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  1. I've completely missed Kompany becoming Burnley's manager
  2. He's remarkable If he's not making up absolute tripe (normally involving one or more dead people) he's remixing other folks after dinner stories 🙃
  3. 1, City by 10 points or more 2, Liverpool 3, Spurs 4, Chelsea 5, Manure 6, Newcastle
  4. @gonzo Saunders has put a full tank in his fib machine this morning.
  5. Shitshow of a display. People are on crack calling for his head, it's a tinpot tourney. If it was the Euros or Wc aye
  6. It'll take a lot to persuade Phil Brown to leave Barrow
  7. Sounds interesting. What platform/site is it on?
  8. At least we don't have to endure Sam Matterface and Lee Dixon for these games. Going off these last few pages they could well be posting on here though.
  9. Looks like we might be back to football. It'll probably last 20 minutest like 🥴
  10. What are some of your favourites? Need some watching material since post season boredom is kicking in 🥱
  11. Would like to see Kane playing behind a striker for a one off experiment. A lot of the time when he insists on going deep nobody is there. There's no Son in our side Mount gets picked because nobody presses like him up top. Needs to start doing more with the ball like.
  12. Hang on didn't we have a couple of pointless friendlies at the end of March? Surely they could have arranged it so one of the games were there. But TV deals i guess🙃
  13. Still none the wiser over this Nations League bollocks. Thought this was the last bits, turns out the final is next year
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