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  1. Canaries/Cape Verde all day long unless you want a long hike to Cape Town
  2. Lynch is a typical salesman - full of bullshit that sounds good but ultimately not much substance once you've bought it
  3. Madine legged it but it all came out in the washing machine
  4. Don't see us keeping a clean sheet. Can we score more than 1 if Charles is injured? 1-1
  5. That big donkey up front for Chelsea makes Vic look sharp
  6. Chelsea look a really poor team. Spent a fortune on it too
  7. Hes an absolute wanker and yes I'm totally jealous of a number of the women he's nailed - none more so than Katy Perry. Doesn't deserve a kangaroo court trial by media though for something like this
  8. I'm convinced Evatt signed Dan because he wanted a project to work with and say haven't I done well if he succeeds with it. I'd rather have a striker for now - even a 1 season striker. If we had Billy Sharp, he scores 3
  9. Without Anderson, some other chancery would have picked us up in admin while on the verge of going pop. They would have been equally as bad
  10. Our defence needs to improve alot. If we aren't taking many chances then by christ we need to stop shipping easily preventable goals. Should've won the game by half time. No idea how the ref doesn't give that free kick for a trip on Dion. Possibly bottled having to send him off. Shit happens. We'll be reet
  11. Remember the wildebeest scoring at Sheffield Wednesday from 1 yard out and celebrating like he'd cracked in a 30 yard volley.
  12. I'll give Anderson some credit for pissing off some players/individuals with whom we had unsustainable contracts and screwing Forest and Cardiff over. His last 6/8 months though were appalling and far outstrip the good
  13. No fucker wishes him well. Being dead would be too good for him
  14. I'm watching the donkeys at Haydock instead - pub trip
  15. If we start and maintain a high tempo we should win. They have a small squad so surely the quality on their bench can't be all that special. Going for a convincing 1-3 away win
  16. Andy Walker - first proper striker we'd had after years of dross. Hero's as a younger sprog were McDonagh, Chandler and Came
  17. I went to both them play off games, hampden was a superb day out. We couldn't have been made any less welcome. Superb
  18. I'll sort my rattler for this when I'm home from hols tomorrow
  19. Derby hammered us. When the board went up for something like 4 mins and 2-0 down, I just wanted to go home. Only when Sads pulled one back we wanted 8+ mins
  20. Evatt is ace, regardless of this. The end
  21. Last night's signings were dreadful
  22. Jimmy Buffet slipped off the dish - probably at 5 o'clock, well, it was somewhere
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