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  1. 5 hours ago, hughmungus said:

    Great news but downside is I may be sitting closer to some of the drama queens off here, should be recognisable though as they will be at the bar for 90mins though still bragging about “taking the chaddy” or waving their flasks in the air every time the other lot score.

    Taking the chaddy, we took the whole fucking town.

  2. 37 minutes ago, Rudy said:

    We’ve got to start looking forward and not back

    Unless Rob Holding fancies playing for us again there’s no former wanderer out there who would make us a better team, no room for sentiment

    Johnny Byrom ?

  3. Would just like 3 points on the board instead of all the seasons of being behind right from the off.Fucking hell those starts with Coyle and Doogie when it was October and we hadn't won nightmare. 

  4. My dad's hero also, he called him the Farnworth Bulldog, read Jimmy Greaves autobiography he says that when he burst on the scene as a wonder boy at Chelsea the manager would blood any up and coming youngsters at Burnden with a theory that if they came out unscathed and still able to and wanting to play football they had something about them.

  5. The most ironic covid decision I've seen is stopping the handful of veterans from travelling to France for the unveiling of the British D Day memorial, they're all in thier 90,s, probably most won't be able to make the journey again. Wonder about the outcome had the government been so concerned about their welfare 70 odd years ago.

  6. Mrs Good Knee just been up to renew mine and lads tickets, she thought it was busy it wasn't till they'd took her temperature and were asking for details that she realised she was in the covid vaccination queue, they pissed their sides,anyhow mission accomplished. 

  7. What about that monstrosity on Longsight, Harwood, new build for the Methodist church hall, it's in keeping with fuck all for miles around, architects and planners are a joke.

  8. 33 minutes ago, MickyD said:

    Maybe nobody explained FACup tradition to him. 

    Or maybe he's a scruffy twat with no etiquette or style. 

  9. Had no particular favourite for it until I saw that scruffy little fucking manager devalue the competition farther by leading the team out dressed like a teenage scally, instead of wearing a suit. Prick.

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