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  1. I'll stick here thanks. Glad we're all aware you're deliberately being a prick though.
  2. I think you know full well the derogatory connotations that the use of the word is derived from. Much like looking up the word f****t, you'd see a definition of a meatball made from minced offal, but we all know the use of the word to describe someone that's being a bit soft etc is extremely offensive and distasteful. Not like it's even particularly hard to pick another word that wouldn't cause offence, just deliberately being obtuse.
  3. You really need to stop using that word.
  4. Judging from the replies to their tweet he hasn't been highly thought of there. Good to know we'll bring back defenders struggling in non-league but not attacking players in good form scoring against teams at our level.
  5. That... Would make more sense hahah
  6. It was definitely a joke. Said he'd thought about it, but it was his own fault, might have been able to consider it 3 stone ago.
  7. Hopefully an Amaechi start for this one, Johnstone in the MJ role. I'll take a draw now, but if we play like they did second half last night a solid 2-0 win is doable.
  8. Anderson


    Zach Wilson back starting this week for the Jets. About the only thing keeping me going is the progress of the young guys we've got. Bryce Hall, both Michael Carters, Vera-Tucker and Elijah Moore all showing very promising signs. Hope we can add Zach to that list.
  9. Politic starts tonight, in the front two of a 3-5-2, I think the system doesn't quite suit him but he's played majority of his minutes there through the middle. Already 1-0 down incidentally to a Walsall team that includes former Wanderers; Connor Wilkinson, Jack Earing and Hayden White.
  10. Got a mate who has a Srixon 2 Iron, absolute stunner of a club and he hits it very well, for me though I struggle with longer irons off the deck anyway and it'd be no different to my 3 Wood distance wise off the tee, so it'd be a bit of a waste of a space in the bag
  11. I love the G30s I've got now in the woods, I'll have the 3 for as long as it's all still swingable, never felt as confident in a club as I do that one so the 5 might be a good shout! Cheers for all the other suggestions as well. I would like to get a fitting done at some point but for where I'm at right now both ability wise and financially the irons I've got will do, a gapping session sounds like a good idea though, I do try and avoid American Golf for clubs though as I find with the commission structure they have they can be a bit pushy rather than just giving you the best advice.
  12. I don't know if many of you are into playing your golf but I've been taking mine a bit more seriously over the last 18 months and I could do with some advice if anyone would be so kind? I upgraded most of my bag during that time from a starter package set I bough a few years ago some Ping Irons 4-PW from golfbidder and also a Ping G30 Driver and 3W I bought from a mate, but that's left me with a gap in my bag now between the 3 Wood and the 4 Iron. I have the old 21 degree hybrid from the last set but they were all standard shafts so it feels very whippy compared to all my other newer clubs now and it's essentially unusable! So would anyone happen have any recommendations for a good 5 Wood or 3/4 Hybrid that I could add to the bag for some gapping? Cheers in advance!
  13. I know our priority has to be defensive depth and an MJ Williams like-for-like backup, because without that holding pivot our style of play is impossible. But for me getting Ellis Simms in on loan from Everton would be right at the top of the list, lad is big, quick, strong and a proper natural finisher. Currently sat in Everton's reserves not getting a look in at first team despite DCL being injured and scored 10 in 23 for Blackpool in this league last season.
  14. This cannot be a serious question? Not only was the man a colossal bellend, he was also completely and utterly shambolic in everything he did from tactics and gameplay to transfers.
  15. Summat about Shappi Khorsandi has always proper done it for me.
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