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  1. To be honest they did well to get him out if he could see... He was about to get destroyed & Canelo was showboating because he knew it. There's only one Gypsy King & it ain't BJS.
  2. Got the same vibe with Saunders as with how Canelo dealt with Khan. He took his time & worked them out & they looked like they were doing well..... Then he started work & they realised they were in hell.
  3. I doubt any promotion will beat Wrexham.
  4. Great day for everyone connected to the club, I think we should all raise a glass tonight to the most successful partnership we've had in years.... Sharon & Michael 🍻🍾🥂🎉
  5. When Dapo gets tired get Arthur on, if we keep up this tempo we could fill our boots.
  6. Keith Andrews makes iFollow commentators sound professional... He's worse at it than he was a player, which takes some doing.
  7. We have Ken Anderson to blame thanks.
  8. Geordies will be livid... Results like this will keep Bruce in a job 😂
  9. I couldn't vote as I had a sore leg.
  10. Wish you told me that beforehand, I wouldn't have bothered voting 😏
  11. I'll pass given the fact that I'm calling a massive bollocks on that survey.
  12. I'm still struggling with the first choice business... Can't see why we need to waste a salary on one, especially one as useless as Burnham.
  13. Pints or years? 🤔
  14. Probably try & sell it as suicide....
  15. They certainly won't be too Cavalier under Jose.
  16. All that fame & success & he still can't get in Bolton Blondies knickers 😂
  17. I heard he liked soaps 😉
  18. Time to get the bus valeted.
  19. 3 separate breaks of 1, 4 & 7.
  20. He said Archbishop not Imam.
  21. It was in the year of 58, the merry month of May....
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