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  1. I've looked into swapping seats today It reckons there's absolutely no seats ESL, no seats at all in WSL other than in the north corner. Next to no seats NSL I'm not having that. No chance
  2. Imagine losing that amount of money and still being dog shit. Fuck em
  3. Driving up. Father in law has a caravan opposite the ground so we're parking there
  4. Found out this morning I'm sat next to the bellend with the drum. He'll be wearing it by half time
  5. There was one across from our hotel at AFC Wimbledon. Thought it was actually decent. Miles better than Dominos
  6. Cheers, lets hope they can do better than the 900 quid I've been quoted plus a Disklok at 140. Its been a bad day
  7. Was there someone recommended
  8. Yeah, you've got 1 CRN number. Lad I go with has the same issue. Systems wank
  9. Going to be like the world cup in pubs this. Full of bellends who have literally never ever been to the match.
  10. Fair enough then. If thats the case the likes of @radcliffe whitewho you see every single week regardless of where we're playing should've disregarded all the official guidence handed out by the club and got them off a bloke in the pub. Tough Sheet Radders
  11. Not strictly true either. They have a raft of CRN numbers. Ticket and travel is what's sold
  12. The girls set out to batter every team they play, they'll give you your 5-0. Southgate though is boring as fuck, 0-0
  13. The Mrs logged on at 9.05. It's a shit show
  14. In. Driving, can't be arsed with the trains
  15. Our Peg is 112 in the queue. She keeps on saying she wants a better job with more hours. Well who would sort out tickets then, 10am is a wank time.
  16. Father in law already has his. Turns out yet again its not what you know, its what landlord you know and if said landlords wife works in the ticket office. Get fucked Neil.
  17. Saying our coach is shit without identifying themselves 😂
  18. Nearly back, get up and swing your cock about 😂
  19. Come on, stand up and tell us
  20. I dont want it, nor need it but if you're giving it to them for that price, I'll find somewhere for it.
  21. Once drank milk directly from a cows udder
  22. barryk32


    My single annual American Football game. I'll be watching in bed until I fall asleep
  23. Shouts bus wankers at elderly supporters as he drives past.
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