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  1. Germany Koch is out
  2. Swedish keeper is known as Våfflor wrists
  3. I enjoyed that goal
  4. and suck him off before he got bummed and pushed back. this is of course before eating a pack of niknaks
  5. What a great pic 👍
  6. Santos hits the post with his header from a corner
  7. Maybe @victor meldrewand @Cheesedont look like cunts🤷‍♂️
  8. @victor meldrewthe wandersways delegate to the supporters trust. Can a fancy name badge be knocked up?
  9. Dingles view of Frandsen and Blake…
  10. Joe Joyce up next! Brutal knockout in the fight before when Tete cleaned out Donny lad Cunningham.
  11. I’m oblivious to all these songs we’ve got?
  12. Morizio


    Bravo 🤣 cunto, cuntodiet. Any others? The fuckers bound to stalk here 😛
  13. Morizio


    Did shitewhitesincethesixties appear at the same time as some other cockwomble called ratshitmam?
  14. Morizio


    It’s already been established that you like talking and not listening 🙉
  15. There’s some story going round about a rag season ticket holder for 60 years has missed a payment and the ticket has gone. An absolute rule, no listening or mitigation.
  16. Shame he’s not called Giz rather than Gez
  17. If he makes it could be a some greats songs like Gez shits on you again Etc
  18. Boxing day at home! Derby County😎
  19. @Whitesince63 what’s it like?
  20. He could be one injury away from his career being over, the same thing can really apply across the full spectrum of professional sports. Limited life span and not really knowing if this contract is the last. Good luck to him. I got a lot of enjoyment out his unorthodox live-wire committed style.
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