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  1. LW would want no part of a MADMAX type future.
  2. We should be scoring more goals than we have shots on target too. Very much in btw cant complain at them prices.
  3. I'm slightly too druggy but not quite vile enough to do that.
  4. We'll take the bold bit as a badge of honour. Cheers.
  5. Thought the ending of The Wire tied it up and it was more like the ending of The Sopranos. Did have echoes of a season end of The Wire with the whole same shit different day vibe.
  6. Make yer own mind up just like Rudy's fave. (Deliberately keeping it vague). Gonzo's referenced Child actor appearing from nowhere to butcher major protagonist (Mine and Boltys fave amongst others). HBO lawyers should be on this. Was a good series mildly disappointing ending.
  7. He doesnt find them attractive.....fascinating creatures though.
  8. 2nd best after The Wire obvs.
  9. Usual Suspects will do if we win.
  10. That was to Mantra, clearly I'm kegged
  11. Mince away boy. We are nearly there.
  12. Nearly there. Naysayers, stop being gay.
  13. Was a short interview, may have been cut. Dearden just asked him about Gilks going down at the end.
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