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  1. He took his grandkids 😂
  2. I'm a member of the church of Bill & Ted.... ' Be excellent to each other'. Though I do fail a lot 😊
  3. They could for me, I wouldn't have a clue who 90% of them are these days.
  4. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but when watching the 2nd half yesterday I was thinking Williams, Thomason & Tutte to stop them running through us, take Doyle off & stick Dapo up front to keep their back line honest. Whilst I have no problems with Doyle in as much as he gives his all, for me he's a big part in our lack of potency. He's no target man so you can't hit it long into him & he has no pace so you can't play down the channels either so until you get him in front of goal he's pretty much redundant.... and personally I don't believe his shots to goal ratio out ways h
  5. Why do you ask? Is he going in your wank bank? 😁
  6. Would be more surprising if anyone else on here gave a fuck.
  7. Is there something you want to share with the class? 😁
  8. When your passing game isn't happening it helps if you can just knock it into your striker. They hit Bowman when necessary & it stuck virtually every time, we hit it towards Doyle & it comes back every time. For the last 15-20 minutes we had the defence plus Williams, Thomason & Gnanuah taking it to them whilst the other 3 contributed sweet fa.
  9. We need to get him more involved, they can't cope with him when he gets at them. Would like him to head to the 18 yard box when he cuts inside instead of drifting across.
  10. 1-0-1-0...just for WS63 😊
  11. I'm a massive Phil Foden fan but Gazza was quite possibly the best player in the world at his peak, as short lived as it may have been. He took a World Cup by its throat & almost dragged us to the final. Foden has yet to hit that height but he is the real deal & should be one of the 1st names in any England team.
  12. I'm exiled now M, got a WN postcode like yourself.... I'm here on missionary work though 😊
  13. He probably thought you were further away than you were. 😂
  14. Maybe your snake oil salesmen the Glazers might reach the final of the Thursday night cup 😁
  15. Ani will give you a shoeing for such negativity 😁
  16. It's Ramadan... They were probably just a bit hangry 😁
  17. They won't be there much longer, they've fucked the training pitches off due to too many injuries & vacated their offices. They now train at Carrington.
  18. It was the week before Boro at home iirc... Getting a, point kept our fate in our own hands, luckily Southampton had one eye on the FA Cup final.
  19. Saturday teatime game on sky, cracking day out that was 😊
  20. Latin Americas Damping Des aka Capeman 😁
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