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  1. Squads will change a bit yet. I honestly think one way or another, we will go up. FGR, Morecambe, Port Vale and Fleetwood to sink
  2. Biggish Dave


    No chance Evatt goes to Derby but it got me thinking of managers who have had limited/moderate success over the last 20 or so years then they’ve moved on to what they perceive to be bigger jobs after a year or 2. I think just about all of them ended up virtually unemployable as managers. Im talking about you Coyle, Mark McGhee, Paul Jewell, Brian Little. Probably been a few more. Evatt isn’t that daft
  3. These crap cups need better names - I thought we had Leeds in the league cup and Salford in the freight rover trophy.
  4. 5 hours down, about 20 mins less coming back. Gets there about 1.30
  5. Even going from Manc via the same route on ticketsplit, it's miles cheaper than via London. I've just booked the same route and presumably same trains as Traf - a touch under £40 with no rail card
  6. I'm going to have that - can't afford not to at them prices
  7. Biggish Dave


    Can’t see past Bradford for L2. Hughes has signed a couple of decent lads already and will use contacts for more yet. Stockport won’t be a million miles away either
  8. See you both there @Zico@victor meldrew
  9. I'm away, likely to get into next year now
  10. I love watching England, a few more away days are in order. Deff doing Germany in 2 years but I much prefer the smaller away days. Kosovo was ace. Going back to Southgate, he's doing as well as anyone could given the options he has. The 2006 team was far better but did fuck all.
  11. I'd be happy with that - sell 1 to sign 2 improving the overall quality would sit well with me
  12. I'd be surprised if we miss any/many more of our targets unless someone is offering stupid money. If a young lad backs himself to be a success, we would be an excellent option. Morley, Dapo, Santos, Johnstone and Charles will all have scouts from a higher level monitoring them. We are in a good place right now
  13. Having to re-build his career at the level he thought he was too good for. Never mind. Hope he sacked his agent
  14. All the B team signings are young enough to be excluded from the number we can have as a maximum so if they are good enough, they can play
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