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  1. And you can barely call it that. Henshaw's providing unpaid commentary for a service that the club charge fans to watch. If he wants a cheerleader, he should pay for one. Evatt needs to wind his neck in rather than seeking out negatives. If he thinks Henshaw is a twat for not fawning over Brand Evatt, he's going to be in for a shock when they let fans back in.
  2. Equally though, we've also seen in our own history the pointlessness of keeping the wrong man on. Again, I'm not saying he is definitely the wrong man. But, if you've reached that conclusion, it's pointless to drag it out for an arbitrary length of time to where you feel comfortable backing him. The sackings of Lee and Megson were both pretty decisive, and both led to better results.
  3. I'm fine with him getting more time too, but can do without the idea that anyone saying he shouldn't is being kneejerk or impatient. It's hardly surprising that people have doubts when the minimum expectation was the playoffs, and we're now 17th.
  4. I haven't seen too much of us lately, but I can't imagine we're much worse now than we were at the start of the season. I think we're in most games and will continue to pick up wins here or there, it just so happened in November a few of those came at once. Don't think it was evidence of something clicking that has now gone awry.
  5. That 17th in League Two is no longer viewed as a catastrophe is a sign of just how low the bar has dropped. Really, he's been fucking awful. Worse than even the most pessimistic predictions of how we'd do this year. And he doesn't half talk some shite. But, I don't think we're going down and nobody is being asked to go and sit in the cold and watch this dross. So for that reason, I'd give him until the end of the season to start showing some signs of life.
  6. Tombwfc


    Isn't every team unplayable when they get it right?
  7. Our budget this year will be stronger relative to the other teams in the division than it was when we were in the Premier League, or in the Championship from Lennon-onwards at least. And definitely higher than 18th in League Two. Surely you don't need the balance sheets to know that?
  8. For the most part, I agree with that. He deserves time and no-one knows how he'll pan out. But, the objective for the season wasn't to score one half decent goal and be 18th in League Two. Taking into account the league we're in, and our budget relative to the other sides in it... results have been appalling up to this point. If you were making any snap judgements (which you shouldn't) he'd be far closer to the bottom of the list of managers we've had since Big Sam than the top. In fact, he'd be bottom by a clear distance.
  9. Sure but... A. It's all relative. None of the teams we're playing now have international footballers either, and their players are all cast offs and bargain basement players too. B. We're not beating what's in front of us.
  10. I'm surprised at the traction it's got. Surely in context he was talking about how Crellin can't hide behind his age - he's our senior keeper and needs to act like it? Clumsy wording I guess. Time will tell what reaction it gets out of Crellin, but from his performances so far he'd be lucky ever to start a game for us again. So from that perspective, he's gotten off lightly with just being dug out by the manager and keeping his place.
  11. That'd be a bonkers statement to make if he'd won all 11 games so far, never mind one. Whatever people think of them, the high points of Parky's, Megson's, Coyle's and even Freedman's tenures all just about edge beating Harrogate away.
  12. This isn't us playing Villa or Fulham in the Championship while not paying the players, or being -12 with a bunch of kids in League One. We've spent more money than anyone in the division on poaching a manager and two of last years top performing players - and we've won one out of 10. Against Harrogate Town. I'd love to give Evatt time, but the team need to show some signs of life to earn it - considering the budget we had that'd mean mid-table as the absolute minimum. Maybe tonight was a start, but fuck me the bar is low.
  13. Truthfully, he's much more likely to be sacked by November than he is to have us romping the league scoring three a game. But I like him and like what FV are going for. As long as he doesn't disappear up his own arse and start calling us philistines after a 0-0 home draw with Grimsby I'll back him.
  14. It's an interesting appointment - more chance of us plummeting out of the Football League than if we'd gone with an older head, but also a much better chance of something special happening. On the whole, he fits in with what FV want to do and they feel strongly enough that they've stuck their hands in their pockets to get him. Will do for me. It's a bit much to expect promotion, but we need to be challenging.
