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  1. Not keen on Villa - Bluenose influence, but they are a very good watch this season. Games always have goals and usually at both ends. Almost a shoe in on BTTS bets
  2. Maybe we're trying to finish him off
  3. My Sunderland supporting mates love Mowbray and his brand of football. I'd imagine they'll be a bit miffed today. That kid running them will probably try to make a statement and bring Jonny Foreigner in to replace him. As for Swansea - they are just another ex prem club who won't end up back there any time soon. More likely to be L1 in 5 years time than prem
  4. JDB is a championship quality striker who's only at Bolton because of injuries. When fully fit, he's as good as anything in the league
  5. We'll finish above Luton in the league next season, this wouldn't be a huge upset if we win - which may put us on TV as it is a distinct possibility
  6. City need to tighten up at the back. That said, they won't finish any lower than 2nd so it'll take a good team to topple them. They aren't the team they were a couple of seasons ago though. Gundoigan or however its spelt is a massive miss
  7. They went to the championship the season we went to L1 on our way to L2. Not played them since their non league days. Must be late 90s
  8. Went to Luton for a cup tie which got postponed an hour or so before kick off. K&F to the Luton exit on M1, wait 15 mins for the inspection and back we went. Had better Tuesday nights out
  9. That's shite. Not many tickets, shit pubs and prob get knocked out
  10. Thought long and hard about going to the euros but fancy the next world cup more
  11. Agreed - but what players did elsewhere is irrelevant to me.
  12. I'm happy to give him a chance now he's got the monkey off his back of not scoring in the league. We've had some decent players who have been shit for months but ended up doing well. Nathan Blake was a right duffer in his first half a season
  13. I reckon we're more likely to add 1 or 2 quality signings in January rather than lose anyone. Prem league loans more than likely I'd guess. We're in a healthy position for sure
  14. Harrogate were shite, we didn't need to get out of 2nd gear for much of it but we did play some decent stuff at times. Last weeks goal has done Dan the world of good and hopefully today helps him push on again. Nice routine win and no injuries by the looks of it. Good day at the office
  15. Just watched a couple of them rather than just fast forwarding to the goal. I was an 11 year old boy at Wigan, in that poxy stand. I remember going bonkers when the goal went in. Charlton was a cracking cup tie. Fish, Jensen, Holden, Solako, Todd, Barness all played/managed both teams. Speedo in attendance too. How good would Ricardo's goal have been late on if that crept in too
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