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  1. Was watching a few clips of him earlier in the year. Looked like he was playing a different game to the rest of them. Shame there's not more footage of him. RIP
  2. Moyes doing his best Southgate impression there the knobber
  3. Completely missed the Martin O'Neill one
  4. Just had a look at their managers. Fucking hell they've been through some in recent years!
  5. Have Forest got a decent squad or is it a bunch of dodgy mercenaries?
  6. Everton are probably going to win the league again. 2 years on the bounce is good going.
  7. Stop whinging Grealish. Could have had that in a good position if he didn't stop to moan.
  8. Tbf Stones left studs on him earlier. They been having a bit of a battle since the early freekick 😂
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