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  1. Granted many of the commenters were foreign, but if I was to pretend to be a massive fan of some club on the other side of the world I'd at least try to find out some background to the city they're from, or even think to myself "I wonder why they've tweeted a photograph of a bee on the shirt today, I'll research that" instead of coming out with some guff Game is warped to fuck by people who think footballs a TV show or just an extension of FIFA
  2. If it wasn't for ITK trainer news and plane videos I probably would you know.
  3. Them two home games are at Molineux! Italy one behind closed doors like, but I still think it will have to be a big do to police that Hungary game.
  4. A very strange breed indeed. The types who will flame posts by the official pages of United and City about the anniversary of the Arena bombing with trivial bollocks about "Penaldo", "is it a bumble bees birthday?" and "ratio". Some prime bellends about.
  5. I see what you did there!
  6. Rafael Leao likes this. Be interesting to see how they get on in CL next season, they do have some great players but whether or not its enough to get into layer stages I don't know. It's well past time that Tomori got a fair crack in some England squads. Meanwhile, I wasn't expecting Hertha to turn that defecit around at Hamburg tonight, another season in Bundesliga 2 for SV.
  7. Basically get Wrexham up at all costs 🤣
  8. Seem like such a slog these NL play offs. Surely about time there were 2 automatic slots into L2 but I'm sure EFL clubs wouldn't be voting for that anytime soon.
  9. Blackburn are after Ainsworth? Sounds good to me, one of the teams on the list to trample over on the way back up.
  10. Right then, let's have another crack at trying to score against Wycombe next season.
  11. Required! It's on the verge of being a really decent set up that but currently has an air of severely tinpot. Emergency chairs and ripped carpet 😃
  12. If Wycombe stay down at least we can be entertained for a while watching people trip over that ledge on the way into the fanzone bar at half time again
  13. I was thinking more along the lines of Notts County tbh. Agreed. Could even just play midweek games as highlights packages.
  14. Midweek games should be 60 minutes long I think.
  15. It does to me too, but I dont know what sentences are handed out for ABH away from football so it might be comparable I've a feeling we're going to be seeing and hearing an awful lot of stuff over summer about police crackdowns on this stuff next season. Policing is going to cost clubs a fortune.
  16. He got a 10 year stadium ban as well though (I thought it would be life actually). Im not sure what sentences are handed our for ABH in other walks of life, but the bloke is possibly going to miss some great years watching his team and so massive well publicised stadium bans might be a.good deterrent for people Then again as gf has just said, majority of them on both pitches last night will have known about the Forest incident and the aftermath, and yet "thick cunts will be thick cunts"
  17. State of this again with opposition players
  18. Fair bit of sledging going on with these penalty takers
  19. I just find something really superficial about him, in over his head, promoted before his time type thing and his playing career gives him a big "in" with the media and an easier ride. I thought Rooney might have been the same tbh but he looks like he's really got something about him, got a stature in interviews that he never had as a player or captain. I bet he's been forced to learn about some things he never expected to in the last 12 months or so.
  20. And the one of him struggling with the concept of clapping. Man's fucked or an alien, its one of the two.
  21. I take it there's no FA Cup style rules on bigger away allocations then. We're just gonna have to win the league and save ourselves all thus stress and strife.
  22. Lampard comes across very Coyle-like to me.
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