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  1. Team plays in all white , let's go Real Madrid
  2. In an ideal world it would be the Rams , Derby County ,but it isn't . Preston have a lamb on their badge .
  3. I was convinced QPR ( the block of flats ) but if I zoom in I can see the zig zag roof of a stand on the side . The only ground I can think of with a zig zag is wolves
  4. A gentleman of the game for sure . Apparently he had to man mark Franz Beckenbauer out of the game in the 66 world cup final , a key role in the game . RIP Bobby
  5. That end looks a bit like the lever end , but I've never seen photos of people on the roof before . Burden
  6. Wow I remember this , no idea where it originated from . I loved it 😀
  7. There's a player in our team and he is a goal machine and his name is John Byrom ...John Byrom , Byrom Brilliant , he'd waltz around the keeper in a one on one and then wave to the crowd before stroking the ball into an empty net . He's my fave player ( just popped Gudni and Ricardo to number 1 spot ) As for best player , that half season from Fernando Hierro, when big Sam pushed him into the holding midfield player , he was class, so much time on the ball , never gave the ball away . I wish he'd stayed 1 more season .
  8. Sharon's message wasn't just about evatt , which is what people seem to be concentrating on. It's about respect . Against Wigan , outside the ground and under the ESL I heard songs about Charlie Wyke . It was embarrassing and abusive . I don't think the cowards sang it in the seats as CCTV would pick them out . Just saying
  9. How good is Toal? Outstanding player , I loved the way he was directing players ,shouting at the midfield to make movement, top class football player . The way he brought the ball out of defence and ran with it into midfield was really cool. Reminded me of Franz Beckenbauer, Fernando Hierro. Great scouting to find such a gem. Has a great future ahead of him .
  10. I remember dusan playing for us at Cambridge away ( the day bucks fizz were winning Eurovision) . He had a good game , did a horrific waist high tackle on a Cambridge player ... Brought a ooooohhh ouch ...from all present . Didn't get sent off for it . We won 3-2 btw
  11. Yes I remember that , we went to my grandparents after the match ( they retired to Blackpool , dunno why so many Bolton people did that ) . We got pulled over by the police this would have been maybe 9 pm . Policeman shone my dad's torch into back of my dad's van (well equipped those policemen back in the day ). I was sat in the back on cushions , we never did have a family saloon!!! Same day Alan Waldron broke his leg . Also very surreal moment a camel did a lap around the pitch , pre-match , advertising Blackpool zoo . Strange day .
  12. Yes I agree all of east and north looked full , I was surprised at attendance . Stadium was rocking at start of match , even more so after equaliser. Loved the big flag in ESL
  13. I think the deepdale Roger hunt game was my first ever away game . Watched from the paddock with my dad and next door neighbour. Though it was great seeing so many wanderers fans "away" .
  14. I got really emotional at 2-0 seeing 34k wanderers fans in full voice , the team playing beautiful pass and move football , then thinking to the dark hours when we almost went under and most teams were thumping us 4, 5 , 6 nil in our first FV season. The second goal was a thing of beauty and kachunga's finish superb for the third
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