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  1. Bang on. In the days of not much football on TV, that was vital viewing
  2. Was he better than Andy Walker? Could he do it on a cold, Tuesday, February night in Barnsley? Never really seen much of him but his stats speak for themselves and many people of a certain vintage really seemed to rate him
  3. I know Evatt prattles on about Pep and City but looking at how Chelsea do things is more likely to get us up - and both are good to watch
  4. First time I’ve seen Chelsea in months, their high press and style of football is miles better than it was 12 months ago. If this is typical of how they now play, they won’t be far away from winning the league
  5. 1st nowhere near a pen for me. 2nd was 50/50
  6. We’re going soft. We’ve been through it, if others have the same fate, tough shit
  7. Neil Hair ref so probably was a dreadful decision
  8. That’s something that really bugs me. Surely if you stand onside, you have a decent run to attack the ball
  9. Leicester away next for them - then Norwich at home. If only they can lose both
  10. 95% of the time, the liners get it right. I've not seen it back yet but enough people close to being in line said it was the right call. Pity it wasn't one of the 5% times
  11. People need to have a bit more patience. I understand as fans we want success yesterday but after 8 games last season we were near the bottom of division 4 while they were in division 2. We'll improve gradually in every window we have Evatt & Markham in tandem. This season we'll be mid table imo but I reckon we'll challenge next season. Enjoy the ride and let's hope for a decent FA cup run to keep us all happy
  12. We get into loads of decent situations but don’t get enough clear chances. Not just today but consistently. No idea whether it’s a bad final pass or the players in the middle not taking up better positions. Not too downbeat though. Rotherham are a decent team. We tried to play football. We are a mid-table team. Days like today will happen a few more times yet
  13. It’s one thing wishing a club to go bust, something entirely different wanting them to suffer. They enjoyed our suffering although they did want us to survive. im of the same mind with them
  14. Early goal, Doyle 5 mins Derian House
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