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  1. Huh, why would they do that? They've just won the league
  2. Couldn't even enjoy my Nobel peace prize for 10 minutes ffs
  3. Yup, there was talk about Rodgers possibly going to Spurs in the summer. Not a chance. Apart from Son and Kane i doubt any of them could get in Leicester's team Their recruitment is first class
  4. Var did well yesterday. Congratulations Leicester Always nice watching Chelsea fans cry
  5. Stop taking land and displacing people other side stop sending rockets over and chucking rocks. Jobs a good one, give me a Nobel peace prize.
  6. Fuck em. Watching a re-run of our game last week and getting pissed again 😊
  7. Don't say that you'll trigger the people who claim to have Seasonal Affective Disorder 😄
  8. Seems John Barrowman has been waving his widgie about on set a lot too https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57114481
  9. is it easing up much in India or is it still a bloodbath?
  10. The gobby cunt got what he deserved
  11. Hopefully Tranmere will be able to dish out some of Keith's leftover onions
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