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  1. guys, thank you all so much- all of you who supported me be it with words or otherwise it means the world. @MickyD your link to the Morecambe lad was used (without setting president 😁) so again, thank you. Those who helped with fees, that were inevitably too much after the third appearance, please DM me... I'm paying you back one way or another I'm proud to be part of this family COYWM xxx
  2. £440 fine, and promise to be a better role model going forward. I am I do And I will
  3. Just hope the club allow me in now... Bestest behaviour from now on
  4. See you on Saturday boys 😎
  5. Going in boys... Wish me luck
  6. It's all bollocks. Macc as an academy? They are below Colls FFS. They pick up good kids, promise academy status, yet don't have the means to deliver, and charge the earth. Meanwhile, said kids miss out on better opportunities. That JPL will take you everywhere Salford 'should' do it next year... We've heard that before though. Genuinely hope they do (could be a nice little earner 😂). I also believe your B is above that level btw. Oh, and NW could really do with the pair of you back if you're free 😁
  7. Just under a year ago I bumped into an old friend in Tesco (booze isle). He told me his lad hadn't played a game in six weeks. His team had too many players, and they were picking 6 year olds 'on merit'. I couldn't believe it, and agreed to help him out until he qualified as a coach. They played their first game in November in a kit I purchased for them. We lost count of the score in a very heavy defeat at Moss Bank (I think). Today, I was almost overcome with emotion- they played the best football I've seen from 7 year olds outside of an academy. We played most of the game with two players less than our opponents, won 12-1, and could've scored 20. Six different scorers, and the other two came close. We passed, communicated, fought and were ruthless. A year ago, these kids wouldn't shout their own name. Never been as proud as a coach... An hour earlier I was coaching another set of 7 year olds who are too shy to shout their own name... Football; I fucking love it
  8. Yep. Well known... And his brother
  9. I feel for those who have just forked out for the womens kit... I did try to warn folk
  10. How do you get in touch with these tools?
  11. Who the fuck sent Mike Oxlong Snr in? 😂😂😂
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