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  1. Not a hope in hell i'm contemplating it
  2. Warne seems to have Evatt's number. About time Evatt got 1 back on him. I suspect an honourable 1-1 draw.
  3. Nowhere near as poor as some are making out. We were the better team in the 1st half but couldn't argue Boro deserved their win. We looked like we had a few too many players blowing out their arses late on so no surprise at the late goals. Great to see Toal back though, he'll only improve fitness wise
  4. Just back from The Longroad Festival in Lutterworth, its country, Americana and roots music. Some quality acts and some of the lasses are fit as owt. Alana Springsteen and Megan Moroney certainly piqued my interest
  5. Are there highlights anywhere of the 4-4 Tuesday night game at Bratfud? Think we had 2 sent off and them 1? That was a bonkers match
  6. Looking at the seating map, with Boro having sold 2800, we're just about breaking the 3000 crowd in total so far
  7. Got mine the day they went on sale
  8. I think Thomason will play - but instead of Sheehan. Not really a slight on Sheehan, just from comments from Evatt about that being the big call on the opening day. Charles in for Dan picks itself. I reckon he'll go with the rest, give them chance to redeem themselves. 1-2
  9. Reverse psychology for Saturday - hopefully
  10. Wigan's forward players are as good as anything in the league. Hughes looks a quality centre half and won't stay with them too long. A small squad and lacking experience will be their downfall this season. If they keep hold of their better players, they'll piss the league next season
  11. I'm confident he'll score as many as Toney before New Year's Day
  12. Just got 100 hours community service, no GERMANY so looks like I'm just not on the list yet
  13. I'm either getting old or just losing my passion. Utd beating us 6-0 hurt. Blackburn beating us 4-1 on a Friday night hurt. Yesterday disappointed - more in our performance than anything. The social side is outweighing the football side in enjoyment for me
  14. I'd be more tempted with Forester for now and give Toal another game or 2 at B team level. Only a matter of time though until Toal is playing
  15. Sheehan is tidy and doesn't lose the ball much but for me, he doesn't do anything with it either especially against teams with a high energy midfield. Hes a lower league version of Vinny Sideways from Everton. Neat, tidy but safe
  16. I've never been called - maybe having a criminal record barrs me. I hope so, I'd be out of business if I'd been called on this trial
  17. Morley rarely plays well against the better teams and hardly ever dominates the midfield. Now Paris is getting up to speed, he'll be starting very soon. Yesterday, I thought Thomason being on the bench was the right decision pre-match. He's a bit naieve in trying to win tackles not there to be won but he's only going to improve that side of things with game time. These 2 will be our midfield with Demps for the majority of this season I reckon
  18. Got a Spain and Villa double today. That should do the trick for the wenches
  19. Glad I can't go. Need more bottle than yesterday. Not wholesale changes some have mentioned but Charles, Paris and Thomason in for Dan, Sheehan and Morley
  20. That was a bit shit. Dempsey I excuse but the rest were dreadful. Just glad it wasn't Blackburn fans gloating. I'm more disappointed in our performance rather than it being Wigan who did it to us.
  21. Only took Steve Bennett 5 mins in the FA Cup qtr final against Arsenal to get his revenge on diouf too. Red card
  22. That was sweet. One of my favourites though being when Diouf cheated them to win the game, and of course the 3-4 win. Been some ace days there
  23. Without wanting to keep going round in circles, I'm envious of the folk who do class today as their main rivals and there are plenty of them. I can't wait to get back to playing Blackburn. Love and hate that fixture in equal measures. Many years I've hated Blackburn Rovers, many years I've hated blue and white.
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