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  1. Do you remember the other Air Disaster around the same time at Kegworth , the plane's engine(s) failed and it hit the embankment of the M1 approaching East Midlands airport.
  2. This was mine when I was 20 , rapid car that used to eat 3i's alive until some Tosser torched it.
  3. V Watford in the League cup in 1989 , quite a surprising win and a great draw in the return leg .
  4. Always a happy hunting ground IIRC in the early 2000's , I remember Youri's brace and us going mental . Loved them days.
  5. Great start and just what was needed.
  6. Well that's 111 points conceded in 3 games , the latest calamity conceding 40 points to a team with a 0-4 Record .
  7. It really was hopeless wasn't it . That was some score though in the Denver game.
  8. Who would have thought after that superb 1991/92 season that we would have had 30 seasons of mediocrity at best . Best make the most of the good start anyways.
  9. Bullseye Strike it lucky 15 to 1
  10. Good start for us for once mate , showing some backbone that's been missing for a good while . Big test tomorrow though.
  11. There are 3 park and rides around Reading , I always use these if available ( Oxford, Cambridge etc )
  12. Didn't we hold out for an hour or so at Forest?
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