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  1. Gonzo, he's a cunt. You must know him from BAs
  2. I'm counting to ten , now. LH is still a wanker!
  3. You get fucked , you Blackpool scumbag fuck. See you at the darts.
  4. Somebody tell LH on BAs why the fuck hes banned me? Has he lost the plot, I'm a good Bolton fan and he's lost the plot? Please!
  5. He has lost the plot, he's banning people if you disagree with him? Is he having a breakdown ?
  6. 500k a year, i think Petrov was on that and he was as fucking useless .
  7. Phil Brown, the next Oldham boss. Mark my words!!
  8. I'll go Ipswich to finish above us this season.
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