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  1. Darcy injured in training https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/19593303.bolton-wanderers-ronan-darcy-reportedly-injury-training-session-sogndal/
  2. Thought the same , dapo needed to switch sides more yesterday they deffo targeted stopping him playing and it worked to a tee for them.
  3. I thinnk IE and Chris Markham are well on top of what personel we need upgrading , the recruitment in the main since they have been here has been excellent i see no reason why that won't continue .......I thought if we could have brought bakayoko on yesterday it would have given up a more direct outlet..he will be back soon and we have Amechi to come back as well .... Things are Still very much positive for me ....as esco says further up we are the best we have been for years.
  4. Were there a load of wandererswayers in the HPI after the game , could hear chants of rudy rudy rudy along with lots of owd songs being sang
  5. He looked injured last 10 minutes...kept limping on his right side.
  6. Thought we were a bit lacklustre today , felt like we could have played another 90 and still not scored .... Onwards.
  7. over 20k sold confirmed
  8. Toughest test of the season so far i reckon, big physical side these, love getting crosses in the box to their big lad up top and apparently won't just sit off us.....should be a cracking game .
  9. Two new staff onboard https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2021/september/-experienced-duo-added-to-wanderers-staff/
  10. From being 7 until 15 according to his wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antoni_Sarcevic
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