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  1. He was nowhere to be seen for the Accy game, nowhere to be seen for the second string / youth or fringe line up today - so either injured or curtains already?
  2. In all my years of watching football, i've never before seen a defender just leave a near post cross as if it were a wide delivery in cricket Baffling.
  3. Cheers mate, i would take that as meaning those spaniards don't mind a ton note greasing their palms !
  4. Afternoon All Random question to throw out but looking for some advise. Just received our holiday money for Spain, and we've got several 100 Euro notes Can anyone advise if these are readily accepted, in restaurants supermarkets etc? Just seems a big note, wondering if some places will be funny about it?
  5. Cheers will look into some of them
  6. His story was also on tv recently as one of the 'Banged Up Abroad' series
  7. Read them , really enjoyed !
  8. Sorry if there is already a books thread anywhere BUT I'm looking for recommendations for some really good reads, i'm bored of the same old rubbish to be honest, i'm looking for some good series' or even stand-alone books, preferably fiction, preferably not science fiction or romance. I like a good series, but they seem to go stales after a while, think Lee Child / Jack Reacher, and the Tom Wood 'Victor' series - i need a fresh start on a completely new author or style. All recommendations will be checked out and will be welcome !
  9. Sorry mate didn't see it elsewhere
  10. ohjimmyjimmy


  11. Make sure it's not a barn door though ...no chance of even getting near it
  12. Haven't we already got a manager? I might be missing the point of this thread..?
  13. Honestly, it was an age ago...but I take that fucking Wembley day to the grave with me, broke my heart, fuck em, and Elton welsby and Chris Malkin and Paul comstive and the 6 fucking fans they had there
  14. Reading the Forest Green forum, fgrfc.net, they really must have the nicest fans..and speak highly of him and just wish him all the best, nice to see
  15. He looks like a red card waiting to happen
  16. Have we got a keeper for the bench tomorrow? Apart from Magennis of course
  17. Hobbs will be injured most of the season
  18. Fuckin hell he's having his tea He's a foreigner living out of a hotel, he's adjusting to his surroundings, he fancied a burger
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