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  1. They sent the wrong player off , Kachunga punched the defender in the gut WTF
  2. He was there again today , I turned around and spotted him ballooning about haha .
  3. I've just had a look back at our record in this jinx fixture since I started supporting us in 1985 . The Record in these games I have attended reads Won 1 Drawn 3 Lost 9 And that does not include the losses in 95 and 98 . Do we have a worse record at any other ground? ( Forest perhaps )
  4. Frustrating day in the end , I think we just shaded the first half personally and had a decent 15 minute spell in the 2nd but a lack of cutting edge cost us . I thought Derby pressed really well and looked very strong ( without creating loads thereselves) .
  5. David Crosby (81) of the Byrds and Crosby Stills and Nash fame.
  6. I forgot about him . Will you be following Ken when he switches?
  7. It was OK when Gary Davies stood in for him but Scott Mills was like pulling teeth .
  8. If anyone knows of a spare ticket going that I can collect off them at the ground it would be much appreciated.
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