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  1. The winners of the tournament will have to beat France at some stage imo
  2. I agree. If we get a decent fee for him, it will represent good business and good luck to him. I'd like to keep him, like I would all our better players but if 1 leaving means we can fund 2 to improve the overall squad, it has to be done
  3. You should have gone Christmas robbing. That was a boozy day - like many others tbf.
  4. See, I don't think the keeper has seen their mon until the ball is past him then he's looking for someone to blame - I know, I'll shout for offside
  5. Still not seeing why it was disallowed
  6. If the keeper had made an attempt to dive, I'd agree. He didn't move because he was beaten
  7. Stuart Atwell with a shit decision again. VAR or on pitch, that man is hopeless
  8. Rooney's hair looks like shredded wheat
  9. Not seen too much of the Euros and who knows how this match tonight will end but France look very strong to me.
  10. Maybe gives us the option to sort him out with a proper loan to National League or L2 to gain experience
  11. Probably the best kit we've had in years
  12. I wouldn't want Southgate as Bolton manager. Don't rate him and never have
  13. Cracking friendly to arrange but I doubt I'll be arsed with it on a Friday night
  14. I still can't work up any enthusiasm for football. Seen very little so far, the odd half here and there - including England, only saw 2nd half of that
  15. When I watched him at our place a couple of seasons ago, he reminded me of the early version of SKD - Chesterfield, 1st time at Southampton
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