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  1. Maude has kaiboshed everything so far... Apart from me asking a selection of questions from the good folk of wanderersways. Do your worst, they will be put on card and numbered. He can choose the questions. That way I'm not being a cunt
  2. So tomorrow I have the pleasure of meeting theldests (dunno, a bit meh; not like her mams) boyfriend. Things I already know; He's an Owl 22 (2 years older than her) A roofer (going off this site, ffs) They met via Instagram (wtf) He's 6ft 5... Obviously that last bit changes shit. Are they serious? She's got a year left at uni, they live miles apart, why so keen to meet? Any tips? I've been told not to borrow a shotgun, wear an elvis jumpsuit, tuxedo, pimp outfit etc Meeting at a chain pub, so can't even get th
  3. We've had the masked singer, the masked dancer is up... Live TV world be all over the masked shagger. Between Tiffany's big city tips and topless darts
  4. I understand. I'd Fuck it. Regardless
  5. Any hole is a goal. Not all of Frankie Worthies were worldies
  6. because there are 30million videos previously posted, and I chose the first one that came up. Feel free to add anything productive, and just enjoy your memories. FWIW I was given wrong info by Heddlu that day, and ended up in the wrong ticket office. I was one of two Bolton fans in the midst of 100s of them, the other bein my mate. I was seeing if we rocked up on the footage.
  7. bit of balance: lets see how it feels to be Preston
  8. i used to live behind a labour club. its a fuck off chinese temple now, in the middle of an overspill council estate
  9. there are some stylish mutha fuckering designers at macron: https://www.footballshirtculture.com/21/22-Kits/sampdoria-2021-22-macron-third-shirt.html
  10. Would a new sponsor only be interested in home and second shirts? In which case great. Sure I've seen that somewhere else; Spuds are a nightmare for it
  11. It was a more innocent time
  12. I did, I usually go on IMDB after watching a film
  13. Just watched Cape Fear for the first time. Fuck. Me. Recognise that bloke from the Warbies ad. He's alright
  14. I'll be eagle eyed next time I'm in that neck of the wood
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