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  1. Somebody should have had the sense to pour cold water on that idea
  2. Are Nicky Hunt and that little Asian fella involved in this one?
  3. He won't be going to Acton then?
  4. Well there's no need for that!
  5. Think salary cap got binned partway through last season.
  6. Neville is also conveniently not considering the inflationary impact Salford's spending has on the rest of the league and potentially the league above.
  7. 2 pages in and no finger blasting references. Standards are slipping.
  8. They are but being in the final year of his contact does give him some leverage if he is dead set against going abroad.
  9. You can bench warm for a team that's in the Champions League qualifiers for a month, in a weak league, miles from home where you (likely) don't speak the language, or you can play every week in a team where you are already liked by the manager, players and supporters, having already expressed a desire to play games.
  10. Just a Cheese and whine event, time to move on.
  11. Never minded Oldham tbf and ,'tics' is new and only user by 'them'. Bag O' Shite.
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