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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Massive Chelsea fan and director of the club. Yeah might have been
  2. One way of generating an atmosphere; where would we get the lions from though? Increased security, whips, tunics etc? Service my Chariot? Neil Hart likes togas Thas names Maximus Crustimus Lobbynus; fathe’ of a sister named wife husband too Slave to Legius Snapius I
  3. totally; is S coming down? only seem to see him at parties now: i need to address that hopefully see you both down there if not sooner
  4. i'm taking the wife, more to keep me in tow than anything else
  5. In the words of Gareth Cheeseman; Right, a wank I think
  6. thats not the 1874 stuff, he's completely unofficial; supplied the kits for the game at Colls if I'm not mistaken?
  7. No, he’s a one man band as far as I know, just avoiding copyright laws
  8. The lads ball boy at Turf on Saturday; he knows what to do 😂
  9. Or better, depending on your perspective
  10. Was at a christening in Monton; dads a Bolton fan, his missus a faded red… let’s just say come 6pm Monton was white
  11. First post on this thread 😂
  12. All I know is straight there
  13. All sorted, was purchasing 107 after missing out on safe standing… one of our party asked for a cheap as possible 🙄. Kids then asked for their usual seats behind the net… I doubt I’ll be able to see the full length of the pitch come kick off, so meh
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