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  1. Remember a Grimsby lad outside the Submarine calling KZ from Great Lever a half caste cunt, to be met with the reply " I'm not half caste, I'm black!!" As KZ proceeded to knock him on his ass.... could only have been from a Bolton not reet that
  2. Aye that was a bit lively!!
  3. Twix to beat mars n snickers perhaps?
  4. You won't win many friends on here with that attitude...... however it's well worth a +1 !!
  5. Was worse the season before, night game we won 3-2
  6. The Sheffield Utd game was one of our finest performances in my time watching the Whites, remember Nickos screamer
  7. Port Vale in bout 71-72, 2-0 down when my dad decided it was time to go...ended up 2-2!! Think JB GOT both
  8. It's been a rollercoaster of that there's no doubt but it's been worth all the lows & I don't believe there's a bigger percentage of quality characters in any other teams support, so many laughs even in the dark days.
  9. He's frustrating but quite capable of going on a long scoring run. I really think him & the Juke could put us in contention next season.
  10. Can't believe we will ever replicate those times again. Massive away followings on terracing & a team that was a joy to behold.... or is it just me getting old & nostalgic? Nights games especially memorable, Blackburn, Derby & Everton away. Blackburn at home...33,000 for a div 3 game. Oh, & the slaying of the dmbs, so glad I grew up in that era.
  11. Players being stripped off by fans on the pitch, was mental....must have been horrible for t`rovers fans
  12. Awesome night, was on the riverside paddock...Bolton here, Bolton there.........
  13. Especially when it's a Celtic v Munich love in
  14. Will our firm now be known as the DMBs?? The Dodgy Mac Brigade....
  15. At 26 yrs old I fear it's too late
  16. Can't even beat little old Bolton....sack the board!
  17. Even Franky Worthy would struggle to get a model to spread her legs in the back of a lada!
  18. Think this is a job for Embankment...
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