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  1. We'll sell them but it shouldn't be too mad of a scramble to get hold of them
  2. A bloke I vaguely knew as a kid has curled his toes up from this over the weekend. He was a real anti-vaxer, didn't have the jab, wouldn't wear a mask etc. Went in hospital on 5th July, intensive care for a couple of weeks died on Saturday, think he'd be about 46
  3. Biggish Dave


    Oh how their supporters have laughed at us on the last 2 or visits. Can't wait to play them again when hopefully they will still be in a real mess
  4. I echo all the above. Get well soon Neil, keep fighting. Happy to chip in with costs too
  5. A bit different in your line of business but I’m finding with many people, technology has advanced so much us older folk are saying enoughs enough of it. I’m going back to the older ways.
  6. Both mine and th’owd fellas arrived. Someone was busy in the ticket office yesterday
  7. This is pretty much how I based my 9th prediction. The league is a bit stronger and the 16/17 team had more goal threat in it. Player for player, I don't think we are much worse off over the 11
  8. This - very much this
  9. If anyone has any spares for PNE game on Tuesday, I’ll have it
  10. Do they still sell that Thatchers rocket fuel in the Man & Scythe? Supped a few of them after the Peterborough promotion, was a mess that night
  11. Didn't play very well at all but had 4 bottles of Two Hoots while watching it so it was every bit a successful pre season. Hope sober Dan is OK today
  12. No way does that team play like that in a league game. It was a meh performance throughout. Glad we nicked something at the death. We need bigger tests, glad they are coming. Learnt nothing today
  13. Vaguely remember that Brentford match. Was it a midweek? Seem to think we lost 1-0. I certainly remember Perryman playing, I was at an age where I thought they were brilliant because they'd got him. Around 86 I'd guess
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