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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Definitely, it's probably a 3 or 4 nil we are discussing if either of his chances go in .
  2. The game changed straight after the melee on the halfway line , you could see their tails go up and they scored soon after , why the fuck I.E has to involve himself in that bollocks I don't know , it played straight into Adams hands . A piss poor result in the play off scheme of things , a win in the next 2 and who knows but we are at the wrong stage of the season to be dropping points against relegation fodder.
  3. That's an understatement mate . 1 shot on target all night tells it's own story.
  4. Did Santos close his eyes then or what.
  5. Our heads seem to have gone at the back.
  6. The 4-0 at Mansfield in 91 and 1 of the Forest tonkings in 2015 or 16 . Other than that I've pretty much always stayed to the bitter end .
  7. Sorry mate , just noticed the earlier posts .
  8. A 2-2 draw against Oldham in 1994 after being 2-0 up . Joe Royle taking great pleasure after the equaliser.
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