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  1. Almost close enough to walk to - no interest
  2. I agree undies - think this is a massive shoot themselves in the foot scheme. I'm ultimately likely to have to join for away tickets but giving serious consideration to not bothering with the FA cup tie as my little protest against it. I don't see why I should have to join up to a little scheme when i'm already a season ticket holder and lifeline member just for the right to buy an away ticket
  3. I'd have thought they want to make it easier for folk to spend money, not harder. Itll knock a few of the already going to be low Stockport game
  4. The look on rat boy’s face when Carragher was smirking in the studio was well worth hanging around for
  5. No time for the scousers at all but this is glorious hearing the cesspit in full moan
  6. Darcy starts on the bench again for Sogndal this afternoon. Their opponents have 9 subs, Sogndal only 6. They either have loads of injuries or a small squad
  7. Looks to have played well, the paper gave him a decent mark too. No point even thinking of recalling him until he’s regularly playing 90 minutes though - looks like he’s starting getting towards that too. Another month of so of gradually improving his fitness and we have a decision to make
  8. It was a strange game for sure. Yes they should have been at least 4 up after an hour. Tough luck though. Considering it was only 2, we could have gone on and won it ourselves. I can’t get over how quickly it went from shocking to dominating. We didn’t grow into it at all, we just suddenly clicked and took over
  9. I like Evatt, always have. He makes mistakes and some decisions have cost us games. I’ve not seen a manager yet who doesn’t make bad decisions and cost the team games. Lets be realistic, he’s had to dismantle the team put together in a hurry - admittedly some of his doing, some of Tobias Phoenix’s doing, but done that without spending a bean in transfer fees and won promotion. Still not spent a bean, got a competitive squad and doing ok. There’s only so far free signing can get you as there aren’t loads available in the January window. Anyone expecting success quickly really needs their bumps feeling
  10. All about opinions but I reckon we’re lucky to have IE. No idea if Sarce was a bad influence or not but if he was, then good on him for getting shut. Is the great structure not down to Evatt putting it in place? Like Big Sam, surround yourself with top people.
  11. Lee started the move he scored from, in our own half from memory too
  12. Baka coming on was the turning point for me. They couldn’t push forward as much because he’d have had the pace to get in behind. They really dropped back - but maybe they were happy with what they had
  13. Very much this. They had a couple of chances to make it 3, the double save from Dixon changed the game. I thought Johnston made a couple of good blocks but 1st half for 35 mins was very poor. Wouldnt really have jumped for joy at a draw pre match but very pleased with the last 30 mins. Dapo was excellent playing through the middle. Food for thought
  14. The inmates can’t run the asylum, I think Evatt does come out with massive credit for being bold/brave/stupid enough to fire his captain off without a replacement. That has to be better than letting him fester until January disrupting the squad even more. Anyway, there’s a match today. Drama over with by 5pm. 3-0
  15. Pretty much the same. Ive said all season we can get away with him at this level but that’s all. I wouldn’t have even considered giving him a deal beyond summer and the same goes for a few out of contract in June. Thanks for last season Sarce, off you pop and we can carry on
  16. If that bastard put his chance wide on purpose on Tuesday after getting drenched, i'll be fuming
  17. Well I did say Sheehan would be better in that role, didn't think it would happen quite so quick. Agree with 1 or 2 other comments, if manager and player fall out then the manager has to be the one with the final say whatever you think of the fella otherwise the team crumbles. Without knowing anything about it, I back Evatt
  18. Tomorrow doesn't look too bad until mid-afternoon
  19. Quite agree, he's well past it. Just wouldn't totally surprise me if Evatt went for it. Hope i'm wrong
  20. With all the defensive disruption, I have a sneaky feeling Gilks will play just for his organisation
  21. Read a report in the Stoke Sentinel, said he played on the left of a front 3. Quality goal though, must be buzzing
  22. It's probably the thought of playing a winger as full back. I agree, he's done OK. Short term, the odd few minutes then maybe. If Brockbank isn't fancied with Jones out, we have to move him out ASAP. I don't think Brocky is that bad though. Certainly not as bad as some make him out to be
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