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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Was rammed when we swent and was amazing, how you can't be impressed with a site that big, travelling in time, all these amazing working buildings and brilliant characters in every place and going around on these amazing vehicles, having an old fashioned stout and then a load of lovely sweets - plus some amazing ice cream. Even impressed our teenagers. I've never heard anyone not be impressed with the place.
  2. Oh and for some light stolling Finchdale Pirory has a great riverside walk. Really worth it to start the day. About 5 mins outside the city.
  3. Went again last summer to visit family/bit of a holiday. We stayed in a cottage near Chester-Le-Street as we had the kids, was lovely and perfect for what we needed. Lovely for a couple of nights, take a boat trip, tour of the Catherdral, some nice bars and places to eat - but it is very small. Our best trip out was to Beamish which is a full day trip and totally worth it. Shopping is a bit rubbish - bit like Bolton, loads has closed down as out of town retail has taken away most of the shops to an outlet near Pity Me and the uni has bought up a lot of the property (much to the annoyance of the locals) but the market is worth a mooch round ( found an old Bolton programme in a dusty old bookshop with a very funny interview with Peter Reid) Basically, you'll have wandered round in a few hours. The Durham Dales are very pretty if you like a walk.
  4. I'm sure they are. No obsession, I just enjoy poking an idiot. Anyway, enjoy your shift
  5. oh how you know so little about my life, petal. What a small little life you lead. I'd go a retrain as you were told to. We need more in the trades, so I can pay you to do the jobs I don't want to do.
  6. Nah, you show yourself to be a massive twat everyday on here. I'm not going to stop your stupidity. Makes my job much easier.
  7. Just showing what a dick you are is enough. Like your silly little, 'how old are they' post yesterday. You are a idiotic cunt of the highest order, and a supercilious one at that.
  8. Well it's not, your racist fishing always comes to the fore. As I said, you are an ignorant cunt. And you continue to prove me right. Well done.
  9. That's factually nonsense. But let's see him tread this line, it's quite lovely to see idiots make a fool of themselves.
  10. I know - it wasn't a step up from...but,but,but..Corbyn! (Cue cheers, and sit down)
  11. Knives don't kill, just racist knives...or non racist bottle tops...or something.
  12. Late to the party with this fella, but thisis an album I've been going back to for a few weeks now. Seems to suit the time of year;
  13. I'm assuming you can also order this stuff on Delieveroo and the like? I do remember seeing, having and eating yogurt when I lived in Bolton once or twice - special occasions and that.
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