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  1. Same. Weekends I've watched most games but feels like I'm forcing myself to watch a W C rather than enjoying it
  2. I'm of the let's not conspiracy theory and have Rico back home for his family sake mentality. The guy is a dad and husband first and foremost and footballer 2nd.
  3. The turn with back to goal from right to left Frandsen had down to a tee, Charles has tried a few times recently with some degree of success. I'd prefer to see midfielders doing it to allow Dion to find space. We are improving imo. When the likes of Toal get up to speed, we'll improve again. Yes I'm biased and have had a whiskey or 2 but really do think we are improving. Johnston for example gets bullied of that lanky twat on Friday last season. He had his shirt off his back most challenges this season. He needs a new contract and sharpish imo
  4. As a scale - I'd say if we finish in the play offs and stay down, while disappointing, I reckon it would be viewed as progress by the club. That presents pressure though, progress again would mean automatic the following season
  5. I'm still seeing experience count for alot in this tournament. The longer 'lesser' countries have players in top flights of major leagues, the shorter the gap gets. I also look at the South Americans, they used to be an unknown quantity playing for Flamengo and River Plate etc. TV and European money makes them much less of a surprise or fear. It's changing. I'm looking forward to it
  6. One thing I will say, not just with the convicts and yanks but all nations who qualify, the normal level is shifting. The Germans look miles away but in 4 years time, the yanks will be strong. Saudi have surprised me. If the convicts pump as much in to football as they do cricket and rugby, they too could be a force - next world cup probably too soon. It really is going to be a massive global anyone can win within 16 years
  7. I'm with this. Any team who isn't much cop loses in the round of 16. Qtrs onwards could come down to a moment of magic. Messi is still quality. Theyll be a tough nut to crack. Same with the Dutch after what I saw today. Go at them, they'll pick you off. Gets interesting next round. Hope we are part of it
  8. I think with today's training, diets, coaching methods etc, they'd adapt. Not sure you can coach the finishing instinct they had. Positioning and work ethic can be coached but not finishing. If they couldn't do a great job at this level, then Wright and Shearer wouldn't do it in the prem. Not having it
  9. While losing a play off might seem like a waste of time, we have a young squad who would learn from the experience. Said before, we are plenty good enough to go up. Not good enough to stay up if we did. Wouldn't take much 'know how' in the January window to improve us significantly
  10. Must be all over the world like the Irish seem to be. Thousands of em in France 98, miles more than us
  11. Shit odds but had a little win on today's double, over 2.5 goals in the Argie game and Messi to have 2+ shots on target
  12. I don't know any red head city players in black n white TV days
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