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  1. Yep, more than good enough for this league - happy enough to keep him
  2. No sensible owner is going to throw big money at them. If they are run sustainably for their level of income, they'll be lower L1 at best in the coming years - after their relegation this season
  3. Absolutely not. Winning the Papa John's will do nicely for me. I'd like to get competitive in the championship but that'll do for now
  4. That's his level without being disrespectful, he'll do well there
  5. Footballs, football - that's out of order. Regardless of rivalrt
  6. Honestly, I've loved the climb back in the 90s and again the last 2 or 3 years more than the prem/Europe days. Each to their own, no scouser has seen there team score a last minute winner at Crewe and celebrate like we did. I don't love being shit, but it really means the bollocks when we eventually aren't shit and you see these kids who have done the hard yards in Bulgaria. We are what we are
  7. City miles better. Nobody can touch them in the Prem. Be interesting when Newcastle start spending after a couple of years in the champs league. Hope it happens soon. The kid next door who knows fuck all about football is now a city fan. He's a tit. Hope he's missed the boat
  8. I'd hate it. As much as we aspire to be the best, I couldn't stand being the top dogs. Many will remember the 'shut up Ryan' sky advert with the City lad on the coach? He's a mate of mine, used to go all over watching City. Couldn't be arsed with 8pm Mondays, 4pm Sundays etc. Became a massive follower of The Blosdoms instead because their dates were set in stone
  9. I wouldn't trade our rollercoster for anything. The highs are incredible. The lows....well, let's leave it there
  10. If he's wise, he'll have invested well. In the days of Internet, the next 'better' thogdan ain't far away. Milk it while he can. Vlogging ain't for me for many I trust reckon he's a decent lad. Seen him loads but can't be arsed talking to him and being part of his circus
  11. Do you know, I've often wondered how Blackpool (Oystons n this fella), Rovers (Walker n pluckers), Wigan - too many to mention, got lucky and we've nearly been bust 3 times since the 80s and only had Eddie with any money. I really hope we continue running sustainable for a while yet. Build our transfer pot with cup runs etc. Life is ace as a Wanderer
  12. Honestly, watching City fans 'celebrate' made me laugh. Said to my dad at Wembley in April I couldn't be happier if we'd won the FA Cup. Turns out winning the FA Cup as a successful club is about as thrilling as us winning an 89th minute penalty when already 4-0 up judging by them celebrations. City are streets ahead of the filth tho. The Burnley stump and McTomminey wouldn't excite me coming on for us
  13. Didn't know him but fookin hell that's grim. RIP lad
  14. Nobody's paying much for over paid and ageing players from a skint club. They'd better hope there's some decent kids who can command decent poke. Not sure whether they have them or not. Never mind hey
  15. Seems a shame to waste a sunny day drinking beer in the garden on 2 teams I don't particularly care for. I'll pop in every now and again to see the latest score and have 5 mins cooling down
  16. The 8 figure sum is supposedly the sale of a property in London.
  17. I'm pretty sure the fixture list had Bury in it - you just got a weekend off on the day you should have played them
  18. Think it was Huddersfield v Burnley. Not sure if any did in our league
  19. Charlton away would be good - decent day out, decent away end. I'm at the fixture release brekkie again this year at BWFC
  20. Current Bristol Rovers and Stevenage the 2 grounds i've not been and i'm in no particular rush to get there either. If they fall on a saturday and i've nothing else on, i'll probably go Reading I really can't be arsed with unless it's 1st game of the season or we are on promotion push
  21. The 2 Barnsley Centre halves - Anderson and Kitching have been very good in the play offs 3 games. If we lose any of ours, I'd look at them
  22. Amazing what a fantastic sponsor does for a player
  23. If he does go there, I really hope it's as No 1 and he plays well. Love the guy. If he fucks up, I'd have him back in a heartbeat
  24. No recollection of the game at all but remembered the home thrashing. Just googled it, I was there and do remember it. Massive crash on the M6 near Preston caused a massive tailback to Charnock Richard. Plenty of Bolton fans turned back
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