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  1. & one that could have been if he only had half a brain was Sasa....for all too short a while he was mesmerizing
  2. Admission price every time, not feckin everton!
  3. Remember Thommo in cup against Cardiff, they put 3 men on him at times & still cudnt stop him. Worth the admission price everton.e. Reidy is up there for me too....fuck me we could do with his like just now!
  4. We went by car, unfortunately parked in opposite direction to where our lot went rampaging.... bit dodgy but just about made it through. We had some brilliant turn outs in those days, especially in proportion to our home crowds
  5. Remember that Villa game well, their promotion season, thousands of em. Was enthralling for a 10 yr old watching it all kick off on manny rd
  6. That was 1 rough day! 4 down at half time uric, fookin Steve bastard Bull!!
  7. & they didn't explode like the bangers....hopefully
  8. Can't remember anything about the match apart from dodging flying bangers!!
  9. Was the Donny game where Farnworth caught the ball than stepped back over the line with it?
  10. Coventry...Mark Came at centre forward if irc?......hmmmm sounds like a cunning plan!
  11. 1st memory of being on lever end was as an 8yr old when Garry Jones slated the mighty citeh....it was following mental
  12. It was certainly worse but at least at Burnden being close to the pubs & town centre there was far more camaraderie than there seems to be now.....mind you the battles up & down manny rd helped with that
  13. It may be a sad fact, it's also a sad fact that when a man is stupid or naive enough to laugh & joke on the pitch when he's just been relegated that a certain section of fans will hold him up as an example of everything that is wrong within the club when times are hard....not that I agree with them but it's a situation that he himself has much to blame for
  14. Bollocks snoop, shake hands, clap the fans & show some consideration for the people who are the lifeblood of the club, but that's beyond some of today's big time charlies & I'm not just on about Knight....players swapping shirts at half time ffs! If I was their manager they would be fined & dropped, it's fuckin pathetic!
  15. Says a lot about the professionalism of our now club captain imo...whatever it was about it was a slap in the face of the fans who were rightly sickened that the team they support had been relegated....players shouldn't have needed that pointing out to them
  16. Dropping bollocks is acceptable, keep dropping the same ones every week is not
  17. People criticising an underperforming manager on a forum may still be supporting the team....If they are booing during games they are not.....there is a massive difference Cas.... I for one supported Dougie against mates in earlier days but I can't defend the indefensible any more.
  18. So no lower league players will go on to play at a higher level?.....aye latest
  19. Or maybe they are old enough to remember the 80s?.....
  20. Paul Fitzpatrick.... lanky ginger streak of shite
  21. Chris Armstrong is worth a mention...Gash!
  22. & team of favs Charlie Wright Ritson Allardyce Big Ged Dunne Reidy R Phillips Frandsen Morgan Walker Byrom
  23. Mcdonagh Gudni Ngotty Gardner P Jones Youri Reidy JJ P Thompson SJM Franky Worthy
  24. I think option B is almost certainly nailed on unfortunately for the lad
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