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  1. But, if this scuffle was involving season ticket holders then surely they've got all the details. If they cant use the season ticket details to identify folk, whats the point in a membership?
  2. I've seen you swinging from a rafter in a Rotherham (I think) pub with folk underneath you holding you up so you could remove a Utd scarf from the ceiling. The landlady was shaking her head asking the barstaff "How fucking old is he". Now, I found this absolutely fucking hilarious but I'm pretty sure this is the sort of behaviour this new fella is trying to stop.
  3. This. Its a passionate pastime. I've met loads off here and I'm pretty sure 90% have done somthing that would be frowned upon if you were round your nans. Do we now come in, sit quietly and applaud in the right places?
  4. I've just checked MG's facebook. He was at home with His Peg. He has a doppleganger
  5. Thought it was. Missing his manicured beard.
  6. barryk32

    Mr Grey?

    How the fucks him top right over 60 https://www.facebook.com/officialbwfc/photos/a.633459026694445/6554364771270478/
  7. Shes deleted her twitter. Probably for the best
  8. Thats family bonding pal. None off this trips to the zoo bullshit. If your not being thrown out of a football stadium and threatened with arrest as a family youre playing at it. We got thrown out of a pub earlier for giving my lad a WKD too. They were threatening all sorts unless we told them where we got our tickets from. My eldest got a life lesson on not grassing your mates up. Our resident donkey botherer was safe as houses.
  9. So have GMP who spoke to her by name and asked her to behave. Fuck has happened to her 😂
  10. Is this on any shit Canadian channel yet do we know. Shes fucking off out on the piss in half an hour and I'm getting more and more annoyed with myself.
  11. What time are you finishing work tomorrow cause I want to go out about 1-2.... Me. Youre going with Matt?? Yeah I know...... Me. He's 11!!!! Fuck me 🙄
  12. Get on faceache, folk are proper losing their shit 😂
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