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  1. Spot on post , if by January we are out of the danger zone then that will do for me .
  2. After the last few years I thought I had become thick skinned to embarrassing displays but that was a new low for me . The concern for me was the total disorganisation of the team and worryingly I.E didn't seem to have a clue how to address it .
  3. Just got back home and what a great day and hopefully lots of money raised in the fight against this terrible disease. My quick video of Supa John's Penalty
  4. Extended highlights from the Cup Win at Highbury in 94 . These are from ITV and feature Alan Parry on Commentary, instead of the usual John Motson footage .
  5. Your right to be wary , looked through my Rothmans and his return was 10 goals in 29 games over a season and a bit . The season he joined us he started the first 6 games scoring 2 goals . I think he jumped at the chance to rejoin Rioch and in later interviews he spoke about how he wanted to play for us ( didn't stop the sod scoring against us though ).
  6. Well getting in from work and this news immediately popping up on my phone is certainly one of the more WTF moments following Bolton . Sad to see him go and it doesn't seem so long ago since the winner at Lincoln and the Euphoria in the stands , the difference a few weeks make in Football . But I.E has to be backed on this one , especially if it regards lack of discipline , more so from your captain .
  7. He's just being taken off.
  8. In fairness mate he isn't even close to winning any of the balls hoofed down to him.
  9. Baka seems to be doing a poor Emile Heskey impression.
  10. Well that corner was different.
  11. We're getting battered here.
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