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  1. I thought this. Absolute weapons. I swapped over from the away commentary, gave it 5 minutes and swapped back
  2. Could this be an actual away day. I know we're not getting in the ground but its a cheap train fare away and the pubs are open. Match on your phone. Sounds like a plan to me
  3. I'm being scammed by legitimate folk. CSA reckon thery have uncovered a £1000 debt from 2005. They cant explain why or show how its come about. Twats
  4. Yeah 😂. I nearly pissed myself and he just felt really sorry for him
  5. Moving a poster off here....... Now, said poster is clearly minted as they've actually bought 2 houses knocked through. Jake says he's going for a quick shit and everything seems normal. He's in there a while so I go and check up on him. It turns out as it was once 2 properties theres actually 2 stop taps and it just so happens Jakes had a shit in the only bathroom without water. He doesn't know how toilets work so starts panicking and I walk in on him with his pants round his ankles trying to fish this shit out to take it to another toilet. I got some bottles and filled the
  6. I'm the boss and it's my company. It was in date and the seal was in tact. Must've been a problem with it though. It wasn't carbonated if that makes a difference
  7. Shop across from my house, they took them all off the shelf
  8. Right, so... I need some reassurance. Yesterday I bought a bottle of pop from the shop, it tasted a bit funny but I thought it was just me. After about a quarter I decided it wasn't me and looked inside to see fucking huge lumps of mould floating about. Fast forward to today, we're doing a flat move in Manchester and it's weird as the new tennant has already moved in at the weekend. They give us access and leave us to it to move the old tennants stuff out. Now my arse is struggling, upset stomach doesn't come close and I have a number of emergency explosive shits througho
  9. Is too good for some folk. Id chuck her in with starving pigs. Its really really got to me this https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9406105/Teen-mother-admits-killing-20-month-old-daughter.html
  10. barryk32


    It popped up on my Facebook memories the other week when we went away for a weekend to Barcelona. The woman on reception at the hotel stared apologising and flapping because there had been an error and they had a double room booked for us. That was awkward 🤣
  11. barryk32


    Aye, he'll be mint in training this morning won't he. Making a proper effort to get fit
  12. barryk32


    I walked into the front room this morning and Our Peg says "Is Maddison single". Me "I think so why". Her "He was messaging S last night on Tinder trying to get her round" (very small) Me "What time last night.........." Her "About 3am, why" Me walking off "Fucking useless unprofessional fucking shithouse"
  13. barryk32


    My lads first game and what made him fall in love with Bolton
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