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  1. I see Oban's plan is working with some people. I'd have a little read around why there are no restrictions in the ground..if they get the final, shows how far UEFA are prepare to look away from some of the more distastful aspects of authoritarian regimes. Having said that, the mayor or Budapest is one of the government's strongest oppents and has done well.to at least allow peaceful.protests (only 50 allowed due to social Covid restrictions - despite allowing full stadiums, which shows where the government's real priorities lie in terms.of using the soft power of football) It'l
  2. It's genuinely disappointing that Rudy feels he doesn't want to post about this anymore. I think he's been very clear in his position, and to be honest I'm still scratching my head as to some of the chat countering it, logically not much of it makes sense. That part about stepping aside, listening to other people on a topic who might have first hand experience of what the issue is, we could all do with some education from that. We all would be better for it.
  3. It's not patronising to say there is a lot missing from what you've written.
  4. I suggest some reading around and on the subject before you post as that's one of the most naive things I've seen on here.
  5. Interesting issue about the chav comment, as it was Paul's favourite writer Owen Jones who came to fame as a young author regarding the demonisation of young working class communities and chav culture. It's interesting because those who demonised parts of society have now cleverly weaponised this to their ends, so you have the strange position where the upper tiers are using the poorest to sure up their power base, creating a system where a network of friends are slotted into high level positions without criticism and actual support, and the urban centric liberals are the ones now castiga
  6. Have I, can't remember that - feel free to bring it up. He can be a Tory and think it doesn't go far enough, the two aren't mutually exclusive, despite what some may think. So, yes context my dear fellow, context.
  7. Also Zaha doesn't knell because he doesn't think it goes far enough. Some proper mental gymnastics at play here. Anyway, I think these two paras articulate it much better than I ever could; What to do with this now? There are issues with knee-taking. Nobody has to agree with anyone else about anything. You might feel this is not necessary, or believe that discrimination is overplayed, or – who knows – a good thing. You might feel there is something odd in football as an industry preaching about inequality, or men who earn 350 times the national wage in a country where people go hungr
  8. I dunno, booing with your back at a TV screen might catch on.
  9. That Mark bloke.on Twitter has had me in tears, some of the comments are brilliant. Booooo! Booooo! Booooo! 😂😂😂
  10. Anyone who had a hand in writing The Riverboat Song has never been in a decent band 😉
  11. Dreadful. Can just about cope with The Jam, his solo stuff, nope. Also, his fans put me off as well. All that Welllla! rubbish, feathered cuts and acoustic guitar renditions of that's entertainment. Interesting considering his fan base that he's known to be a bit ac/dc - some great tales I've heard of parties in the 80s - looks like his son followed in his old man's footsteps. Stanley Rd, if I never hear that album.again it'll be too soon, seemed it was glued to everyone's stereo in 1994. Anyway, saw him at a concert for Qunicy Jones. The only good thing that I was working on i
  12. Yeah, off to the beach today to pick the eldest up (going to get down there early and have a dip myself without telling!) sod the parks in this heat!
  13. Just what we need, another Globe 🙄 Invest in the spaces we have, stop building new ones. Save that for building homes.
  14. In my sector, they are hoping it gets pushed back so that we don't go through the nonsense of last year, no one is investing anyway due to uncertainty regarding reopening properly. People would rather do it slowly, step by step than rush back thinking everything is ok.
  15. Do a 30 minute test - and they were right to send her home.
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