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  1. Oops apologies … think I’ve logged onto Wycombe’s fan forum … so nice. Brenda you had one fookin’ job to sort out the bastard Victoria sponge. Narsled it up like a Cnut. Done with this lot. That aside, I heard the Wanderers of Bolton gave the Oxfordian mofos a decent going over this evening. COYFWM x
  2. Bumped into an ex Wanderers player who has opened a business in Torquay. Said he would give me a discount, so I asked for a Campo and now I look like an Italian chef from Sheffield. FFS. Quality day yesterday with weather, best Wetherspoons, eye candy, family, friends and a new WanderersWayer, three hard fought points and a Midori (Big Innes) based cocktail to round it all off. Bring on Monday. COYFWM.
  3. Would that not mean he would be Fondue? Yellowstone style? Right Royal plonker!! 😁
  4. Certainly interestingly. Eldest power showered and now out, out. Locals seem ok. Off to The City Wall as it seems to be banging ….
  5. Off into Rochester now … eldest done in and blobbed. Time to meet some Kentish lasses.
  6. Steejay ... I’ll take the 12-17yo if it’s still available.
  7. Shot of grappa to try and calm the nerves ... not worked ... another!! 1-3 OD2, Sarce Happy weekend. Happy summer.
  8. What times the last train back to Euston?
  9. Sickening Black Lingerie Matters
  10. Allelujah praise the Lord. FS
  11. What time are all Wanderers fans rocking up to the Sir Eric statue for a mass, socially distanced, pic?
  12. 1-6 Doyle (3), Thomason, Santos, Lee Gilks og deliberately in to his own net near the end
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