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  1. Nice gallon of Timothy Taylor's, Landlord in the Duke William in Ainsworth last night sat in the sun, my heads pounding now, I'm trying to convince myself that any neutral would rather be in our shoes than Morecambes, but neutrals aren't Wanderers fans.

  2. They aren't happy with their owners, fuck me they sanctioned the world's biggest fee for a centre half , its not their fault hes average they want to join our world. I hate these almost as much as I love my club.

  3. 1 hour ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    Breaking in and vandalising stuff is hardly going to get the restrictions lifted. 

    Just been listening to two of their fans on radio 5, talking about it.

    Neither is impressed by the Glazers, nor the ESL, however the bloke reckons its a good thing- he says direct action is the right thing to do. But he hasn't been since 2005.

    The lady was far more reasoned in her arguments, saying that the initial protest outside was fine, lawful and positive. Then the idiots ruined it, and have hardly endeared themselves to the movement.

    Wonder if they will be hit with a points deduction?

    Yes mate failure to stage the game, twat em.

  4. Will this effect kick off time , thought we all had to ko at the same time ? Sky games don't normally show at 3 oclock kick offs.?






















  5. 51 minutes ago, hughmungus said:

    Based on this tactical masterclass from Evatt, its play offs but not final and a 2nd season of this shite in this tin pot division.

    You are a prick.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Whitesince63 said:

    Steady on, it’s just someone’s opinion and if you watched that game today, you surely couldn’t argue that Exeter fought harder than we did in the second half. They were stronger in the tackle than we were and more direct in their play but I think losing Lee and then with all the changes IE made, it just unsettled the team. This squad has plenty of fight and heart to get us where they have and I’m sure they’ll put today right next week.

    I think we are singing from the same hymn sheet, just don't get the constant negativity we've still got two bites of the cherry to get promoted if we dont do it we go again next season . Keep the faith. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    Team for next week?

    Will he stick with it or make a change?

    Concerned in case Santos is a bit sore from his knock today, and is Lee injured and Sarc back to full fitness?

    Does he stick with Dapo, or play a left footer on that side and hope for some better crosses and shots?

    Some big calls.

    He's come up with the answers since February he'll get it right Saturday. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, woolli said:

    Do you think the form team of the division will lose at home to a team who have gone particularly shite in the last 6 games? Truthful answer please?

    Truthfully mate I certainly wouldn't bet on it but in a league thats one jump up from amateur football absolutely nobody kno.

  9. The defence as regularly fought like fuck to protect our one goal, perhaps some people should get their fucking replica scouse or man fucking yoo shirts on and take the easy option, I've never heard so much negative fucking bollocks. 

  10. 1 minute ago, Black Sheep said:

    Our players just don't have it in them to fight & scrap, great when they are allowed to play but any team who gets amongst us will have success.

    We have no characters & fighters in this team, they should have took confidence from scoring first and gone on and won today, but they shrink & hide, Exeter are not a good team but they deserved that today 2nd half because they showed up and wanted it more. I may be wrong but I can't think of another Bolton side since the early 80's that were so un competitive & soft.

    They had everything to play for today but shit out.

    They've fought their way from 20th to top 3 in 9 fucking weeks mate.

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