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  1. Dunno, fell asleep after 2 mins.
  2. I've given up. Now watching about a rat catcher on BBC 1. Even that is better.
  3. That red kit is making my eyes go funny, can't tell who anyone is.
  4. Have Watford sacking their manager? Just hearing some rumors about this.
  5. Have to say I'm finding it difficult to get excited for this world Cup. Winter, disgrace of a country hosting it, more bothered about Bolton doing well. But, we'll see when it starts. Quite happy to eat every one of those words.
  6. It is, seen it, could never get my head round how they would fill it
  7. They must miss playing in front of such fervent support.
  8. Still sticking with 3 nil That ground is stupidly big for that club.
  9. Is there about 100 MK fans there?
  10. They don't want folk changing at Three Bridges....
  11. Stupid decision that, Tuchel is a great manager. Ah well, a couple of close mates aside, couldn't care less if they sunk like a stone.
  12. Off to wind up the Charlton fans in the local. Well I say Charlton a couple 'support' Utd as well. 🙄
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