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  1. Glad you are on the mend @kent_white - stay well.
  2. It was in my junk just had a proper look they are listed further down on separate pages.
  3. Mine only lists detail of one ticket on the email but does show correct quantity of tickets
  4. @kent_white answered the 'quite simple' question very well yesterday. Rising demand due to an aging population living longer with multiple comorbidities, rising expectations, impact on the service of drastic cuts to public health and social care (both of which come under local government) and the same energy & other non-pay inflation that's hitting every other area of the economy. Trouble is he didn't give a pithy anecdote about 'managers', 'PFI', 'procurement' or 'demand from immigrants'; so you didn't bother paying attention to it.
  5. It's a thing in some sections of the MAGA right in the States that the Superbowl was being fixed for The Chiefs to support Biden & The Democrats. It appears on this occasion that your disdain for the niners has, for want of a better word, 'Trumped' your usual position as MAGA provocateur.
  6. Thought you'd be in the 'Superbowl is a fix for Biden psych-ops' crew. Fair play to you.
  7. Swifties did it and Bolty is delighted
  8. Maybe Lusty could change his name on ShrimpsWays and do the honours?
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