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  1. He’s out delivering Wembley refunds as I speak
  2. ST’s just arrived via email
  3. CSW

    The Final

    Aye by coach. £109 cheapest by train now on Trainline. Had to check as I’ve paid £300 for 4 of us last week.
  4. CSW

    The Final

    Correct! stayed 2 nights last year (3* Harrow), and 1 night next Saturday (4* Cricklewood) is costing more as we’re not driving. About 460ish for two of us this time before we start supping/eating.
  5. CSW

    The Final

    2hrs fucking around earlier for me and @desperado to sort our 12 together. 1200 miles apart today but managed to coordinate it in 105 Also 2 for the lad in standing/singing section.
  6. CSW


    Not too great at the back for that goal!
  7. Likewise. grandson (nearly 4) does most Saturday games with me but wouldn’t dream of taking him on night game at that age.
  8. I see last train at 23:15 is a fcking bus replacement tomorrow. GMP will probably make sure we can’t get the 22:07 as well.
  9. Quite simply we need a reboot. The (Mini) season starts on Tuesday. Do the business over the next couple of months and we go up. Carry on in the same vein and we don’t. Time to show your ambition lads! No time for passengers/bad days at the office. Others ain’t going to keep dropping points. Next three games are massive. We could be 1st/2nd or 5th/6th after we play Barnsley.
  10. Scooters….. I’ve had enough of them. If you know you know @desperado 🤣
  11. Cheers @CambridgeBWFC, main station it is then.
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