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    They were right wankers , I remember 1 Bald headed bloke giving it loads all game , when I was walking back to my car there were 3 blokes with hoodies up , they got to their car and I walked past I just happened to look around and the gobby Bald headed bloke pulled his hood down , had a furtive look around and shot into the back of the car . That pretty much sums them up.
  2. On Saturday 10.30 on ITV 4 they are featuring Ipswich v Bolton from the 1979/80 season . The programme will also start showing at 5.55 on ITV4 every week night , featuring the 1976/77 season before concentrating on 1980/81 in August.
  3. He was absolutely immense wasn't he , I'm not sure it would have got to pens if he had stayed on.
  4. I thought for the first 30 minutes that Kane pulled them all over the place and won every header that went up to him , then we started getting nervy and dropping really deep . To be fair though they really ramped it up in the 2nd half , these weren't mugs and their 30 odd game unbeaten run is testament to that.
  5. No doubt about it ., especially with a keeper that size.
  6. I think Ray Stewart, West Ham's penalty expert said " hit em hard enough and they should go in " . The run up bollocks grates more than the actual miss .
  7. Did really well all in all , albeit it was basically a home tournament .But for the first half tonight we made a very good and wily Italian team look very ordinary , but they showed all their experience in the 2nd half and we were probably fortunate to get to extra time level . I said to my Missus before the pens that our body language looked beaten before 1 was taken . 2 shit penalties did for us but how wise it was in hindsight to bring on 2 lads who hadn't kicked a ball all night will need to be answered. what a man mountain the keeper was though., reminiscent of David James filling the go
  8. It definitely was the last few games ( before Crawley) . We certainly need to be more clinical in this league though but I'd imagine another striker to take the pressure off Doyle is near the top of the list.
  9. Your correct , me and Rudy were talking about the goals he's scored from the chances he gets though in general . Perhaps I should of been clearer.
  10. Doyle is a 1 in 3 striker at best and isn't getting any younger , but that said I do think he has got that quality that seems to win tight games .someone who can hold the ball up would be my priority although you can't go wrong having a poacher in the team . Whereabouts Mullin would fit in the team is another question ( if we stick with Doyle up top).
  11. His goal record last season speaks for itself but in the 2 games against us he looked Bobbins. But certainly worth looking at on a freebie.
  12. I reckon Tommy would have banged her from behind over his workbench.
  13. Your quite right it wasn't just the mines , she totally decimated virtually all of our major manufacturing capacity putting millions out of work . But she did manage to get re-elected twice , in part thanks to dreadful opposition leaders. Being a fellow brexiteer though I do hope we see shoots of a recovery in British based production again .
  14. The butcher of the big hitting Mansfield area pits were Major and Heseltine, those pits and certain collieries elsewhere could have carried on supplying the U.K instead of importing millions upon millions of tonnes yearly . Scargill's big flaw was not calling a national ballot and alienating the Notts Coalfield ( a very moderate area , who actually broke away from the N.U.M , won the strike for Thatcher and generally towed the line , for what good it did them). In my opinion the premature closure of a lot of these pits has probably cost Billions more than was ever saved by shutti
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