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  1. Still in our hands as bitterly disappointing as today is. Focus on finishing the job on Saturday, one more chance to get over the line.
  2. 1-3. Mendonca with a late consolation for them.
  3. Their last 5 games have seen them lose 4 & draw 1 so they’re not coming here in great shape. I hope we don’t take that form for granted. 2-1 win, Baptiste with a late winner.
  4. Deserves a love plus one
  5. Their keeper is out for the rest of the season, think he's the captain as well. Not going too well for the stand in.
  6. 1-4. Ian Bogie with a late consolation for them.
  7. Rob Palmer was born in Hull & supports them, every credit to him. Remember the Keith Branagan feature earlier that season?!
  8. Deutschland 89 now available on Channel 4, apologies if already posted.
  9. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/bolton-wanderers/12241394/bolton-2-1-cambridge
  10. transfermarkt.co.uk need to update their fair play league table then! In my defense i tipped up a 1-0 win with a few scares earlier in the thread
  11. That honour falls to Newport who have seen 4 players given a red.
  12. Always boils over with him in charge.
  13. They’ll be on a high from a good away win in midweek, their form has picked up recently. A hard fought 1-0 with a few scares along the way, the maverick to come off the bench and grab a late winner.
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