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  1. Looks too small for white heart lane , I was going to say derby , maybe it's the away end which was the smallest stand ( park lane end ??? ) .
  2. Posh Peterborough, that looks like the crap stand they put away fans in
  3. Good shout , I can see it now... Been a couple of times watching bwfc , was in my jollies for the 5 nil
  4. Those wooden seats look very much like the main stand as Hillsborough, not too sure what the Piper is all about though Hillsborough
  5. My debut as an exiled wanderer in Nottingham was march 79 , 1 million pound Trevor Francis equalised late on , I had to wait until March 2001 for my first "home win" . 2 nil, Holdsworth and Farrelly
  6. Regardless of where you sit in the stadium , calling an opposition player a C**t is unacceptable. It is not banter , not even funny , did you miss the Respect campaign. I am sure Sharon would be impressed to hear you shout that . Call him a cheat , but show a bit of respect and class. Shout me down if you want, but it ain't funny
  7. His bow legged run and shot was something else viewed from the embankment. Cracking player , loved his old school haircut, proper footballer
  8. Sorry typo..yes John Byrom .. one of my all time fave wanderers .
  9. Cracking photo that . First promotion I saw , some great footballers , John Byron , he was fabulous, he was lethal in one on ones ... loved it when he rounded the keeper , he'd sometimes wave to the crowd b4 slotting it home after he had waltzed around the keeper
  10. The line behind the embankment went to Bury , the line to Blackburn went under Great Moor Street and out to Turner Bridge viaduct . I used to catch the train to Bromley Cross on match days . Btw my dad said that on match days if it was quiet you could hear the Burnden roar in Bradshaw ... That's Bradshaw not Bradshawgate
  11. Yes they were magnificent, iconic , beautiful, I loved seeing them tower above Burnden. Booth steelwork ??? Burnley FC looked remarkably similar at the time They were not very powerful as we were told by broadcasters ( Granada TV ) that they were not bright enough to support colour TV broadcasts , but then again we were also told that the TV box on top of the Manny road stand was not strong / big enough to support colour TV cameras and equipment. There was probably a 5 year gap when we didn't appear on MoTD or Granada TV Sunday afternoon game . My conspiracy theory was no one liked us
  12. I think it is the embankment at burnden ... You've flipped it ..that's the Manny road entrance ...the youths are near the railway
  13. Is it chesterfield again ?
  14. Looks very urban and old school a bit of a smaller burnden paddock style stand . Maybe a Midlands club, not derby too big ... Can we have a clue
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