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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Are they wooden terraces ? It is obviously an awful ground ... Walsall , fellows park , but I cannot recall us winning there I've seen us win at the bescot
  2. Forest v Derby has always been massive . Added spice was that Brian Clough managed both teams and won titles with them . Two European Cups with forest and a a "bribed ref" denying derby a possible European cup final. Anyway it is always a frantic and emotional game . A couple of sheep's heads were thrown through pub windows before a derby forest match a few years ago .
  3. Looking down , is that a cryptic clue , viewed from above travelling to Europe. Only ground I know that is often viewed from above is Brentford who used to paint adverts in the stand roof ( not Ingersoll Rand ,) to catch the eye of passing flights from nearby Heathrow . Oh and it is an old heap of a ground too
  4. I have often said that , but respect to Ian Greaves . I always say " hello Brian" when I pass his statue in Nottingham's speakers corner . bwfc have the most respectful and friendly set of fans on our away travels , they show great respect to everyone wherever we travel too . Locals really look forward to our visits.
  5. I've no idea how i did it either , I think I highlighted the text and clicked "Quote". The Bray Wanderers story is very sad !
  6. Bray Wanderers, interesting article below, a bit of a franchise takeover at the club, something similar to MK Dons / Wimbledon, the name lives on but not the club ... https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/league-of-ireland/mergers-can-occasionally-work-but-with-bray-wanderers-effectively-out-of-business-its-a-sad-day-for-irish-football-41093400.html Oh and on the subject of BWFC graffiti, there was a lad called Matt, who used to spray "BWFC Matt" everywhere in the 70's I know a story about him breaking into an away ground in London, the night before a BWFC game to spray his tag.
  7. I'm on that video with a couple of mates ( I do have some friends), it was pretty scary when chesterfield played target practice with rocks and stones and the police just let them do it .
  8. Not alfreton , the stand is wrong
  9. When felgate caught a cross and stepped over the line was Chesterfield away .
  10. Yes the little airfield , think it may have been connected with the racecourse. The third goal was a volley from the edge of the area , top corner job , felgate didn't move . A real worldie , worthy of a Brasilian player . I actually clapped a few seconds after realising how good it was .
  11. Belle Vue Doncaster , without doubt the worst ever ground I've been on . We were in a pen on a shallow terrace directly behind the nets , utter disgrace . You had to stand in the pen , the rest of the terrace was out of bounds
  12. That paddock has no barriers , a dangerous bit of terracing with a full house . I haven't been there , I thought Swansea at first , but the end doesn't fit . Non league ???
  13. Actually the ground is really neat and tidy now . County fans have moved to the kop end where the photo was took. Away fans on the side in the Jimmy Sirrel Stand which has a a retro gable on its roof similar to the one in the photo.
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