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  1. Well, it appears the job market might be picking up. All the recruitment companies I got in touch with last summer are getting in touch more regularly than they have in a whilst as more jobs in the creative sector come back. Mrs is at her first press night tonight in 18 months. Pity its the Mousetrap and its pissing down....actually its just like old times.
  2. I know where that is - not far from here, it's Downe Village, just outside the local pub. Downe House where Darwin lived is just to the right. Usually drive up for a couple of pints when the weather is nice for a bit of countryside - some decent little walks round there. Think he was born there as well. Can't say I've ever seen the massive plank.
  3. Should I have qualified that with 'suit'? 😄
  4. Just booked for my youngest to go one of those Air Jump places for her birthday on saturday. Can't think of a better place to spread it, loads of kids, sweating and breathing on each other. I'm going to take a Hazmat. And touch nothing.
  5. When Kent started its hardenss level shot up 200% at least. The Beast of Deane as he was commonly known.
  6. Sorry missed this - yes Bromley is London but also you can put Kent as an area. I'm not use what you are missing about this thing, esp since greater London is so large that areas of London are sometimes refered to as in certain counties. I guess Romford is another exmaple, its in Havering but lots of locals still refer to it as in Essex and use this on their address. Both Greater London areas Or an even better example is Bolton which is offically in Greater Manchester but............
  7. Certainly not going away this year - up to Durham to see the other half's folks and unless Bolton isn't sealed off and under fumigation by then to Bolton to see family who the kids are desperate to see and who they haven't seen for 18 months. Happy to wait until next year before going away.
  8. Can we just take a minute and enjoy a Bolts feminazi rant. It's been a while.
  9. Said the same to my Mrs- need to be putting red crosses on the doors tonight!
  10. Was my first band t-shirt when I was about 7 or 8 - one of those print ones you get at the seaside - loved them. Got some 7 inch singles knocking around still.
  11. Was listening to Dirk Wears White Sox this morning. Great album.
  12. Born slippy was orgionally a bside I thought, also God Only Knows as well.
  13. Its because singles used to mean something so more people would probably hear the bside of a hit single rather than a lowly album track.
  14. Its not stopped raining all afternoon. So Tapas for tea!
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