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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Loved both of them. Especially SJM, Walker better finisher though. Modern game think SJM would have been better than Walker as SJM was better with his back to goal and pressing. Walker would be 'bring him off the bench to get us a goal' player these days sadly. Class player, great finisher.
  2. Loads of respiratory shit doing the rounds, highly unusual for 27 year old professional athletes to be in the " Winter Pressures" cohort though. I've taken every jab on the chin (usually request left arm TBF ) and still in @L/H White zero covid club. Mum is same too, 82 massively demented won't stay away from other folk. In the genes? Medical miracles? No just nails from H/Well. mofos
  3. And I resisted the open goal of linking to your good self. Shame on you. Now wheres that needle attachment for my fistmaster?
  4. "He reeks of crime, he reeks of crime, he reeks of, Gonzo reeks of crime."
  5. Toure will see his arse when he gets a birthday pie instead of a cake
  6. In the ultimate demonstration of how their fanbase don't do irony, they've got a fucking boycott thread.
  7. "Speculation over clubs being for sale is always rife and, while some potential purchasers have approached the ownership group on a number of occasions since its acquisition of Wigan Athletic in March 2021, no approaches have ever been entertained It is only natural that the club would attract interest given the positive journey it has been on in the last 19 months, but we remain committed in returning the club to where we believe it belongs in the football pyramid." ROFLCOPTER
  8. Shirts on tour for charity apparently https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/22887298.giant-bolton-wanderers-shirt-touring-football-league-club-grounds/
  9. Corrie lass was just across from us, Steve McDonald's long lost daughter, mixed race girl, big hair.
  10. First time in today, mildly impressed.
  11. Hungary v Italy is brought to you exclusively by Birds Trifle & Montieths Crushed Apple Cider.
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