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  1. At least he will have no difficulty navigating this site.
  2. You must have been playing Jason Mcateer 😊
  3. He was the inspiration for the song 'Rudy don't take your love to Townleys'
  4. Those old stick in the muds...
  5. More chance of me beating Ronnie O'Sullivan at snooker when he's playing left handed.
  6. Wait until they invent Wanky Wanderers.
  7. Can we send a lorry load of sour grapes to Morecambe?
  8. Does he have your address & who is paying for the stamps?
  9. They'll always find summat to moan about.
  10. Everyone knows Jimmy Saville was the daddy.
  11. That has me reminiscing about match daysas a kid in the early/mid 70s. Getting to the ground early, mooching around the Happy shop. Buying sew on badges for the latest scarf, also buying the tin ones with a players picture on. Woollen scarf round neck, silk ones round wrists, reading the programme whilst waiting for autographs. Would occasionally be stood on the carpark in awe & trepidation as the police marched a big away following to the Lever end, particularly remember Forest in Cloughie 1st year, I think they brought 2 specials. Then there was the atmosphere of a big
  12. If Alan Partridge took up football management....
  13. When we were kids in Halliwell one of my mates & his family went to Morecambe for the day. It was pissing down so they went on a mystery coach trip which took them to........ Smithills Coaching House 😂😂😂
  14. You're trying to get into Kents knickers as well?? 😁
  15. I present you with Stairway to heaven... Written by a 7yr old with little imagination.
  16. Boys who like boys who like boys who like boys....
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