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  1. Yep. Stopping up is the only target
  2. Santos is injured for one
  3. 25. Near enough One rejected the chance to play at a higher level after the season of his life, in order to give his family a solid future. The other is now at Wrexham.
  4. We talking about Mullin, or Eoin Doyle
  5. Staying up would be brilliant. Top half a pipe dream
  6. Six to eight weeks normally innit. Step forward Mr Politic
  7. Kane57

    One word

    Presumably they want to remain in football and were made a good offer by the university.
  8. Baptiste and Edwards. Politic not ready and Gilks has had a knee op. He was at Longridge in the crowd.
  9. Ifollow.....are you mad
  10. He didn't take a wage cut. He waived his win bonuses as a gesture, but given we hardly won at the time it's not like he was going round town shaking buckets to help the club survive. Still took home his basic salary without a penny deduction.
  11. Only 200 games in 10 years. Seen some call him a 'legend' but bollocks to that. Left twice. Once because he thought he could get Prem but ended up training on his own in a park. Tried to get on board at Salford too. Fuck him. One of the biggest chancers we've had.
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