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  1. Fuck knows.... Was in the pub getting pissed like everyone else 😁
  2. Maybe not but he was definitely a generational talent with every chance.
  3. Has he been watching the Victoria Woods boxset?
  4. Cheese in being contradictory shocker 😁
  5. Having 5 subs available to use I'd have hooked Sterling & Saka after half an hour, we may as well have been playing with 9 men and if Foden isn't deemed good enough to get a start ahead of that shower then it's time to give up.
  6. I'm of an age, though not particularly angry & whilst Thogdan doesn't bother me either way his dad certainly sends out certain 'vibes'..... Maybe that's just how he comes across on camera though.
  7. I'd follow you anywhere mate 😁
  8. They could have just refused to go in the first place if they REALLY wanted to make a statement.
  9. LW already knows this 😁
  10. He just has to drop Kachunga though.... Whilst I can't fault his effort he offers no goalscoring threat whatsoever..... Reminds me of a dog chasing a ball in the park.
  11. Bet it had a good head on it 😁
  12. Ignore the politics when it suits them you mean?
  13. Yaya said no no & Kolo said ja ja?
  14. Fuck right off!!!....you can't come on here talking sense like that!! 😁
  15. Sorry but no..... His grammar is fine & he's not posting in crayon 😁
  16. I don't follow the masses on here but if you're not a wum that probably is one of (if not the) saddest posts ever on here & you really are starved of attention.
  17. If Kachunga is picked before Sadlier again then the plot has been well & truly lost.
  18. We have no pattern to our play, it all looks off the cuff & everyone doing their own thing..... and we may as well not bother with set pieces!
  19. He's lucky that Kachunga gets all the shite thrown in his direction.... Charles has been dreadful all season.
  20. They aren't exactly set a good example on that score.
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