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  1. That Traf's Tours deal was absolutley fucking ridiculous. If it wasn't for my pesky family 🤬 Edit : Ridiculous in a good way, although folk probably understood that. It was the trip of a life time for an affordable price.
  2. I was well impressed for a quick second. Then I saw we are charging to get in. Paying to get shit beer in plastic glasses. Iamout
  3. Found it with fans in, looks wank. I'm not even having that it's covered
  4. Tickets arrived. Got 3 covered terrace, thought we were in uncovered. Not sure if I want covered, is it away from everyone else?
  5. Think we all know the answer to this
  6. "Period of silence". They knew didnt they
  7. Booing and chanting. Wasn't everyone but was enough. I think they turned the microphones down.
  8. Shes not got in any bother soi far this season. Cheltenham anyone 👀
  9. Aye, this get a taxi works alright pre match. But not post match. No chance youre getting a taxi after the game. Our Peg now drops us off and picks us up.
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