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  1. A Farage of Gammons
  2. Yeah I know where you are coming from Ronnie feels good to be excited about signings and getting our business done early. To be fair we did Sarce & Doyle early last year with the wage cap but brought a mixed bag in after that. Trust Evatt enough to think that wont happen this year.
  3. Aye it's a long time since January. 😂
  4. Luton and Rotherham have both gone straight through L1 in recent years so no reason we cant do the same.
  5. Iles mentioned on his podcast that Mason was in the directors box for the Exeter game.
  6. Seconded, Rog should be discussing this in Eccles Wetherspoons, not on here.
  7. Clearly, anyone would be concerned about access to Dicksons.
  8. Just beat me to the punch! I was about to say I've never seen as much controversy around Norwich City Council since the Pedestrianision debate.
  9. Could have been us....... Blackpool, Rob Hall, Knockaert goal on the break, Sliding Doors, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Joey Boswell.
  10. Strange conversation to just over hear when just happening to be 'in a school.'
  11. See Sun'lun got turned over 2 nil at Lincoln
  12. I dont see any upset Zombies around here.
  13. Nigel Farage beacon of truth. Wanderer1984. Probs too immature to have been born then, so maybe an Orwellian or maybe a deep misunderstanding of the 24 hour clock.
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