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  1. https://x.com/NoContextHumans/status/1751902368931741961?s=20
  2. After 1 for Carlisle if anyones got any spare
  3. Mine runs out at the end of today so I messaged Lamblamb. I've installed it on everything and it really does seem tip top. Theres stuff on there already that only became available in the middle of the night and the youngest has made a point of telling me "Theres no circles". Excellent service
  4. Cant do that anymore, the board block it.
  5. barryk32


    Charging for kids to be mascots is one of the things truely wrong in modern football.
  6. Have tickets arrived for this yet?
  7. I dont watch it so not arsed. I do however watch the flatdicks in international tournaments. Mary Earps is a decent SPOTY winner. She is an very good goal keeper (No she couldn't even play Conference football because shes a bird, she's about 5'8, but she's playing against other women so its fine). She's always shown passion and commitment like it means somthing to represent her country........ But....... Most of all, she kicked off like bollocks with Nike this year and won. They didnt make a replica England kit for her position, said nobody would be interested. She bullied the fuck out of them until they relented....... And it sold out. Worthy winner for me. Barryk32 - Knits yoghurt
  8. We've a resident framer haven't we? Make yourself known please
  9. barryk32


    Love Gillingham away. I'm still in touch with them young uns that took us under their wing the other year.
  10. £408 quid. I renewed my car insurance recently and paid extra to have key cover. How long do I wait before I lose it?
  11. I've asked before but cant find it. Someone said somewhere in Westhoughton.
  12. There was a romance with Gazza. He was just a normal lad who was incredibly gifted. You could easily imagine him fitting right in with you and your mates. I'd have absolutely fuck all in common with Harry Kane. For me, thats the difference
  13. Everyone seems to forget this. Holdsworth bought the club for fuck all. Persuaded Ken to join. Gave himself a 4.5 million quid broker fee or something then fucked off into the distance with a pocket full of cash leaving Ken to deal with all the shit. Ken, although a nob was swindled a bit, had nowhere near enough in the bank to steady the ship with players still on massive contracts and when folk were marching round the stadium calling him a cunt he said "fuck you all, I'm not putting another bean in". Bit like the bloke at Sheffield.
  14. I'm still doing this. Fall asleep to the nobs every night.
  15. 1, he's had 1 red card in his entire career during a 5-1 win in the league cup. I'm good with that. Telling him to rein it in takes away from his game. Theres complaints all the time we've no winners, no cunts in the team. He's ours. We won 3-2, Iredale wins a penalty, gets a goal, is solid at the back all game and theres folk moaning he got booked. Fuck me.
  16. Why, when was his last sending off?
  17. Fair enough, we'll disregard the other 143 yellows as we're only counting the last dozen games. Back him on the pitch and back him for the yellow at the bookies. As far as my memory serves theres no second yellows or reds. If he's that wank why are we arsed he'll miss a few games a season. First name on the team sheet for me
  18. Players turning down moves with massive wage rises but they've all lost faith in Evatt apperantly.
  19. Casimiro yellow card is like printing money. I reckon he's done alright career wise. If we had more players like him he wouldnt need to do it on his own. We scored our third and he was there absolutely fucking blasting everyone. Our 8-1 the other day, were we 6 up when we conceded? He went off his fucking head. He's a winner and will strive to win no matter what.
  20. Tell a lie, it was Melanie Sykes. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12553303/Keith-Lemon-Keyhole-Melanie-Sykes-comedian.html "Ms Sykes said Francis, 50 – best known as his alter ego Keith Lemon – made explicit sexual gags about her for three hours, including: 'I bet your a*****e smells of flowers.'" 😂
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