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  1. I bought my ticket at 10.15 this morning , I chose an end of row ticket on the side , lower tier , cracking seat . Got to the check out and it said restrictions apply , need to be in my seat 13.00 to 13.30 and tick the box to acknowledge . I thought WTF is this all about so deleted my basket. Chose another seat near corner lower tier, said same , tick box to acknowledge restrictions. I panicked and bought the corner ticket . I assumed all sales say this ! Anyway I'm in after saying I'd never set foot in the sh*th*le after the semi final debacle. Not too happy about restrictions on what you can take in stadium , I want to take a camera 📷 with me . Only a little 'un but it takes cracking pictures.
  2. 89 a different world . I caught the train from Nottingham, no faffing about looking for cheap fares back in the day everything was priced and that was that ... " Return to St. Pancras , please, I am travelling back today " Job done . Met my mate and his girlfriend at St. Pancras , bought an all day tube ticket . Got the tube to somewhere a couple of stops near Wembley . No idea where it was ,went to a pub near a major junction , jam packed with wanderers fans , drank our beer in the car park , anybody of asian origin was greeted with chants of "Salman Rushdie" , any female of child bearing age was greeted by " get your t*ts out for the lads " ... Did we really live in such an era ? I hasten to add I joined in my neither chant . Sat in the seats , decided view from terrace was rubbish after Bristol game . Really shocked when we went 1 nil down , although to be honest wasn't really that bothered about result , although Dean crombies great solo effort and the introduction of pace and Stuart storer's impact on the game had me out of my seat . Really nice end to the match and cheered and sang on the lap of honour with the trophy . Got the tube to central London , had a beer in covent garden, used a payphone in the pub to tell the wife what train I was on back to Nottingham . One of my daughter's 11 months old was poorly that day so I got a medical report form wifey to make me feel a bit guilty. I cannot remember what I did about food , I left Nottingham early , maybe I took some sandwiches and ate them in the pub car park . I have some photos somewhere , I'll see if I can scan the negs for here.
  3. The bit about the stoke game , I agree, I made a pact with my mate that we were never going to Wembley again . Nice ground , awful location , poor transport , humiliating game . The experience was one of the worst days as a wanderer , and at 60+ years of age I've seen some bad one's. Anyway , beat Accrington and see how my "stay away from Wembley" feelings are challenged
  4. The 2nd replay at elland road was scary. Bottles and all kind of missiles flying around in the Bolton end ( although I think some Leeds fans may have joined in with wanderers fans for that aggro ) pre kick off , chasing Geordies out of the end . Post match it was pretty much dodging scraps everywhere as you made your way back to the coaches . At Burnden , classy Geordies drinking party cans of brew 10 outside the turnstiles . I'd never seen anything as weird , police just let em do it . I suppose it was as classy as Liverpool fans necking bottles of brandy bought from Tesco on a dinner time ko at the Reebok .
  5. Is that field mill Mansfield , the low terracing on the left hand side is now derelict and advertising hoardings
  6. There is a really cool video of the players celebrating with the fans . Dapo loving it https://www.instagram.com/reel/CoAPFYFscAp/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  7. Yes I'm a far left fan , left wingers in football are always great to watch . Peter Thompson was superb for us back in the 70s , Ricardo Gardner was great to watch in full flow before he became a left back . You don't see many traditional wingers these days, wing backs and wide midfielders are preferred, to the traditional wingers . We sold our best one to St. Pauli . Have a nice weekend
  8. Well if you consider it's it's wierd to get rid of the far right extremist fans, be ethical about who invests in your club ( Sharon is careful who sponsors us ) and treat everyone with respect then I won't try to change your opinion. Have a lovely day
  9. I met a bloke at a photography exhibition tonight , he was wearing a St. Pauli scarf, so I struck up a conversation with him . His daughter works in Hamburg and essentially St. Pauli are one fabulous club with a massive fan base and a unique way of working with their fans . The article below is a good read and I love one of the final quotes about mega rich sponsors ... If Qatar airlines comes calling we tell them to "fcuk off" https://www.newframe.com/st-pauli-a-football-club-like-no-other-in-the-world/ Have a read
  10. Toal was superb , two good feet , moved the ball out of defence well. In the second half when we were applying pressure he pushed up a bit and played some cracking balls , very campo'esque. Top class footballer . He has a great future ahead of him .
  11. Is that roof the Darwen end at ewood park ? Blackburn final answer
  12. I beg to differ Leicester is a big fixture for both clubs . Some bitter rivalry some of it involving savage . Anyway I have nothing against derby , subject closed , they been through a similar recent history with crap owners as us . have a great Christmas
  13. Last time I looked chesterfield was in Derbyshire . Burton has a Derbyshire postcode albeit technically it is in staffs . Anyway they have some big clubs nearby , forest and Leicester. Dunno why you don't like them , always seemed like a decent club to me , fans are ok , had some good managers , Clough senior and junior , what's to hate about them . They are a big club with a decent history
  14. BWFC under Jimmy Armfield did the same free kick , pass it to one of your players on the end of the wall, only problem was Ronnie Phillips wasn't quite as clinical , as the keeper saved it in front of the lever end . I often wondered why we didn't try it again . Jimmy Armfield was a cracking manager , ahead of his time on tactics . This was the third tier ( old div 3) of the football league Anybody else remember it ?
  15. I've literally just seen this photo on the "lost grounds " Facebook page . People naming some of the people . Millwall half way liners apparently 😀
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