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  1. Yeah not exactly going to come out and say 'yeah I was shit' are they? It's always mealy mouthed horse muck about going again next season. Bunch of shitbag losers
  2. Not true. It was a lot nicer as well
  3. Agreed. It's like these arseholes demanding a refund when we get pumped away from home. These fuckin losers don't deserve a moment's thought from full time at Wembley to the first whistle of pre season.
  4. This is so weird. 25 years ago today we lost against Watford. Did we need a statement then? Why do we need a statement now? It's fuckin bizarre.
  5. Plus I heard he licks windows for pleasure
  6. I'd be sad if Collins or Baxter went but the rest I would probably get over in about 15 minutes
  7. Kane57

    The Final

    Been charged for car parking at the Reebok as well ffs
  8. Got away with failing in the league last season with the trophy win. Nowhere to hide now.
  9. Kane57

    The Final

    Yesterday was worse
  10. This is tremendous
  11. Much more like it. Be tougher against Shrewsbury when there are 8-10k fewer on
  12. Half a mill on Adeboyejo Half that again on Dan Cripes
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