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  1. It didn't I guess but he was better than the replacements so maybe would have fired us to automatic promotion rather than the playoffs but then we wouldn't have experienced the Reading playoff final, swings and roundabouts innit.
  2. I don't recall tbh. I do think that dreadful examples can be very convincing, I know that Nathan Blake was formidable and I'm sure his one on one record was good but I still remember him bursting through at t'Rovers to equalise in added time but he missed and they immediately went to the other end and scored in a 3-1 defeat, therefore Blake was shit one on one. I was still swearing when we got back to the car about that one.
  3. Definitely don't begrudge him giving it another go there and I understand he likely had to for his own piece of mind. He was just so good in that Rioch side that I'd have loved to see him continue here. Up there with the most natural finishers I've seen.
  4. Shame we lost Walker to Celtic when he recovered from injury. He was a phenomenal player for us and I'm convinced he could have performed at a higher level with us.
  5. More and more the sort of knobheads that get involved with back and forth on twatter influence their equivalents at other clubs and there seems to be a shit storm around practically every game. My first season ticket was Riochs first season so Vale is always an attractive game for me I associate them with good football and a healthy competition. However, I am confident of a result in this game and a successful (promotion) season, not sure how this makes me, or others like me, some sort of Billy Big Bollocks.
  6. There's rules around topics like this.
  7. I think the suggestion was make Villa fans pay 20 quid not home fans, worth rinsing the Brummies if we can.
  8. Manager is doing a fantastic job as are the owners. Expecting the side to carry on where they left off last season with great form from January onwards. It will be tough but I think we're good enough for the playoffs at least. if my memory hasn't completely gone I think we had a cracking game at Vale Park in the promotion season run in that ended goalless, Branny had a great game and a loss there would have meant we wouldn't have caught you.
  9. Reminds me of Santa trying to get sympathy on social media after the racism issue at Morecambe. Club statement was pretty strong so I'll take that as the more credible.
  10. A brand new twitter account with no followers. Set up for only this incident. Could be itk but I'd be taking this with a shaker of salt until there is confirmation from a more reputable source.
  11. ABC for local news, balanced with half hour of tv news to get my fix of what Murdoch is pushing. Admittedly I'm pretty left wing and my algorithms are trained to hit that sweet spot.
  12. perth_white


    Thanks, just observing the rules around here. To be honest I'm disappointed I was the first.
  13. perth_white


    The rat faced cunt
  14. perth_white


    The rat faced cunt
  15. Is there a way to explain the %age of gay people in society using twixes?
  16. perth_white


    I've no opinion to add to this thread. The rat faced cunt.
  17. What a strange way of celebrating winning a league, think he'd have better things to do than add 'funny' captions to pictures. Maybe none of his friends wanted to celebrate with him. Glad to not have to hear anything about Wigan for a season at least, feels like I've finally managed to get the dogshit out of the treads of my Doc Martens.
  18. Would be better if we didn't concede one first. Evatt, missed trick, etc. Does seem to show great fitness and determination.
  19. No idea if this is genuine or not but if it is just shows how small time he is. Imagine someone asking him the highlights of his career and having a couple of good games against Bolton in League 1 being worthy of a mention. Tinpot.
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