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  1. Not sure it's conceit, more a misguided confidence..... Think latter years of Wenger Arsenal reign.
  2. We have a top half of the table team, probably play offs, capable of playing some quality football when allowed..... But they are mentally weak as fuck & Evatt seems to have fallen into the trap of thinking we are better than we are again. Bang average & poor teams over running us just by pure effort.
  3. I am now feeling officially fucking old!! 😁
  4. You would put your life savings on Ricketts scoring if he was one on one with the keeper.
  5. Hope he didn't gloat too much at the end 😁
  6. We did both, best weekend of football ever.
  7. A dozen of us went in a van, don't remember bumping into many other whites..... But it was a bit of a long drunken weekend & a long time ago.
  8. Remember Derby & Forest being well represented that day so no doubt they were at it...... Rangers & Celtic were battling each other at the side of us in the ground too.
  9. It was Saturday..... We were giving the Baggies loads of shit from the bus when we got there, then the Police stopped it & made us all get off...... We got legged everywhere 😁
  10. Frankie was my idol when I was younger but to throw another one in there from my youth.... Peter Thompson, absolutely unplayable at times, a joy to watch & an absolute gent too.
  11. Can't remember what year, probably around 88/89, we had a night game at Swansea that turned into water polo.
  12. Tbf he missed a lot of game time with City through illness last year..... Which should actually make him a shoe in for England 😁. Obviously a 33 Yr old Henderson playing testimonial games in Saudi is a better option 🤔
  13. Still recovering from his injury in the CL final.
  14. Has Foden shagged Southgate's missus?.....
  15. We were actually better before the sending off..... against 10 virtually everything was played towards our right.... Santos going so far forward was actually a hindrance. We are 2nd in the League, we will improve.... We just need to learn to fight fire with fire occasionally.
  16. If we win the league by the beginning of April some will still criticise.
  17. A few have said he wasn't feeling right....
  18. More in midfield?..... We had 3 against 2 v Wigan & still lost out. Man for man we match anything in this league, where we may come up short is game management & mental toughness.
  19. Not watched it yet but Dapo is on Fore Four Two with SJM
  20. Their commentators wondering why it took us 50 minutes to match Burton for effort sums today up for me. Big negative..... Jones, Iredale & Williams were shocking again...... Positives (hopefully) Meghoma will get better with game time & Mendes Gomes & JDB will improve us massively.
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