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  1. Has his sister been using the bins in Avenham Park recently?
  2. The tinpots are so desperate for rivalry they troll anyone and anything they can think of. Must be the most irrelevant club about. Like the little fly kid at school getting on everyone’s nerves but nobody can be arsed beating up
  3. Critchley at Blackpool wouldn’t be a bad shout
  4. Cant imagine he hasn’t got a relegation release clause, same with 1 or 2 others. Pope is the Crown Jewels there though, he’s quality
  5. The only bad thing about today is I’ve run out of beer. A bottle or 2 of Corona it has to be then.
  6. Almost perfect ending to the league season. Delighted to see Burnley down and the scallies quad stuck up their arses when they were stroking their loins
  7. This Hes 8 years and 250 games from his prime. No need to rush things.
  8. Watched City 1st half. Will be watching Burnley 2nd half, hopefully they sink
  9. Nearly popcorn time. Where's the tears today? Fat kid from Leeds? Lonsdale wearing Burnley scutter? Can't wait, I love watching fans cry when their team tumbles out the Premier league.
  10. That’s what I’m getting at. Cory Evans was the best player on the pitch yesterday, didn’t give Vokes a sniff. I rate Stewart who Wycombe had too. There are players out there who wouldn’t wilt under bombardment like we got at Stockport/Burton etc. Not saying I’d want them starting every game either but we need them in our arsenal to get out of this league imo
  11. So you wouldn't take a Calvin Phillips type destroyer in midfield? Baffling
  12. The one thing I like about Evatt and whiskey face had it down to a fine art down the road, we tend to do quite well against the teams we ought to be beating - probably better than most of the other top teams. We don’t need to improve by much to take points of the top teams and we’ll be fine. I honestly think we’ll see even more from our January signings with a full pre season behind them. 2 old fashioned, no nonsense players (centre half and midfield), Fossey and Trafford (or similar) and I’m happy with what we have
  13. I know he’s a frog but if the offers are identical, you go to Madrid.
  14. Balls to visiting fans. If we keep winning games and playing good football, our own crowd will increase
  15. On the list supposedly. Blackburn lad
  16. Won’t be a problem. This result will mean Blackburn’s manager search is over. Wycombe will lose a few players and be also rans. 4 points min next season for us
  17. Sunderland have deserved this today, been miles better than the shithouses
  18. Hutchinson was quality at our place. A no nonsense type we really could do with when playing the Burtons of the league
  19. Executed our game plan perfectly - keep it tight at the back and wait for Dunne to make his usual cock up for a goal
  20. His record suggests it’s more wanting to come home rather than being shit. He’ll end up at a fairly local L2 team
  21. For me, there isn’t an issue if clubs want to spend big money. The problem comes when the owner is fed up with his toy and wants to re-claim some/all his loan. The FFP levels should be the limit they can go up to and call it a loan - anything above is a gift. Yon mon at Derby bought the stadium to get around ffp while trying to buy his way to the prem. He should gift it back to the club and write off the £25m for being a tit in the first place
  22. Them netting things they have in Germany will be here soon. These incidents can’t keep happening
  23. Didn’t get the rub of the green last night. Last few times I’ve seen them, they deserve to stay up
  24. Yeah, decent value for it. Yes Pope has made a couple of cracking saves but last 20 mins, Villa have been so slow and ponderous
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