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  1. Tried convincing myself all week staying down wouldn't be a disaster. FUCK THAT Seen us win promotion from every division, maybe I'm just on a high at the moment but the 2 basement division promotions seem the sweetest
  2. The Black Sheep is open, will be graduating to Proper Job in time for the match. We're doing this. This is where Santos scores the winner
  3. Try Thogden. He loves to piss about doing anything but watch our important games
  4. Let's all just pack up and leave Sharon to foot the bill then. We knew we weren't getting into all the games this season, we took a gamble on just how many we would get in to. Nothing the club could do about cutting the season short the year before either. I don't want 10% as a thank you for staying loyal. Promotion on saturday would be a better thank you but either way, i'm happy to pay again safe in the knowledge we might still not get all 23 games next season.
  5. Just bought mine. Happy enough at £299 with lifeline discount.
  6. The more I think about it, I don't think anyone in our league is good enough to survive in L1. Not convinced another year in L2 would be a bad thing
  7. I'll plait piss if Bradford get anything at Morecambe. They'll be 3 down by half time
  8. Neither winger offers enough for me. They have to chip in with goals but Gethin Jones and Declan John have scored twice as many goals as our wingers
  9. Agreed. Not seen anything in him to excite me
  10. Sounds like Eddie Charlton v Terry Griffiths
  11. I was brought up C of E, went to a C of E school, confirmed, church server etc. Not been to church for anything other than weddings or funerals for years. It’s staying that way. People can believe in what they want but leave me out of it. No interest
  12. I don’t doubt it. It was hardly well organised like the filth today
  13. No real surprise. It was embarrassing rather than vicious though. Kids, not hoolies. Doesn't make it right but not really any damage done
  14. Lee hasn't been all that just recently. If Thomason has to play, that won't upset me.
  15. Politic would chip in with a few too
  16. No doubt Santos has seen Crawley’s ‘Where’s Santos’ tweet. How sweet if he scored the winner next week
  17. No intention of going anywhere near either ground. Win. 1-0
  18. Can people stop quoting Hugh. The cunt is on ignore for a reason
  19. Nobody has seen if Harry Kane can do it on a cold February night in Accrington. They are paying for him to be our marquee summer signing
  20. I can't stand fancy Dan restaurants. Went to Northcote Manor a while back for pigeon and some other shite. Paid through the nose and it was crap. Nutters at Rochdale is as fancy as I'll go, love that place. As far a crap meals go though, I refuse to eat Burger King or McD's. Last one of them I had was en-route to Moscow with Radcliffe for England's semi final. Fuckin shite stuff
  21. People are a massive part of feeling/belonging. The number of 4th division boys I saw in Bulgaria in our 1st Euro days was humbling. You might go years without turning up but the feeling of belonging never leaves you
  22. I always loved Burnden, it's where I grew up watching Bolton. I didn't think I had the same connection with the Reebok but turning up for my jab last week gave me goosebumps after so long away. The last few years, I've stayed in pubs instead of going to games, spent entire halves underneath the stands because I've had no connection with the players. The pride is back. I can't wait to be back either
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