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  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/01/26/taxpayers-left-stake-bolton-wanderers-5m-pandemic-loan-turned/
  2. Today's attendance at Montgomery Waters Meadow was 8,027 (1,651 visitors).
  3. Late winner , 3 points , fucking love it !!
  4. Wolves did exactly that in this league in 2014
  5. burnden

    Ipswich (H)

    Home and opened a new bottle of rum to celebrate and excellent performance and 3 points . Much much better we looked more balanced and the lads put in a cracking shift Cheers
  6. What does it say @Mounts Kipper ? Can't read it with no subscription.
  7. Saw a Millwall fan earlier laughing at him being described as a striker ... said he has only scored 5 more than their keeper in the last 3 years
  8. burnden

    Ipswich (H)

    I asked on Tuesday night if they were going to scan the barcode on the vaccine pass but steward said no so i asked if they were just checking the date was valid i just got a blank look and the comment "dunno mate we have been told to ask if you have a pass and then say thanks that's all" Utterly pointless excersise
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