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  1. burnden

    The Final

    Pardon ? Who rattled your cage you weird cunt.
  2. burnden

    The Final

    We are a laughing stock .
  3. He is Sharons pet project can't see her getting rid of him. I feel he hasn't learned much and is unwilling to change. Maybe time for a change ?
  4. burnden

    The Final

    Just home ...started drinking heavily.
  5. burnden

    The Final

    Great turn out that . Read earlier their fans have raised 6k+ in 6 days for a display/tifo in their end .
  6. burnden

    The Final

    Oxford sold 15k so far.
  7. yesssssss randall lad get the fuck in
  8. Yessssssssssssssssssssss
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