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  1. Supposedly a meeting with EFL,supporters club,admin and Spaniards today .
  2. It's a fucking eyesore dont know how they get away with,boils my piss when these mealy mouthed building control and planners start telling you which brick or stone you have to use on an extension, yet allow monstrosities like this and that fucking thing in Moses Gate to be built .
  3. You're welcome, you should try it felt like I'd been punched on the snotter for a while.
  4. Yes mate I did think that,you should have seen this thing when he'd ripped it out a big black blob,as I knew what to expect for the second nostril sweat was running down my back, think the kids sat behind just stayed there for the entertainment when a daft old twat like me came in.
  5. I went to one of those Turkish barbers on Tonge Moor Rd ,he asked me if I wanted my nose hair removing,I said yes and looking in the mirror saw a couple of teenage lads sniggering, he fucked off to this contraption and came back with what looked like a big cotton wool bud loaded with hot wax stuck it up my Hooters pressed it all in and fucked off again, then he came back and fucking ripped it out off my snot box I tried not to yelp my eyes watered like a tap and I waited for him to do the other nostril with these two kids pissing themselves. Never again.
  6. See what you're saying but those managers had international footballers to work with, because of where we are he only as cast offs and bargain basement players and can only beat what's in front of him.
  7. Get a fucking man in goal not a boy
  8. Would take another half like that.
  9. Said it earlier and I'll say it again get a fucking big old cunt in goal,some one who if he says it's Friday its fucking Friday.
  10. aye and the fucking pubs shut.
  11. If you're going to have a shit goalkeeper you should have a fucking huge one,this mon looks like fuckin Billy Casper.
  12. Would think getting the best goalkeeper available is a managers first job miself.
  13. Not sure we've got one on the pitch.
  14. What the fucking hell are we doing with a kid whose a complete novice in goal,fuck me basics .
  15. Anyway back to the point his music if you can call it music was shite then, and its shiter still now,irrespective of him being an horrible cunt.
  16. On my first holiday without parents to Torquay in 1973 I got with a girl from Bolton fit she was ,we hired a rowing boat in the harbour and rowed around the yachts,that nonce and his band were on board one and she spotted em and started screaming and they beckoned us on board I said fuck that thinking they'd be after her but with hindsight it was my arse I saved, happy days .
  17. The turning point,he returns to haunt his old club and we go on a run.Keep the faith ✊
  18. I keep thinking we can't sink lower and they keep proving me wrong.
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