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  1. The halfwits from tut turf getting hammered in this 2nd half
  2. Derby play Pompey 2nd last game
  3. Decent set of results today. Should get top 6 now, plenty of games we ought to win in our last 8
  4. Looked at Peterbroughs remaining fixtures, they ought to drop enough points not to catch us
  5. Just seen a close up of the penalty incident on Twitter. As Flint goes down, he catches the back of Charles right heel. On that viewing, def penalty but can see why the ref didn’t see it
  6. Ipswich should finish off Shrewsburys play off chances too
  7. I thought Charles went down a bit easily for it to be a pen. Not seen anything in a replay to change my view. Seen them given though
  8. I love Jerome. He was directing everyone when he came on, the lad has a real football brain
  9. Nothing saying they can't do both. Gethin did last season
  10. I fail to see how abolishing pension limits is anything but positive news. Christ knows we needed some positive news. Ride out the storm Mounts - bull runs, bear runs etc roughly a 14 year cycle. The good times not far away lol
  11. Older pros command higher wages. We're skint
  12. Bannan will have been on the piss watching the horses. A surprising 2-1 away win
  13. I'm doing a Mounts and flitting to Spain for Easter
  14. Most of them will be looking for a new job in summer anyway
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