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  1. I agree totally , but we never do just have a proper go , it's always the standard build up play unless we go behind
  2. It's all irrelevant if Derby stays the same though
  3. Bod confirmed out for the season with a calf injury
  4. Sadly these type of results have littered this campaign , especially the 2nd half of the season . Do we now rest some of the walking wounded for the play offs or play them to try and guarantee 3rd place ? .
  5. Directly after playing us to be honest , they are shithouses though and games against them have always seemed to be tight
  6. Certainly frustrating, after the 5-0 loss yesterday I feel the last game against us would have been a dead rubber for them and would of seem them resting or rotating key players for the play offs . But that obviously meant us winning a consecutive number of games which we haven't done for a good while .
  7. I've a funny feeling we will end up with Barnsley if has looks likely we end up in the play offs
  8. All that I heard is that he's had the op a while ago , long job apparently
  9. My thoughts exactly, must admit my heart sank when the change was made and I imagine Pompey were relieved with the change . Annoying now Collins is showing some form for him to be binned at a specific time , especially when chasing the game
  10. The last 4 years it's almost a carbon copy of parts of the Phil Neal era , placings wise at least .
  11. Collins is starting to look the part and is hitting the goals just at the right time , I'd have definitely have kept him on today though Paul especially with 1 goal potentially changing everything .
  12. Agree regarding the play offs , feel much more confident after the last 6 performances, although I've got a horrible feeling we could end up with Barnsley over 2 legs and although they aren't playing well they are a team of shithouses who we generally struggle against. If we got 2 the final then I fancy us against anyone on our current form . Hopefully Derby slip up but I doubt it .
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