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  1. Marc505

    Euro 24

    State of that slope, knackering 😂
  2. Marc505

    Euro 24

    Got tickets for 3 group games but more looking forward to being in host cities with fanzones than the actual games. Has been a fiasco the ticket portal as well. Was in Berlin during the Russia 18 World Cup and went to the brandenburg gate fanzone but didn't look as good as that does with the astroturf down etc. There was another outdoor viewing park in this place Kulturbrauerei and that was just full of people from all different nations watching games, Japanese, Peruvian, columbian etc fantastic atmosphere. That was the day we beat Panama 6-1 and convinced ourselves we'd surely win it all 😃
  3. Marc505

    Euro 24

    Ace this, that's usually a dual carriageway!
  4. Craig Bellamy as assistant manager of Bayern Munich was not on the bingo card. Kane finishing the season rubbing his hands thinking "right then who are they going to get in charge to help fire us to some trophies... oh."
  5. 09.00 that was posted, wonder if that isnt the only statement we see today. Couple of days cooling off period and now business resumes.
  6. I'm in the 1% on here that haven't yet made their first million unfortunately
  7. The videos of the state of the plane afterwards, most of them look like that after long haul flights anyway people leave them in a fucking pigsty don't they!
  8. That huge drop was to get to the emergency divert airport quicker rather than the turbulence event itself. So they've been thrown about violently and then had that descent, awful. Think I'd be like @Zico you'd have a hard time getting me back on a plane after that
  9. Horrendous this, 6,000ft drop in 3 minutes, 9,000ft drop in 5 minutes in an airliner sounds rough.
  10. Same lot who've been calling him a fat cunt for 2 years will now lap up anything he says as something to beat Evatt with I bet. Hope he mentions going for a stroll in Plymouth.
  11. That'd be no good they're for taking ships out 😃 On the mention of Exocets, I saw that Sharkey Ward died over weekend, flew over 50 Harrier missions in the Falklands and shot down 3 Argentine jets. He was a proper maverick. Anyway, back to this cunt in the chopper.
  12. Marc505

    The Final

    We called it on. It pains me to say it because I absolutely detest the power and influence social media has ended up having over football and the scene surrounding it, but if the legions of online wind up merchants we've produced over the last few years, probably from the covid season onwards, can't deal with reaping what they've sowed and are going to chuck their toys out the pram anytime another club takes the piss then they're in the wrong business.
  13. Yeah. In truth I'd be happy if I never heard it again.
  14. God's fault 😃 Fair enough, move on he was never going to be turning out for us again in L1
  15. Aye I'm starting to get the feeling he stays, with a rallying call of a statement from SB sooner rather than later this week, but you never know. Problem with play offs is you lose a couple of weeks on other clubs already getting into doing their business so we'll be potentially missing out on targets by the day.
  16. Marc505

    The Final

    Some of them held up yellow cards
  17. He's at his best for me when he lets loose in articles like that, as he has done when we've had a massive failure in the past. Fair play to him for responding to some of the follow up comments people are making as well. I simply don't believe there's some sort of conspiracy going on to keep the players quiet etc and at least he's putting people straight on that. He'll probably get bored of giving people the time of day who are suggesting the players don't care though.
  18. Not sure this is doing me any favours on a the second day of a hangover.
  19. Aye I'll do the same with bags next time, whenever that may be. Was in bottom tier yesterday but did middle for the pizza cup it was a fantastic view and concourse. Its kind of a shock being at a ground where things like that are done right, considering some of the shite you see at grounds around this league. I thought the crush at the bar at Shrewsbury was bad last season, but think the scenes downstairs at Leyton Orient this season were the most dangerous I've felt at a ground, had that genuinely frightening experience of being crushed in the chest from the front and back where no-one is at fault its just pure numbers.
  20. Yeah outside was a bit of a nightmare, the bags no bigger than A4 thing was being enforced far more than last year. Had to convince them my inhaler and some rennies were essential medication that had to be kept in the bag not my pockets otherwise I'd have some sort of episode. Won't be taking a backpack again for sure.
  21. Could tell the looks in the faces of the people serving behind the bar, looking at us like "really?" 😃
  22. And then I read this and I'm reminded why I've got one foot in the get him out camp. How many times do we have to sit there and watch us run out of ideas because the opposition hasn't done what we hoped they would. Shrewsbury at home.
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