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  1. Leeds could take another hammering again today, Arsenal look like scoring every time they go forward
  2. Delighted mate. Theyre surely due a 6 match losing streak soon. The Mowbray out clan far too quiet for my liking
  3. International football is a joke, players with 200+ caps will be common place in the not too distant. Crowds are getting bigger a lower league levels, empty seats becoming more common in prem games. Needs far more fans though both home and abroad, domestic and international games to vote with their feet
  4. Never a fan of Elmander and certainly wasn't sorry to see the back of him. That day at Wolves was ace, beat them then straight to St Georges Hall for the darts. Cracking and boozy day
  5. Not a hope in hell Jones is fit for Boxing Day, he’s only just started running on grass. Shrewsbury 22nd Jan I reckon is the realistic target
  6. Last 20 mins against Gillingham was like that - it worked and done nothing like it since
  7. Connor Gallagher is going to be some player, he’ll be running the show at Chelsea next season
  8. I’ve not seen an away goal since AFC Wimbledon or an away win since WBA on the opening day of the season 74 years ago. It’s wearing very thin now. Shrewsbury my next away day - don’t go if you don’t like losing and scoring 0
  9. Leaving Rawtenstall on 10.44 bus. In Accy a few mins after 11
  10. If the lads playing play well, they keep the shirt for me
  11. I’m very confident it won’t be 0-0
  12. Any rain is light rain compared to Plymouth
  13. Thought that myself last night, Dapo hasn’t played well for weeks now
  14. I'm dreading Saturday already
  15. Not going to either of these Christmas/New year games
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