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  1. I could understand it... there has been a toxic atmosphere this season when we've been doing relatively well. i still feel flat after Saturday, and the thought of going to Blackpool/Stockport/Wigan just leaves me cold. I'll still be there next season, probably the season after... but it depends on how far the lad gets with his game.
  2. thats just reminded me; as we reached Piccadilly somebody was blaring out I'm Still Standing on the piano i felt good for moment, made me realise will be back one day
  3. Wait until you see Harry- his younger brother
  4. That’s the kind of shit I hate- folk forget why they are there and suddenly think they are Jose and must win at all costs. I don’t have a team myself cos of this, and I still have run ins with parents!
  5. agree with this entirely- feel empty. if we put up a fight i'd feel some pride
  6. my lad is plying at Turf Moor tomorrow v Accy, played at Ewood last weekend, 2-0 down and won 3-2 (cheeky couple in the Ferny 😉) Just been confirmed in Greater Manchester's squad for Northern Counties final Wednesday night... might start liking football again come the end of the week
  7. we spunked 30k on flags from China that didnt arrive in time. similar amount for hotel bills for the game which seemed bollocks
  8. was anyone on the 10pmish train from Crewe to Manchester? the lad who reckoned he worked in the clubs accounts dept?
  9. Imagine, as a full grown adult, cheering like fuck when a 9 year old girl misses a penalty! Seen some shite today, and I’m far from proud of football this weekend I’m a grassroots coach who hates grassroots football… every club/team should act with some decorum. Football is such an emotional game, but if I can be stoic during pens etc surely anybody else can. Any hoot, as our season is now over, how’s all of our guys and gals getting on? Won a cup, medal, academy signings- anything… Give us something to celebrate!!
  10. Push in the back? I clocked that
  11. Apologies if mentioned, did anyone spot the bell end in 106 calling his own fans for their lacklustre support? Criticising the atmosphere, screaming were an embarrassment, being out sang by an 8 year old, yada yada yada… then left in the 89th minute? Aye, proper supporter you lad
  12. I’ve seen kids crying and grown men fighting each other. What I’m saying is remember it’s a game of football- don’t go home and twat your wife, kick your cat, or be a general dickhead We we’re shite, but we’re no superior to any other club- just take it in your stride Sorry if my inebriated waffling isn’t concise enough x
  13. Not fighting through pages and pages Call me a happy clapper if you must We’ve not shown up today, the why’s and the reasons why not will come out. Seen some god folk turn on each other today, seen some inconsolable kids, it’s part and parcel of this bittersweet game. If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor Lick our wounds and go again- it’s never dull Most importantly, look after yourselves… and each other x
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