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  1. Plymouth travelling support getting treated shabbily with the KO times in cup this season wtf!
  2. See this is why I'm easily led...
  3. Would rather stay home and wash my hair!
  4. Fancy the Hartlepool game but (without looking into it properly yet) I expect it will be a virtual impossibility from Notts on a Tuesday night. Shame as it would be handy to add to the 92. So erm, I'll boycot it 😀
  5. Watford having a day off from marking.
  6. So it is, weekend off for us.
  7. I quite like the one on Bradshawgate it's the best of a terrible bunch on there. Those giant still warm cookies are incredible
  8. Just say you're boycotting it with the rest of us cool kids 😉
  9. Top tier might be shut for that!
  10. No surgery for MJ, back in more like 3 weeks than 3 months, excellent news.
  11. 4 points in a week amid an injury crisis, can't complain at all COYWM.
  12. Sounds like Kachunga is having a good game, keep proving me wrong lad!
  13. It's a really random thing and person for an apparent Liverpool fan to keep banging on about.
  14. We talking this wild rumour being spread by that Liverpool fan on twitter again?
  15. I know "Don Goodman is shite" has been done to death but how is he not seeing that's a dangerous challenge by Robinson on that PNE player there?
  16. Honestly I thought seeing people begging for him, Sturridge and Eagles to come back was crazy until I read Iles' report saying Evatt actually considered a return himself 🤣
  17. Navigating an already stretched squad through a packed league schedule alongside 2 FA Cup and however many pizza trophy matches where we've played many of our first choice available players in a lot of them can't be good, but not sure we've had much choice. I'm sure our loanees will be recalled as soon as they're allowed to be but that's not yet. And some still still on about getting Wilshere back in, we'd fucking end him going off our current luck.
  18. Exactly. It's like that Magdeburg lot that marched from town up CNR to the ground, could you be arsed? 575.
  19. The gf has been away to Australia with them a couple of times on their tours and said its a great laugh, with no real expectation that you're stuck with them for the whole trip you can come and go from the games/events/piss ups as you please. The Christmas Day beach bbq sounded ace! I did a disservice to some ultra groups there actually not all of them are affiliated to crime, loads are major parts of the social fabric of their towns getting involved in raising money for new schools and hospitals etc. Some are out and out murderers, like.
  20. From what I've read it can be anything from as simple as filling out an application form or just standing with them at games, up to years long initiations, rising up through the ranks, fundraising and proving yourself adept at various levels of crime. In terms of the UK based ones I'm not sure, aside from the Palace and Celtic ones that seem to be genuine groups with link ups with other clubs around Europe I think many of them are just groups people join to add some organised noise and colour like Accrington's, ahem, "ultras". Some good books out there about it, James Montague and Tobias Jones have written really good ones on it all recently. Jones embedded himself with a Serie B side's ultras for a season it was a really interesting read.
  21. Hahahaha somebody find that tweet about the entire town of Doncaster rejecting us as cheats when we play them at theirs.
  22. Big, big win. Well chuffed. Okay who were worse, Crewe or Doncaster?
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