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  1. Took his details and let him go. I know now how it's gone. It's probably more complicated than I understand though so I'll leave it for him to update. He'll be making the most of preseason though I imagine, which I'm itself says they don't see him as any sort of threat.
  2. Just done 2 minutes worth of googling. A football banning order is a court order. You don't need to be charged with anything for it to be signed off. It looks like anyone can apply for one
  3. Apperantly not. Think that was were the grey area is. I don't know who's applied for the banning order but he wasn't even arrested. Reading between the lines, it may well be our club.
  4. Went on the pitch at Stockport away to let the players know exactly what he thought of them. Not arrested, not charged and released. Got a letter off BWFC telling him he's banned
  5. Anyone heard from Dave?
  6. Its astonishing this was announced in the first place, how did they think it was a good idea. Could have rang David Wheater, he'd have given them them the inside track.
  7. Evatts been sent off for losing his rag more than any manager I know. And fair fucks to him, I love to see it. However, you cant brush that under the carpet and give him your backing whilst giving a banning order to a bloke whos lost his rag on the other side of the pitch. Its heavy handed and policed by people who dont understand football
  8. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/gmp-v-me--legal-fees?fbclid=IwAR2dHr-K6eDK382diu8Vspz9MV-mihULIVoLSbfo5SStjX57qxztKFteNxs He's not after a donation, just a borrow. Good luck tomorrow pal.
  9. Theres fuckwits on Facebook who are saying they'll be kicking off at anything less than 10M. Ten million English pounds. Imagine being that deluded.
  10. Norwich site says he's made starts https://www.canaries.co.uk/player/regan-riley
  11. It was like a whos who yesterday. Spotted almost everyone.
  12. What you trying to say? Could you explain using a two fingered biscuit, caramel and chocolate confectionary?
  13. I had a 7am start on Saturday. It was horrific
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