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  1. Jack Hobbs, Liam Bridcutt and zebidee the on loan winger played for us too in the last 3 seasons
  2. That despicable knob Neil Hair reffing. He’s dreadful
  3. I was always quite chuffed for them too when they kept bloodying the nose of the big boys. Had some cracking players
  4. I'll be surprised if there's no spares knocking about nearer the time with train strikes putting people off
  5. I'm looking forward to the WC so much I can't even remember who is in our group. I heard last night our first game is Iran but no idea on the other 2. I'll look it up when I work up some interest in it
  6. I dread to think how much Watford have wasted on compo over the last few seasons.
  7. A fair old trek for the tractor boys too, got to be a 5am set off for them travelling on the day
  8. A couple of red cards wouldn’t be bad either
  9. Sounds like I made the right decision falling asleep at 8pm
  10. Another train strike announced for 8th Oct
  11. No mate, will let you know if any come up.
  12. I said at the start of the season we'll be top 2 but will finish above the team who finish 2nd. We're going up. Simples
  13. Iredale has taken at least 2 corners which have curled behind before coming back into play. He perhaps needs to go to the other side and shoot like the Villa kid did
  14. Goals, and plenty of them. 3-2
  15. Said before the season started, the key to our season is beating everyone we should be beating home and away as the top teams will all pick points up against each other. We can’t win them all but (I’ll get pelted for this) Utd under Fergie always beat shite teams apart from us when they should have done. Their record against their rivals wasn’t always great. I honestly believe we are as good as anyone in the league, we sometimes lack belief - perhaps it’s because we have a number of young lads lacking big match experience
  16. Cracking win, solid performance apart from a sloppy 10 mins at the start of the 2nd half. Should have won by more but not going to complain. Chuffed with that
  17. Hoofed it down, waterlogged pitch. We had parked up before hearing it was off. I think the one you're mentioning was a couple of seasons earlier. Tranmere were bottom of L2 (or close to it) and called it off because of lack of police. By the time it was played, they had come into some form and beat us 2-0. We'd have walloped them if it was played when it should have been.
  18. Couple of cracking goals there. Loved the Danish lads, cracking players
  19. Sneaky feeling for our 1st away win tonight, smash n grab 1-0
  20. What a great Christmas/New Year - Blackpool, Bury and Tranmere all put to the sword
  21. Saw us win 3-1 there late 80’s probably, early January. Should have played them a few days earlier but it was postponed for a waterlogged pitch. The music they played on the way out was ‘we’re on the road to nowhere’. I was at the Whitlow game too. No intention of going to this
  22. A trip to Jerez for a gallon of sherry up coming?
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