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  1. Good point regarding Williams .
  2. Thanks , I think . To think if we had got the ball and their keeper was in our box , the marking and body language was fucking dreadful.
  3. Sadly not . Can you still buy match passes on sky?
  4. Chill mate. We play better away and we've beaten Salford and Morecambe away recently. 2nd half yesterday was crap but it's still in our hands.
  5. One of our problems yesterday was taking the lead too early . Our habit of dropping deep when we go ahead and then trying to hit them on the counter works best for us if we score later in the game , you could see 5 minutes after scoring we got deeper and deeper and with Exeter being a decent side and throwing everything at us they basically overran us , especially after the subs that just seemed to throw the whole balance of the team to shit. I certainly think we can win next week , it can be argued playing away suits our system best . Forgetting the Grimsby debacle we have had 2 great a
  6. Very strange decision , for me Isgrove was clear on goal .
  7. On a side note and certainly grasping at straws , but how did the referee not see the foul on Isgrove as a professional foul and a straight red for their player . At the time we were 1 up and in the ascendancy. Big decision gone against us there.
  8. Well the champagne is only on Ice for a week hopefully . Exeter deserved the win overall to be honest , while we huffed and puffed around the box , we created virtually nothing of note . Our problem was scoring so early and then not really knowing what to do as the game wore on. Concerning was the lethargy in our play for the last hour and considering Exeter had a tough midweek game , they actually looked considerably sharper than us. The good thing next week is that Crawley have nothing to play for and shouldn't really show the desire and Tempo that Exeter did , that being said it
  9. We not done it for a few months though , too many experienced players went missing today.
  10. We just looked totally out of ideas when they equalised, needs to be much better next week.
  11. Dreadful mate . We can't afford another performance like that 2nd half.
  12. We are gonna lose this bugger unless we start showing some more intent.
  13. Back on . Turned it on and off again.
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