  15. What a load of shit. I'd imagine a cumulative league table of all the clube in England over the last five seasons would have us bottom by a mile. We've been going at barely 1ppg for a decade. The backing all of our managers have had at matches post-Megson has been staggering. And far more than most have deserved.
  16. Never mind the manager we might get, what qualifies Tobias Pheonix to take charge of signings? Don't think we need to be trying to reinvent the wheel when we're the biggest team and have twice the gate of just about every team in the League. If Adkins or whoever would take it, we'd be mad to pick some unknown reserve team coach just because of some vague philosophy we're signing up for.
  17. Aye, we then went and did the same to Palace with Freedman. Really Coyle, Dougie, Lennon and Parkinson were all coups at the time, relative to where we were. Even Hill really considering we were already down. Maybe those with promising CVs will have caught on to the fact we're career suicide, but I doubt it. Imagine we'll still be able to have our pick of the names mentioned.
  18. Equally, Big Sam says that just because someone played us, doesn't mean that they're a sentimental appointment doomed to fail. Also, it wasn't like Coyle was just picked at random because he had a catchy chant. He'd done a fantastic at Burnley and was seen as one of the brightest up and coming managers even while managing us.
  19. Nolan - First team coach at West Ham, but out of contract at the end of the season. 42% win ratio across 99 games as a manager with two teams in League Two. Had both in and around the playoffs and both went down after he left, so he was probably working with some shite. Ricketts - Decent spell at Wrexham and comes across well, but I'd not be getting too excited over his 23 wins from 78 at Shrewsbury. Career winning record as a manager is 35% off 102 games. Seems Bolton fans think he's a better manager than Shrewsbury fans do. Holden - Three wins from 15 in a short spell at Oldham. Now assistant at Bristol City. Even if none of them had ever played for us, I'm not sure what Holden or Ricketts have that would put them clear above Nolan. If anything, I think being seen as the sentimental option is being held against him. He's a good young coach. The fact that he's a club legend and would have the fans onside at a time we have little else is a bonus. Of the established options Clough, Powell and Adkins are decent shouts. Don't think we need to be getting too cute by picking random coaches with no experience.
  20. The only teams with anything to gain from playing on are... Wycombe, Oxford, Pompey, Fleetwood, Peterborough, Sunderland, Donny Rovers, Ipswich, Tranmere and possibly Gillingham at a push. That's 10. And four of those would at least be open to the idea of sacking it off and taking the playoff spot. It's over.
  21. Surely for us, it should be easier than most to make a case for getting some fans back in. I don't know what we'd need to break even, but 6/7k home fans around a 28,000 seater stadium. Keep the concourses closed and sell food and drink outside.
  22. I don't think it's even an option for the leagues which are going to try and play games to have no relegation. It becomes beyond farcical to even bother if the majority of the games carry no meaning. Apparently the Championship players are going to have to test themselves moving forward. What could possibly go wrong with that? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52747798
  23. The only two outcomes for us even remotely close to fair would be -12 in League One (null and void) or relegated to League Two (PPG). Anything else doesn't sit right. However, if everyone else is up for tearing up the rules and giving everyone what they want, then fuck it. Promotion, no relegation, a six team play-off in League One to include Peterborough, us staying where we are with no deduction next season.
  24. From a Wanderers point of view I'd rather take the PPG route and go down, rather than re-do this season back on -12. By far the fairest thing to do however, would be null and void. Nobody can argue that they've been arbitrarily moved up or down, because nobody won or lost anything. And while we're at it, the Premier League clubs (particularly the six being granted a stay of execution) can help keep the bottom two tiers afloat until the crowds come back.
  25. Also, the net spend of Premier League clubs in last seasons summer transfer window was £600m. Skip that, go with what you've got, and they'd almost be able to pay Sky back.
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