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  1. i need some winter sun- 5 nights just before xmas... 3 of us to just take the edge off
  2. Ain't it a shame to beat your wife on Sunday Ain't it a shame Ain't it a shame to beat your wife on Sunday When you got Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Oh, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Ain't it a shame Leadbelly 1948
  3. behave; he'll be reet
  4. Cat 3 confirmed I believe bud
  5. do stop bringing relevant facts into the equation. he'll spill custard all over his little moped
  6. my office is the annex of the arena i left work as they were waiting to get in. i was pissed off that there were all these kids blocking my exit kids... much younger than the average crowd. these weren't your average gig goers, nothing illicit running through their veins; everyday youngsters seeing their idol with nothing but excitement in their eyes and when our antipodean thespian fuckwit wakes up; i dont remember the colour of their skin, i just see that- the excitement in their eyes... scores of them as they held their parents hands i've got it etched into my skin- nobody forgets these atrocities, we just deal with it in our own way
  7. i defo need to do this from next week; i'm mullered all the time at the min- snapped recently after my niece asked if the crem would let me know if they get any cancellations ffs. she also thought i could get a better slot with another fucking funeral director i'm learning that a drink will take the edge off, but that pressure is still building. i've just snapped at a pensioner on the other side of the world ffs
  8. 😆 i have ignored you for years. you arrogant prick. i dont resort to clicking my fingers to make people disappear, nor do i simply squeeze my testicles and have a tantrum until the bad man goes away. i'll tell them they are a self righteous smarmy spunk bubble, especially if they spout shit; whilst i'm on the topic, your splendid grandiose vocabulary may impress the natives, but it goes against the grain- am i wrong in suggesting you're the hard working bowton lad come good? your life is so fucking superior, your knowledge immense, and your moped a classic? why use big words when little ones will do? there are no usual suspects aligning to back me up: i've turned a blind eye to some of your more heinous comments (ooh irony), so maybe accept this your legacy people think youre a cunt feel free to block me you dinosaur, maybe i'll reciprocate it
  9. Mad how we started deporting convicts, but now self righteous smarmy spunk bubbles make their own way there
  10. D as in default setting maybe? You spout some shit; you’ve made some frankly outrageous comments over the years, and I for one am really not in the mood for tolerating such bollocks. Have a day off
  11. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJ4BPrWX/
  12. for me, it was the recovery to make the spread on the second save that showed his athleticism and his mentality. the pen was poor, and predictable. the first step back after placing the ball will give an indication of where he his headed (based upon his feet). the slow skip in the run tells you he isnt going for power, and he'll likely wait for you to move. two keepers in this house absolute buzzing with him not all heroes wear capes... some of us don gloves
  13. True dat… but it is better than it was; filled the corners in, and changed the box tvs for a 32” flat screen Fans are still not rights though
  14. We were… 11 years ago- level of investment has gone through the roof, and we’ve cut our cloth accordingly. Barnfield pisses all over what we currently have
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