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  1. If we had a realistic chance of going up, i'd have gone for sure but would have been rushing to get back at night. I also have that nagging "what if" moment. Wouldn't be the same, but if we do get the result and i'm not there, i'll still happily celebrate in Manchester. I'd just make certain to be there when we complete the journey and go up to the prem
  2. I've booked a hotel near Euston for 18th May which is fully cancellable if needs be. Keep all bases covered
  3. If all the ball has to be over the line for a goal, why not all the player for offside
  4. Oh it would have been funny no doubt. I've absolutely nothing against it if it was used for what it was meant to be used for - clear and obvious. If lines need drawing, it isn't clear or obvious
  5. Spawny red bastards. Covo deserved to win that. I despise VAR
  6. If they are professionals, they should pay tax rather than get benefits
  7. Is our current 86 points the 3rd highest we've achieved at 3 points for a win after Parkys mob and the 97 team? I've enjoyed it by and large.
  8. Throws loads of bath bombs through the window then get the fire brigade to hose it down. Stinky fuckin dossers need a shoeing after a soaking
  9. 5th & 6th are not as good as us or posh. We both win our semi's
  10. Didn't want to go into the play offs on the back of 3 home draws or worse so job done. Glad to see Charles get 75 mins too. Still looks rusty so same again next week will hopefully sharpen him up a bit. Collins is sending us up though. Scores from nothing. A tight play off game, that makes a huge difference
  11. Don't think they're injured again, just not 100% ready to start
  12. It was looking a realistic bet until the Kachunga goal bit
  13. Watching Lainey Wilson in Manchester tomorrow night, she's a tidy wench as well as being bloody brilliant. Quite happy i'm not missing a promotion party too
  14. Absolutely - but I bet pompey and Derby have far fewer sloppy goals against
  15. We'll win, no way are we going 3 without a win at home. Won't be by enough to make the GD interesting though
  16. The old saying - defences win titles. Never been more accurate. Yes, the clip on here shows some sitters we've missed. I'd hate to see a montage of very soft, sloppy goals we've conceeded
  17. Big fat Toby Jug has had his time. About we won over there - if we have to play them
  18. Didn't think Baxter could have done anything with the first or Pompey's goal tbh. The 2nd last night went through a lot of bodies so he'll have seen it late for sure. Doubt Coleman would have done any better, doubt Trafford would have either if he was still with us
  19. Not bothering with this unless we win by at least 5 on Saturday and Derby lose. So out
  20. Shrewsbury were everything which pisses me off about league 1. Time wasting from the kick off, taking an age to come back after scoring and rolling round like they were playing best man falls. We really need to find a way of beating shit like this. We need to find a way of being mentally tougher away or we end up like Oxford - a fluffy team who are nice to watch but going nowhere. Derby and Pompey have found ways to win ugly. Dion didn't look fit to me at all last night, hope he was just feeling his way back in to it. Maghoma our best player by a mile - possibly his best game for us
  21. I'd rather finish 4th now - the 5th place team isn't likely to go into the game on the back of a strong run. We'll beat any of them though
  22. There's already 1 food hut on the outer perimeter. Wouldn't take much to get a couple more offerings and a beer cart inside a marquee which would fine for Fleetwoods 200 travelling fans
  23. Jim McDonagh was my first hero so will say him as favourite keeper. Jussi's double penalty saves gave me most joy. Favourite international keeper was Shilton and that Colombian clown, Huigita or sommat like that
  24. Just seen that, didn't realise just how good a chance it would've been for Maghoma.
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