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  1. Careful, shes relations on here. He'll go all Rambo on you
  2. Her mates not from L/L by any chance?
  3. I took my dog for his final trip to the vets a number of years ago. As a large bloke with a shaved head and scarred knuckles I sat on the floor with him in the waiting area and sobbed. Not a single person judged. All I received was knowing nods and sympathetic smiles. The 'manly' thing is to be incredibly upset about losing your best mate.
  4. Why? When was the last time we had to sub a keeper on? Especially with us having a competent keeper amongst the outfield players.
  5. I'm hoping this is an XFM reference. Its always nice to meet another fan. I told my lad to play a record the other day without thinking. He just looked at me blankly
  6. No butlers. His wife is normal size though so if he did have them I reckon he'd go for normal fellas.
  7. I actually know the answer to this. He has everything in his house (which isnt small) specially built.
  8. We sign a player and the first I hear of it is when hes announced on the official Facebook page. God I need this site back
  9. Is there somewhere we can invade?
  10. You play FM21 dont you.
  11. Fucking hell. Just pissed myself
  12. I know/knew Eunice. Claim to fame
  13. This is also true. I go to these fellas. https://theoriginalalternative.gg I wasn't aware Kent dealt though so may give him a bell when I'm due
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