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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. If he's on crutches Southgate will still go with him..... He's an outstanding striker but tactically a liability, there's no out ball half the time because he comes too deep.
  2. Apparently Fairclough was the one no-one wanted to fuck with.... But there were some seriously hard lads in that team.
  3. Connell would be a decent addition probably... I didn't compare I was just skitting the ludicrous post saying he was a superb player & we'd be lucky to have him.
  4. No but not as ridiculous as the bigging up Connell gets on here.
  5. Luca Connell..... Poor man's Josh Vela
  6. They fuckin battered us at their place 😁
  7. I think he may be refering to the fact the you have 11 outfield players on that list....
  8. Did this happen outside the club shop?..... Its where he usually gets his invites 😁
  9. Well done Jack Catterall & what a great fight..... But Bob Arum is right about the state of BBBC judging even if he was wrong about who won.
  10. But they did run off at half time
  11. As did most of the fuckers who were supposed to get the ball to him.
  12. Bought a pair of Cuban heels 😁
  13. Manchester..... Home????..... You've been away far too long fella😁
  14. If Maghoma hasnt got enough for the Championship then we have a hell of a lot of recruitment to do if we go up..... fwiw I think he'll thrive at that level and I expect a big performance from him at Wembley.
  15. Tony Adams marauding down the pitch to score.....
  16. Only for Derby though 😁
  17. Most iconic save.... Banks/Pele.... Montgomery /Lorimer..... Possibly best save I've seen, Seaman v Sheffield United FA Cup semi-final.
  18. Might be wrong but my mind tells me they thought they were up at full time..... But I was very very drunk 😁
  19. Remember being in the King Billy watching the match reports & all the Vale fans at Blackpool celebrating as they thought we'd drawn & they were up 😁
  20. I said something similar a while back..... Strange how he gets overlooked, he's a quality manager.
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