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  1. Hello, Thanks very much to those of you who attended our first ever blood donation session in the Premier Suite yesterday. We had a fantastic response and managed to collect 161 donations, which can go towards saving or improving almost 500 lives. If you would like to donate in future you can find details of all donation sessions at the Reebok on www.blood.co.uk, where you can also book appointments, check your eligibility to donate and find out more about blood donation. Thanks again, NHS Blood & Transplant
  2. Hi, If donors have travelled to Central or South America in the last 6 months then we may need to carry out an additional test on your donation. Here's some information copied from our website: T. cruzi: This is a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi, found in certain parts of Central and South America. It is transmitted to humans by biting insects or from mother to baby at the time of birth or by blood transfusion. People infected with the parasite are at risk of illness (also called Chagas disease) after many years. The parasite can cause damage to the muscles in the heart and intestines. Not all infected people become ill. Our tests look for antibodies to the infection. A donor’s place of birth and travel history determine whether the test is required. If you have any specific concerns around this issue then our call centre team would be your best bet on 0300 123 23 23. Also, thanks for changing the title of the thread!
  3. Hi everyone, I work for NHS Blood & Transplant (the user name may give it away) and wanted to pass on our thanks for your support for the forthcoming blood donation sessions at the Reebok. We have had a great response from fans so far, so much so that we have a full appointment grid for the donation session next week. If you were planning to walk in and donate on Monday without an appointment you can do so, although we won't know until the day how many people will attend, so please be patient if it's busy and we'll do our best to see you promptly. The donation sessions will take place in the Premier Suite, where Fanzone is, and we have been advised to tell people to use car park A. We will be visiting the Reebok for a donation session at least once a month, so if you have been unable to make an appointment to donate on Monday please give us a call on 0300 123 23 23 (local rate) or visit www.blood.co.uk for details of all other donation sessions at the ground throughout the year. For those of you who intend to donate for the first time please visit the 'can I give blood' section of our website where you will find details of the most common things that prevent people from donating. More specific concerns around medication are best directed to our medically trained staff on 0300 123 23 23, or you can click on the 'call you' link on the right hand side of the main page on www.blood.co.uk (half way down the page) and we'll call you back. Details of the donation process are online here too: http://www.blood.co....d/what-happens/ Men can donate every 12 weeks now, due to recent changes in rules around donor frequency. Women can donate every 16 weeks. Also, contrary to the title of this thread the club have been extremely helpful in arranging this donation session and helping to raise awareness of it, in particular the Active Families team. We look forward to seeing some of you there on Monday or later this year. Enjoy the rest of the season.
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