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  1. Shot of grappa to try and calm the nerves ... not worked ... another!! 1-3 OD2, Sarce Happy weekend. Happy summer.
  2. What times the last train back to Euston?
  3. Sickening Black Lingerie Matters
  4. Allelujah praise the Lord. FS
  5. What time are all Wanderers fans rocking up to the Sir Eric statue for a mass, socially distanced, pic?
  6. 1-6 Doyle (3), Thomason, Santos, Lee Gilks og deliberately in to his own net near the end
  7. Only 30+ years On a par with thinking it was “Your name’s not Dan, you’re not coming in”
  8. E I E I E I O Up the football here we go When we win promotion This is what we’ll sing We are Bolton, we are Bolton We are the football kings Born to be a Wanderer ....
  9. 2-4 Doyle (3), Santos Beltin’ weekend!!! Yippee kai aye mo fo
  10. Rudy ... so are you going with Shaun or Miller for your new lad?
  11. I think your previous post re: avg points, and this one have foundation ... I just think that what we have seen since Jan xfers and performances, we are on the ascendency and I would guess other teams are noticing and our confidence will see us go up automatically. End of the day, all opinions. I just think it’s in our own hands (yes I’ve had a drink in another happy weekend).
  12. 1-0 = 3 pts = 7th place (play off) = happy weekend again Further pluses ... another win, late win based on battling until the end, astute subs (always a gamble but they are working at the moment), solid defence including 90th minute challenges and what appears to be an “all in” squad. Could be, and has been, a lot worse!! COYW
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