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  1. I can't believe you were so irresponsible at such a pivotal time of the season
  2. “The dog had bit him and he actually called the dog warden himself." At least the dog took responsibility for his actions
  3. I've got the cunt on ignore. Fuck him mate
  4. I've had 3 hours sleep... All revved up and ready to go COYWM
  5. You know we are cut from the same cloth. My dad was too caught up in the fear of hooliganism and wouldn't take me to the match... Hence I was chosen to go to Burnden rather than OT. I had so many craics with my mates over the years, the first being on the pitch against Preston. I think I was 13. In terms of ups and downs, I think it's 7/6 positive, but I have been drinking for a long long time. I was very keen not to make the same mistake as my dad, so my lads first match was just before his 2nd birthday. Luckily we beat Stoke 5-0. He has endured 80% shite since then, b
  6. I shut down at 3-0. Just went to sleep in my seat
  7. I know Army... A few off here will too Can't remember last time I entered this though. Now it's a challenge
  8. Hope it works bud. I nabbed to the old projector from my local years ago, worked great for night games. You'll need to think about your audio output too: I don't know how a firestick would work into a projector. Easier option might be a laptop. Let me know how you get on, I've got dowters micro projector and screen and been meaning to do it
  9. At night maybe... Good luck trying to get it to cut through daylight. You could put the projector and screen under a curtained canopy, leaving a 'viewing' end free
  10. Fair dos, one thing I would add though is that one had an illness prior to going in, one didn't. I just have issues with reality shows in general; let's point and laugh at folk, or look how shitty their lives are... Worst kind of entertainment
  11. So just ignoring the bit about her getting the support she so genuinely needed? Or that she was selected to be thrust into the limelight, despite her illness, or without her illness being properly evaluated? The 'millions of fans' she entertained, being asked to pay for her private medical bills... Do you not think the production company should have made a contribution? Tragically she has made celebrity deadpool. To me, those who made her a celebrity are partially responsible for her wellbeing? I couldnt give a Fuck how she lived her life; its tragic that she had succumbed to
  12. Oh I agree, and as I say it's tragic. Reading more, she has suffered from an early age; starting from an insensitive, but childish innocuous comment. Believe it or not, I don't mean to come across as crass (or frankly a twat), but she always struck me as being desperate for fame, it maybe just to be loved... Folk screaming her name will patch that scar up; but it can be easily ripped away. To me, it seemed she craved something... It was dangled, then at some point taken away. I just question whether anything 'reality' does enough research into their contestants, and if they w
  13. Price of reality TV and wannabe famedom? I'll be honest, this is my initial and uneducated response. To die in such a manner will always be tragic. Never really liked her whenever I saw her in TV, but hopefully she has found peace.
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