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  1. Somebody said Pompey. I agree the open terrace suggests Pompey . The away end now with the roof
  2. The Argentinian fans don't have make some noise , they never shut up , love all the bouncing , "boing boing " baggies style .
  3. It was the roof of the end behind the goal and the building behind it
  4. West Ham Looks like a bwfc kit
  5. I had Pneumonia at the start of November , antibiotics and oxygen, it's a bacterial infection, full recovery takes several weeks . My first time ever in hospital at 65 , consultant said I was just unlucky. He's a top athlete , whereas I'm an old codger ( albeit in good health ) , I feel OK but I'm not chasing a ball around a field , I just walk my whippet . I think it will be several weeks until we see him on the field , let's hope noone else in the squad gets it . Get well Ricardo , look forward to you stabbing the ball across the line in a goalmouth melee to win us promotion 🙂⚽
  6. How many french people have you met ? Sweeping statement
  7. That's a bit harsh , France is a beautiful country, nice food and wine and people are decent too . BWFC had some good french players too.
  8. We've had this before it's the toilets on the Embankment at burden
  9. One thing I noticed on ITV , they kept referring to Tunisia as " the north Africans" ... What's that all about , nobody calls Spain the south Europeans or Germany the central Europeans . Just call them Tunisia !!! France looking good now , allez Les bleus
  10. Is that Albert Finney (actor) in a scene from Saturday night Sunday Morning ... In which case I will guess meadow lane , notts county
  11. I didn't see any trouble with Bristol fans. Only issue I saw was some Millwall fans on Wembley Way causing issues , I seem to recall both Bolton and Bristol saw them off . Match itself was awful , surreal moment crowd cheering freight rover vehicles on a lap of honour around the dog track before kick off ... Easily entertained back in the day !!!
  12. There a few there , I think they may have turned it down after those first 20 mins . I did see some bloke on the sidelines with a weird contraption , like a dustbin lid sized giant microphone, maybe they were amplifying the sound for the TV audience . I will keep an eye and ear open for the England game tomorrow.
  13. My daughter's a teacher at a secondary school in Derbyshire ( tough ex mining town ) , the students have been given an option , you can watch the game in your timetabled class and if you don't want to watch it you can write your thought about the Qatar world cup to some dodgy questions . My daughter has to watch the football . I tried to get her into BWFC but we had a crap team back in the day
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