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  1. Pretty poor from my own experience. They'll be challenging next season i think.
  2. Steve Evans has left Stevenage to rejoin Rotherham.
  3. Sunderland, Burton and Barnsley went down that season.
  4. Can't think of another manager to have managed three teams in one season. He was sacked from Gillingham in October, joined Cambridge in December and now he's back at Millwall.
  5. Twine’s off to Hull according to reports, was close to signing for them previously before opting to join Burnley.
  6. Starts again on Friday, are we having another league?
  7. Magennis surprisingly got one in a cup game against Walsall a few years ago.
  8. 18 month deal for Jerome being reported.
  9. I tried to get clever with Doherty, knew it was a bad move! Some good early scores on the boards.
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