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  1. First time I've seen Doyle and Kachunga properly. Both very poor tbf tbh
  2. Still waiting for Delfouneso to turn up
  3. He should be, but instead we're stuck with Delfouneso
  4. Result aside I had a great night. Finally felt like some normality. Some old faces present too. Was fantastic
  5. It's a brilliant feeling to not have Parkinson in charge
  6. Kane57


    Surprised he never rocked up here
  7. Simultaneously! Great news.
  8. Offered extensions. Club haven't announced either being signed yet
  9. Great listen, but Sharrock and Tetlow are awful
  10. Shit footballer and shit human being
  11. I remember when the Reebok opened you couldn't move for burger vans etc especially outside the East Stand.
  12. Anything else you want? Moon on a stick perhaps?
  13. Yep. Stopping up is the only target
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