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  1. Getting excited now. Been a great start and barely seen a dull game. Hopefully a few big names will drop cough Argentina cough before the KOs
  2. Green pepper or Red tomato?
  3. Well worked goal that. Quite like McCoist commentating but I keep expecting him to call the other mon Jack.
  4. His pace is always a threat it's what he does with the ball at his feet that isn't I want him to do well and don't dislike him at all, just think the pressure/expectancy is getting to him at the minute and a break would do him good. Either way I think Rashford is a better option and would have said that before a ball was kicked.
  5. Not sure I'd say he's a scapegoat but he's not doing enough for me - funny that 1000's think the same . . . I can see why Southgate gave him the nod today (for confidence) but he isn't impressing and should have scored that header. Got away with it but goes without saying that can't continue. I'd replace with Rashford and see if he can make an impact as a sub from now on.
  6. Not on Twitter but if i was I'd be following him. Lovely pic of a fry up further down the feed
  7. Agree. We look unnecessarily panicky when any pressure is on us. Be very interesting to see us against Belgium - if teams have a go we are likely to rip them apart given half a chance.
  8. Let Kane bag 3 first! This is reminding me of a classic German side - demolishing inferior teams with a robot like ruthlessness. Lovely to see And the lack of rising to the bait. Management deserve credit for the way they've got this group's attitudes together and on point
  9. Just caught the end of that - looked a decent game. Belgium's gd might be to our advantage. And that Shaqiri, blessed with a hint of m0ng strength?
  10. I just noticed the sunglasses underneath ha ha
  11. Isn't that the fat one? Anyway, Serbia look a decent side.
  12. Bit miffed by that result. Can see the Argies scabbing their way into the KOs now.
  13. Yeah it's hard to really say now until the groups are finished but things not going to plan all over should mean a few big names will drop before the semis. I thought Germany or Spain at the start and still feel they are the teams to beat. France haven't looked good but have easily got results. Brazil haven't impressed but would cause any teams problems. England looked very good at the start and feel the last minute win will give them a massive confidence boost. Wouldn't rule Portugal out either
  14. Be interesting to see how Germany respond. If they were to struggle it really does open up. I'm getting a Croatia dark horse feeling . . .
  15. Was thinking that a while back. Ronaldo will make an average team into a good one. Not sure you can say that about Messi. Bobby Charlton said Duncan Edwards was that kind of player. Perhaps not the most popular comment to post on here but to think what England may have missed out on . . . I'd rather watch Messi play though
  16. Could see Tunisia bagging a point off belgium which would make our game interesting, assuming we beat Panama. Finishing second might yet be the better option though
  17. Has Evra come as a clown?
  18. So do yesterdays results help or hinder England? You'd think the better two sides lost but who knows. Poland would be a nice known entity, and whilst I think we should be beating anyone in that group it would preferable to avoid Colombia
  19. They really weren't very good against Belgium. 4 - 0
  20. A slight whoosh then? Golf rules, and in particular application, can be mental. All quite simple to get really but then you have these odd and unusual situations that mean about three different rules start applying - some of which are open to interpretation, like a lie, or intent. Medal day can be a hoot!
  21. That's the hope surely? Thogdan on the Beeb https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44528597
  22. Assuming we've qualified by the time we play Belgium, that game, win lose or draw, is going to tell us lots about our chances. Good thing is if the above is the case we essentially have a 'friendly' to have a look and put things right. Let's get Panama beat first though
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