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  1. lets face it, being a bolton fan had been a bit boring for a week or so
  2. It's a cashless stadium, dunno if they have card readers on the turnstiles... Might have something to do with POTD
  3. so guessing no adult spares then 😄
  4. he's a bit of a twat anyway
  5. because there are 30million videos previously posted, and I chose the first one that came up. Feel free to add anything productive, and just enjoy your memories. FWIW I was given wrong info by Heddlu that day, and ended up in the wrong ticket office. I was one of two Bolton fans in the midst of 100s of them, the other bein my mate. I was seeing if we rocked up on the footage.
  6. bit of balance: lets see how it feels to be Preston
  7. there are some stylish mutha fuckering designers at macron: https://www.footballshirtculture.com/21/22-Kits/sampdoria-2021-22-macron-third-shirt.html
  8. Would a new sponsor only be interested in home and second shirts? In which case great. Sure I've seen that somewhere else; Spuds are a nightmare for it
  9. Tony Adams Dean Kiely Fernando Santos Erm... Ade Akinibiyi Amongst others
  10. I can't believe you were so irresponsible at such a pivotal time of the season
  11. I've got the cunt on ignore. Fuck him mate
  12. I've had 3 hours sleep... All revved up and ready to go COYWM
  13. You know we are cut from the same cloth. My dad was too caught up in the fear of hooliganism and wouldn't take me to the match... Hence I was chosen to go to Burnden rather than OT. I had so many craics with my mates over the years, the first being on the pitch against Preston. I think I was 13. In terms of ups and downs, I think it's 7/6 positive, but I have been drinking for a long long time. I was very keen not to make the same mistake as my dad, so my lads first match was just before his 2nd birthday. Luckily we beat Stoke 5-0. He has endured 80% shite since then, but he still has the buzz. He was in the pitch 4 years ago today, and whilst we can't do that tomorrow, we'll be there just in case something memorable does happen. Times like this are in short supply, make memories whilst you can... If it goes tits up, you'll still remember the moment, those you're with, and what you mean to each other. I'll be going for a beer or two, summat to eat, and watch on my phone... Any party will organic COYWM
  14. I shut down at 3-0. Just went to sleep in my seat
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