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  1. Think the 22.50 is the average. (Its 22.50 plus booking fee) I'd want to know what was on the platter for 50 quid.
  2. Anybody wanting James tickets for tomorrow? 20 quid each, got 4.
  3. Is 'Darkies Kick About' still ok for the Africans Nations Cup? God I miss Smiffs
  4. barryk32

    The Final

    It's clear as mud. The way I see it is if there's more than 6 in your party you're not sitting together
  5. Not anymore I dont think, drops a position in the league
  6. Yeah, inside and outside 🙄
  7. VM boosters are a mesh system nowadays. You shouldnt need to do anything
  8. Jazzas happy as fuck and married. I honestly thought he'd wake up in an ice bath without his kidneys
  9. I watch Young Sheldon on a Friday morning (I know, I know but I'm invested at this point). I used to download it on the PC as my last provider wouldn't have had it up until the middle of next week. I woke up about 3am and it was already there so I watched it in bed on my phone. Top, top service.
  10. https://x.com/NoContextHumans/status/1751902368931741961?s=20
  11. After 1 for Carlisle if anyones got any spare
  12. Mine runs out at the end of today so I messaged Lamblamb. I've installed it on everything and it really does seem tip top. Theres stuff on there already that only became available in the middle of the night and the youngest has made a point of telling me "Theres no circles". Excellent service
  13. Cant do that anymore, the board block it.
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