great show, love this group of football journalists/pundits both on here are doing the rounds on podcasts these days that don't really have a history of actually playing the game but are great to listen to and have really good insight. Was ace last night when that keeper scored, they're just massive geeks 😀
  8. Was gonna post a video of it but get goddang error 403 every freakin night and every freakin day
  9. Absolute scenes at Lazio, keeper just scored a header from open play on 94 😀
  10. The narrator is great 😂
  11. It's a good job the wandering turnip wasn't strolling up COR on Saturday afternoon going off the video Ive seen of some sort of pissed up argument outside the old Blockbuster where one of them ends up virtually naked. Mad neighbourhood that now!
  12. Just seen Thuram's goal, unstoppable. What's with the digitally enhanced advertisement boards on the normal in play match cam? Looks like a computer game!
  13. Probably paid Patreon content that 😀
  14. I really like his outlook on stuff, not a total downer about stuff he sees. Funny when he gets to arse end of Bradshawgate though and even he's struggling then 😂 Does put in perspective what a mad layout the town centre is. Got to say, I was really disappointed by what he was told in the museum. I don't recall there being dedicated stuff about Dibnah, granted, but there's loads of local history stuff in there.
  15. Enjoyed this, might watch the ones about other towns.
  16. Thing is there doesn't have to be a shake down of the entire club and how it's run any time we get beat. If we're at the stage where we can't accept any defeat to any team in any game then people need a reality check, but in the singular terms of today it was unacceptable. We've gone and got beat to a club in total crisis, their fans went from being completely anti, to giving it full beans by the end wtf
  17. I'm aware of the bigger picture, the smaller picture and the mediumer one. It was fucking gash that, no way we should be losing that game from the position we were in.
  18. Too many defending that shit that didn't actually witness it.
  19. I'm with you mate. But that was shit.
  20. Nlundulu, fucking hell. Should be proper carving himself a career and making strides, showing what he's about. There's nothing is there.
  21. They're chucking tennis balls on and we score 2 minutes later. From that point on it should have been an absolute put to the sword job.
  22. I've no words. Can talk about insane refereeing and fucking inept finishing, but that should have been in the bag. We've chosen to lose that game. Inexplicable. Ale, now.
  23. Wouldn't surprise me, our Teela got sent to a farm for a holiday to calm down because of that. It was around 1992, she must be delayed getting back I guess.
  24. Fully agreed. Tied up in NDAs so can't give his side of the story, apparently. Not sure I'd want to hear it, or believe it, anyway.
  25. It put things in perspective for me this week when making time plans for Reading, that there's a train from Paddington to Reading and back approximately every 4 minutes or so😂
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