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  1. In the past hour I've had two emails and three txt messages re donation.
  2. Someone's Glastonbury performance audience just grew
  3. He's had his bacon butty moment very early on.
  4. Not sure anyone's moaning {apart from the SNP} - its actually good politics from the Tories to aim to stop a drubbing, although did I hear his hand was forced because of the amount of no confidence letter mounting. Personally I'm over the fucking moon we get a chance to oust these useless gits earlier than autumn.
  5. Why? I don't mind the LFOI - they aim to work towards a two state solution. Not sure why people think I'm a massively far Left. She's made some cock-ups on twitter - pardon the pun - which is why Starmer has ben quite distant with her and I don't agree with her on everything - I'm not at the JK Rowling end of the Trans debate for example, but broadly I agree with most things, and she worked very hard to get my Daughter seen and to speed up her autism diagnosis which helped for her GCSEs which as a local MP is commenable on a personal level.
  6. It'll slow it but I very much doubt it'll save them even with a low turnout, but whoever made him do this announcement outside and not in the media room needs to have a think if they should be in communications. Bray was always going to blast something out and making this annoucement dripping wet is really poor management which could have been easily avoided.
  7. It happens a lot and its a bit of an issue in that as soon as there is an announcement someone's at the end of Downing Street blasting out music and no one can stop them 😁
  8. Nah - I actually agree with her position on the Trans issue, the online bulling she has had has only hardened my position.
  9. Also July - nice holiday month, so lower turnout in general - loads of events on so that the election campaigns will slip down the news agenda which means better to stop a total wipeout if you were looking likely to lose and then you can build back from a position of strength. Anyway, gives me a month to register to vote in my new place and for the first time in eaons I get to try and keep an incument Labour MP in power. Fire up the Vote Duffield Machine - I'm a-coming to help Rosie!
  10. Peston and Marr are saying its not 100% but quite likely. If its not, after this session the PO in the PM's office needs to squash the rumors as they make Sunak look weak and as though things are being badly managed from Cameron's outburst about student visas to this.
  11. Polls will narrow anyway - I'm not sure they will get 'wiped out' but there could be a few big scalps. Although there will be some on here who will be happy about the news at the news Mordaunt is on track to retain her seats after a poll suggested otherwise, if not there might have been crying into certain poster's wanksocks come election night. Hunt looks vunerable, mad since his seat is in Surrey, Ian Duncan Smith is another whose seat is being targeted as highly winnable - its in the top ten - requring a swing of only 2.9%. But then look whose standing down - Kwartang, Raab, Handcock, Javid - all big names. Most of the top ten targets are in the NW - Burnley, Leigh, Bury North and South, Bolton North East - they all will most likely switch.
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