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  1. Fucking hell, there's some right sites in Durham, everyone's out out by 3pm. Anyway, how are we doing?
  2. Stuck a fiver on us to win. Be nice to get a clean sheet......nah, not happening.
  3. The new routine is Home Bargains for pop/water and a twix. That way support the club in some way! I cannhandle a fizzy cold tasteless beer but only after a few, if I'm going in cold, fuck that. Plus I get to so few home games and with my Dad pushing into his late 70s, it's more about watching the match and spending a bit of time together, and being men, this way we don't have to talk much either.
  4. If that is the case, I doff my cap to her. To be fair, this all comes from.my dad, won't buy anything in the ground and never has. Cup of tea, nothing. I almost fell over when be bought a bovril that boxing day we played Utd away. Think he was hungover and lost control of himself.
  5. Yup. Also, my kids won't eat hotdogs without butter.
  6. We always get a pasties from hunters, warm them up in the oven, wrap in tinfoil - in winter they are handwarmers for the kids before half time.
  7. So you didn't have a point. Thought so. 🙄
  8. Or after years of underfunding it's now being given the resources it deserves to improve. I don't see why it pisses people off. Don't like it? Don't watch. I don't watch Golf or Tennis or F1 or millions of other sports. One of my daughters loves football, just started in her Year 7 team. We've been to Bolton lots but taking her to see the women's FA Cup final or Arsenal ladies has been her real highlights and inspired her to want to play more. Friend of mine has just been named FA Kent coach of the year for her work with Canterbury's veteran women's team, she and many of her players never had a chance to play at school or anywhere else. She's a huge football fan - she made the infamous documentary on Orient years back - and its great to see her able to fully get involved now. As I say, people can switch over if they want, as for social engineering, I'd say that's a bit. Sky isn't a charity, they do things to make money, they feel there is huge potential for growth in this market or else they wouldn't do it.
  9. And your point is? Or I'm guessing you don't really have one. I think its a decent post.
  10. If you pop onto the forums, it's mainly about the state of the club, nothing to do with us. They've got enough problems to sort out rather than just one match. For me this 'rivalry' ended when we went up and stayed there for years with European trips, top half finishes etc whilst they had a shit time. They 'won' the battle, we certainly won the war.
  11. From the Polish FA statement; To express their objection, the Polish representatives, before the first whistle of the match with England, pointed to the “UEFA RESPECT” inscription on the left sleeve of the jersey, which refers to the campaign conducted by the European federation against racism, xenophobia and intolerance
  12. Absolutely agree, if its not for you, but let's not delete the thread.
  13. Totally agree people are behind the player but pulling a thread like this isn't the way to tackle this. Can't just ignore stuff, and I think there has been some excellent posts outlining the issues. That is a good thing.
  14. The issue is with that is ignores the real issues with The Carpathian Brigade in Hungary, and how Orban has supported their homophobic and racist actions under the flag of nationalism. Which is why they've been banned from the next three UEFA matches (only an administrative loophole of it being a FIFA match allowed attendance) People might not of heard on TV, that's not to say it didn't and doesn't happen. This is a long read but interesting, https://www.bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-europe/2021/09/09/meet-the-far-right-fanatics-getting-hungarys-football-team-in-trouble/
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