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  1. Living in Nottingham and a season ticket holder, I did as advised and applied by post. One of my mates text me from the Reebok on the day of sale and said ..."we've sold out " . Obviously I was upset and had a rant on here and on "the wanderer" ( is that still going ) . Someone advised emailing Phil Gartside direct (emails addresses were easy to work out ) . I got a call on my mobile next day , Phil Gartside , from his personal phone . He was very apologetic and asked if I'd managed to get a ticket. I said no I hadn't . He called me back a few mins later he'd had some returns ( I think wanderers put a shout out for returns) and sold me one , he did the transaction , took my credit card details , apologised again . So respect to the bloke , he tried to remedy his cock up. I seem to recall wanderers took advice from Blackburn about how they handled ticket sales when they reached the final . As for the final itself , awful game ,we played rubbish , left bang on the final whistle , no clapping or any of that rubbish .
  2. Why all the anger and upset . I thought they were our new best friends following the game at their place when we played a kids team and they showed us great respect . Just saying .
  3. The Stelios Sam interview was a really good , surprised nobody has commented on it.
  4. Arsenal head coach Jonas Eidevall talked a good game , seemed to know what he was on about . I think Alex Scott is a good presenter , knows her football stuff . You don't become a top pundit overnight you grow into it with experience and Alex seems ok to me. She does a good job on football focus. Ian Wright is going to be contributing, he was awful when he first started but is doing ok now . The football on show was ok , fast breaks , neat passing . What's wrong with having a young enthusiastic crowd , some neanderthals follow England . Anyway the only team that matters to me is and always will be bwfc , international tournaments be them men or women are just filling the gap between bwfc matches . I don't really care who wins a Euro or world cup tournament as long as the football is good. Besides the beautiful game is always Brasil and Spain.
  5. Lady who used to work in the Spar near work , went to work for a company called Showsec , she stewarded forest, Cardiff , went to festivals, big arena concerts . I've seen Showsec at Derby county and I think Rotherham . She also did bouncer work in nottm . Properly trained first aid etc. She did the thin yellow line at the city ground separating derby fans from forest . Said she loved the banter . On away stewards , I chatted to some MK dons stewards outside the away entrance at the unibol , they had official MK dons jackets etc.
  6. I do too , the main stand gives it away
  7. Going off the clues and clues alone because there isn't much to go on in the pic ... 3 new stands , so I deduce a 3 sided ground Bolton fans in both ends ... We used to stand on the quarry road end but in the pre season friendly in the parky promo season , away fans go to the retail park end now. Mansfield Town , field mill , oldest stadium in the world according to locals
  8. No such team as Notts Forest Dangerous thing to say in Nottingham
  9. Anyone notice Fleetwood fans cheering when our 4th goal went in because they were all but safe ( Gillingham were 2 nil down at the time ) and they joined in the Viking thunderclap too. As for the 1st Fleetwood goal , I was convinced it took a deflection from my view in the East Stand Upper
  10. Is nat at Pompey ? The low terrace and stand on the same side as the TV gantry . Stood on there when we had a football special. We won 1 nil went top of div 2
  11. PSV fans at Leicester .. Not many of them but great atmosphere ...very impressive, wish we could create something as good .. https://www.facebook.com/reel/565903167925428?fs=e&s=cl
  12. Huish park , although it looks big for yeovil
  13. Is it Fulham I can see Roger hunt , whose the tall guy next to Bobby Moore
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