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  1. The deluded fuckers banging on about beating us and getting a financial payday from a ‘big boy’ next round. I’m pretty sure they are missing the point that they are tinpot tossers who couldn’t fill their ground if we’d sold three sides. That away end only holds what it holds whoever rocks up and we’ve sold it out (again)!
  2. Would be nice but Charlton ain’t scoring 3 without reply at Leeds
  3. MB, if only 🤪😆
  4. Haha yes, positivity for a change 🤣
  5. Picked out the words “expansive and free scoring” in that very good interview. Now that would be really great; long time since we’ve enjoyed that sort of football 👍🏻
  6. CSW


    Small flaw in the plan there!
  7. CSW

    Derek Cooper

    That’s correct Micky, lived round that area. I knew him very loosely through a previous job of mine.
  8. CSW

    Derek Cooper

    If it’s who I think then yes, top bloke. Gave me and Yoof 1 a lift home after we got back from a midweek at Chelski over Christmas. Heard me struggling to get a taxi at daft o’clock in the morning and offered a lift. RIP Fella
  9. Boxing Day, Hartlepool away, foggy as fuck, 0-0, portacabins as changing rooms iirc
  10. CSW

    Keith Hill

    Like bowling greens our pitches, that’s no excuse whatsoever 🙄
  11. To be fair, I think anyone would give it back when there’s a balloon offering everyone who disagrees with him out and who’s trying to climb over their daughter/granddaughter to kick it off with someone else
  12. An Indian in cowboys clothing was my initial thought
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