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  1. All the more remarkable they are only League stats as well.
  2. Me neither . Be nice if we could get a game over here at some point.
  3. That Eagle's win was something else also , I'm looking forward to the games again . The name change still hasn't grown on me yet , how about you ?
  4. Looking a lot more positive of late mate , especially after our notoriously slow starts. Interesting few weeks ahead.
  5. Them 3 certainly, I'd also chuck Anelka in there personally.
  6. A discussion was started today on a Facebook ( I know) group , and it was regarding if these 2 goal getters would cut it in our team and todays football in general .
  7. Can we afford to wait until January before it's fixed . In fairness I do think Charles and Bod will start clicking soon though.
  8. Frustrating night Paul.
  9. That's your opinion , for me attacking wise they offered zero but defensively they won a lot and needed too.
  10. They fully deserved it sadly , concerning the lack of attacking quality from the midfield although defensively M.J and Thomason were everywhere .
  11. Really good result that today , just what the Doctor ordered . Looking at some of today's results amongst the more fancied sides it shows anyone can beat anyone , hopefully a couple of good results should see us getting up there.
  12. To be fair at 2-0 up the emphasis wasn't really on them to do much more other than defend and press well , which they did.
  13. A bad day at the office and certainly a reality check but still 7th so not disastrous yet . Hopefully it's not a sign of things to come against the better teams , we can't afford to replicate last season's return against the top 6 , not if we are hoping to be challenging. Hopefully with Charles fit we should see a lot more movement up top .
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