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  1. Though Wycombe coming down might be better for us.. fuck it, Derby have had it coming for a while now!
  2. I'd rather be linked to him than 2 dmbs mate.... Anyhow I've looked into my crystal ball & I see you going on a, long journey with a very small blue man. Does the name Mick the Smurf mean anything to you? 😁
  3. By his own judgment of another fighter he bottled it end of.... Can't have it both ways Billy boy.
  4. Given his own comments about Daniel Dubois when he suffered the same injury he deserves every bit of shit that comes his way.... Karma is one vindictive bitch 😂
  5. Must be bungee rope then. 😁
  6. My only surprise is the announcements aren't on ppv.
  7. I sort of follow you but our defence.... and Santos & Baptiste in particular got us promoted. They have a good partnership going on. Any centre half coming in would have to wait for his opportunity as they have earned theirs.
  8. There's at least 6 regular 1st teamers who haven't hit Baptistes consistency this season so are we moving them on as well?
  9. Send her one of yourself & you'll be revisiting your past 😊
  10. Thomas Chippendale, Pat Garrett, Phil Neale, Mark Wahlberg &........ Jade Goody! Footballers Kieran Tierney & Junior Hoillett... Totally underwhelmed.
  11. Doesnt always correlate.. McTominay will be on a lot more than 8 grand a week & wouldn't look miles too good for the 4th Division 😁
  12. I think it's more a, case of cart before the horse. Pointless asking people to vote until they know what's involved.
  13. Just wondering if there was a way it could be done & collected in conjunction with membership monthly subs... Dependant on how many members were involved at would likely make it more accessible to everyone & the collection system is already in place.
  14. We just had a lad who was playing jumpers for goalposts getting rave reviews ( take a bow GT). It doesn't matter where they come from, it's where they take us.
  15. Them getting relegated would have been the stripper that popped out of the cake.
  16. That's him. If Dapo goes I'd be happy with him as replacement.
  17. I thought that little winger of Crawleys yesterday looked a good player. As for Mullen, if a deal could be done it would certainly be a statement of intent.
  18. He'd scored 41 goals in 205 games before last season.
  19. He was a mate of my cousins so I played in a few kickabouts with him on Hall i'th Wood, just remember him being quick.
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